Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh dear... was it a month ago already?

Yes, it was... but I have been punished. Heavily :´(

The color theme for April in Color*iffic swap was... peacock...*sigh*:´(
"Teal, Emerald Green, Violet & Rusty Orange!" I LOVE PEACOCKS!!! *SOB*

In Feline Flip Flop the colors were turquoise, limegreen and white...

In Month of Softies the theme was "your favorite Zoo and/or Aquarium animal"

Whiplash theme was tutorial... if I understood correctly... it could also have been a cosy. *puzzled*

March-April theme for aprons is "rick-rack" and for pincushions "eats" - your favorite treat

Here's an interesting blog "Harry Potter Book 7 - sock it or swap it" - you still have a couple of days if you wish to join.

An interesting blog is "" blog - reminds a little of whipup...'s blog is also interesting... Perhaps someone gets inspired.

I am hopelessly uninspired in the craft sphere right now... I don't want to even SEE any yarn or thread... I have been making art, though... you can see it at deviantArt