Monday, April 28, 2008

Biting through the list...

Right now I'm making several things at a time...

I started knitting the lacy cardigan, but found it boring, so I started knitting a lacy shawl. Besides, it's a mystery shawl that started a month ago, and everyone else has already made it, so it's a bit hurry... *blush*
(And if that wasn't enough lace, I'm dreaming of these Shui Kuen Kozinski's lace shawls... so BEAUTIFUL!!!)

I am also making a birthday surprise to my sister Vappuleena :-) (Halauksia, jos luet tämän :-) Etpäs tiedä minkä värinen - tai kokoinen tai näköinen tai miten se on tehty... :-D)

Then I visited the Yahoo! crochet group I'm in, and they have a wonderful list of projects... so I printed about 50 pages of "want to do"... There was this wonderful "table top" - a big doily/small tablecloth for Mothers' Day... really pretty. I hope it's easier than the leafy tablecloth I crocheted just a couple of months ago... that was... Pheew!

The I found this: Kaya Wool - Aran Cabled Shrug. I don't know what it would look like on me, but the first impression was "stunning!"

Then there are these two blogs: Croche Croche! and Bem vindo ao Mãos Maravilhosas. So fascinating!

And, of course, visit Ravelry...

One day I will knit myself a Norwegian Lusekofte

Here's also some pretty things...
Jimmy Bean's Wool - Free Patterns

Another one day I will crochet the dodo... or a lot of dodos... a lot of dodos in the Yule Tree... *_*
Or perhaps just Robins... *hmm*

Monday, April 21, 2008

What Ket did?

I went to Stockholm with my sisters to buy some yarn... I really need a cardigan, and there's lovely patterns in KnitScene fall 2006. So I bought some. Very nice and soft Merino wool in fascinating reddish-orangish color.

I am currently knitting the horseshoe cardi from MagKnits... I can't find MagKnits anywhere, so I fear it's gone... :-(
This one is of pink cotton I got from my sister :-) I knit very loose though...

I'm also crocheting a crazy quilt as my hubby calls it - free crochet afghan - of blue and brown cotton-acrylic mix yarns, half with some sort of effect. Not my flavor, but the colors go well together and I'd hate to throw yarn away. Hubby loves the afghan and I don't think it's bad either, so - another success.

I have also been crocheting and knitting dishcloths of all the pure, thick cotton yarn I have. Most of it is leftovers from Little Bear's blankie, so the color combinations are... hmm... interesting LOL My dear hubby said "YOU use those!"

I think that's it for now. I haven't been active in any of my groups nor in the internet. Life isn't too easy right now. I'd really want to write, but don't seem to get my thumb out of... err.... TMI LOL


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm tired of being tired and sad

So here's some things I have picked from the net

Both Craftzine and Whipup posted this link to Cherry Pickers earrings... Really cute :-D

Bagsket tutorial - how to sew a "basket" out of fabric. Very nice.

Crafster's Dollar Store Challenge... People are so imaginative and innovative! I don't "like" most of the stuff, but all of it is inspiring and ingenious :-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am very disappointed...

I joined an Easter basket swap. Sounded like a great thing.

I decided to make it up to two previous swap pals I had failed, so I made three Easter packages.

I sent them on 10th of March, so that they will be sure to arrive before Good Friday.
On 14th I got the first "It has arrived" message.
The second package arrived to New Zealand perfectly straight before Easter.
I don't know what has happened to the third package - the "real" Easter basket swap package. I don't know if it has arrived, or got lost in mail or what. I haven't heard anything from my swap pal.

In fact, my swap pal hasn't "said" one word to me since the end of February, after she gave me her preferences list and address...
I don't know if she has received my list and addy. She hasn't responded to any of my mails.
They haven't bounced, so they went somewhere.
I posted them as replies to her mails, so I assume the email addy was correct and she has got them.
But I can only assume.

The worst thing here is that my swap pal is the organizer of the swap...
She thanks a lot of people in her blog for sending her a hostess gift. I'm not mentioned.

I asked in that blog entry if she has received my package. She hasn't answered.

She has announced another swap.

I am bitter, angry, seriously p'd off... I feel like I was being used, and this person is a person I used to look up upon, as a role model in the Internet crafting community.

I would have full understanding if she lost my mail address, but the thing is that I have left comments on her blog, and those comments have a link to my blog. All she would need to do to get in contact with me was to leave a comment in my blog.

And, frankly, the swap organizer shouldn't loose the swap participants' addies. Sure, accidents happen, but she has organized swaps before and will organize swaps in the future as well.

I would have full understanding if she was late with the package, because I think she's moving right now... Only if she told me what is happening. It's the least one can do, communicate with one's swap pal...

And how will I get any... compensation, sympathy, apologies or something? I was let down by the organizer herself! If she doesn't think it's important enough to communicate with me during the swap, why would she care about finding out if people have been let down and organize swap fairies?
I was the fairy in the swap I arranged.

I am not only bitter and angry. I'm also sad and disappointed... I was really looking forward an Easter surprise...

I'm also confused and worried, because I know "things" happen and I don't know what has happened here.

But this will be the last swap I'll ever participate in my life. It's fun to get packages, but this is not fun at all.

P.S. After I had written this post and left a message in her blog telling her that I don't find the absence of communication and swap amusing, and that if she is so stressed she says she is, maybe she shouldn't be organizing swaps, she suddenly found my email address and managed to get through not only one (9th of April) but two mails - something she said she hadn't been able to do previously >:-> - telling me that I am "extremely pushy and demanding", "unhappy person" and drama queen, that I have no business in telling her how to manage her life, that it's my own fault that I haven't got anything (not even other mails but these "oh-poor-me-bad-you" mails), that her life is so horrrrrrribly difficult right now and how she doesn't "need this negativity" - as if I do - and how mean I am, spoiling her blogging and swapping experience with my nasty comments and unlikable behavior...
Not one word of apology for my hurt feelings and bad experience, only demands to understand and forgive hers...

She also said "If you would have given me the chance I would have posted what you sent as well". It's 12th of May now, and she still hasn't posted "what I sent as well"... What kind of "chance" does she expect to get? A year or two, perhaps?

She also said that she had sent my package "over three weeks ago" - she said this on April 9th, 3 weeks after Easter... I wonder how long she calculated a package from USA takes time to travel to Sweden... it's usually 2-4 weeks. It's quite possible that the package was still traveling from USA to Sweden. Considering that it has been all silent from the post office, I doubt it is coming...

She said she's going to send me another, and I told her not to. I hope she respected that wish of mine, even though I got the impression from the mails that she might just send me a package just to spite my wish... I really don't want to have anything to do with the person.

Do you think I painted her as a monster in this blog entry, like she says? Or as a bad swapper, like I say?

Added 23/3-20 - 12 years later and still, every year, when I see an Easter basket, I remember her and I hate her.