Saturday, January 31, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 31

It's hard to believe January 2009 is almost over... Imbolc is only two days away.

I have been quite involved in the OWOH happening, visiting blogs and wishing to win things :-D The blog world is full of wonderfully talented, creative and active people, and it's such a joy to visit their blogs :-) I find it very inspiring... I get all kinds of ideas, would like to have a giveaway once a month or so, but I'm not so generous a person... I'd like to get things too :-D I'm not that enlightened and evolved human being and not so good either. >:->

One of the participants was giving away a "flip flop album". I don't even know what it is, it looked very interesting... I got an image of an album with secret pages that flip to reveal even more surprises, pockets and boxes hidden in the album, a sort of a pop-up book...
Here's how to make a flip flop album

Some time ago I talked about a tatting group that was tatting a shape a day or something similar. With this years OWOH I found "Ornament Thursday". One could crochet a motif, a shape, a flower a day and end up with an amazing Irish Crochet thing...

I have been reading through my papers about Imbolc, and found a picture of a mother and daughter, and how they were decorating for Yule - the mother told that she made over 300 white Christmas roses to the tree while she was pregnant with the daughter, and how they still form the base of the tree decoration.
It's really simple: you cut from white tissue paper 3 flowers with six rounded petals and curl the edges. You cut a circle of gold paper and another of cardboard as backing. You make a small, loose pompom of gold yarn and sew all the layers together with the same gold yarn - the cardboard backing, three layers of white petals, golden center circle and yarn frills. Instead of gold yarn, you can use golden present ribbon too and curl it for the center.

Here's a curly package bow, but it looks a bit like a snowflake... Here's a boneflake... Not really Imbolc theme, but really funny :-D

Here's some Imbolc inspiration; red and white, and stones. I love the framed stones she has made.

You could make "Frozen Nature Collages"

or make "Star Windows" or "Rose Windows" of construction paper and tissue paper. You could cut several snowflakes out of the tissue paper, different colors, same size, and clue them on each other. Very pretty ornaments.

Here's really pretty faux stained glass lanterns
Here's star shaped paper lantern
Paper bag luminary
You can make faux stained glass paper lanterns by making a paper box of construction paper or thin cardboard and then cut the "stained glass" pictures on it and glue colored tissue paper inside the box.

You could also make Sky lanterns... several floating in the black February night would be very beautiful...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 30

Three days left.

Here's a button heart pillow

I like this cropped cardi - I think other girls like it too. Boys might think it looks like something a granny would wear... ;-)

Very nice felt things

Imbolc is also a dragon feast. Dragons are familiar to both the Celtic world and to the Chinese New Year's celebration.

Here's a simple paper dragon

Here's a couple of demos of not at all simple paper dragons... chromatic and metallic - you can buy the patterns from penguin labs

Canon's papercraft lucky dragon

Dragon illusion paper craft - it will keep looking at you, where ever you go ;-)

Make a dragon piñata

dragon table topper

Fierce but friendly crocheted dragon

crocheted baby snow dragon

crocheted dragon

knitted dragon - Norberta

dragon hand puppet

phoenix and dragon finger puppets
fairy tale finger puppets - dragon, prince, princess, horse
pig and lion finger puppets
"pocket potter puppet pals"
witch finger puppet
farmyard finger puppets - cow, chick, duck, dog and pig

knitted dragon bookends. Education is also an Imbolc theme... ;-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 29

I'm sitting here and listening to John Doan. A man with a 20 string harp guitar... One gets a bit dreamy :-)

Now, there's two needle mittens with snowmen

lacy crocheted snowflake

Very nice "beige set"

Valentine's Day dishcloths :-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 27

Internet is not working well... I suppose my computer is full of all kinds of cookies and tracking thingies... it's like working in syrup. Blah.

So, not so many links today:

It's Obama fingerpuppet, but why limit yourself? Make yourself a whole set of Imbolc puppets, Brigid, angels, wolves, bears, Lucia...

Wastepaper basket

Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights shawl

Northern lights doily

Shining lights washcloth

Midori scarf

Monday, January 26, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 26

Now just a week left. Are you ready? ;-)

Some paper heart doilies

chili cacao Mayan cupcakes - very imbolcy - black and white, chocolate, vanilla, chili...

penguin pins to crochet

beeswax heart garland

stones are also Imbolc theme - here's a tutorial to how to cover rocks

Also, it's the groundhog day in USA - the groundhog will peek up from its burrow and check if it can see its shadow...
so silhouette cutting is a great activity for this day

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 24

9 nights left to sleep...

Someone said the newest Popknits has been published. Nice.

Make your own wool dryer balls - to replace both tennis balls and dryer sheets filled with chemicals. Will keep the things dried fluffy and free from static electricity.

How to sew a fabric bowl in the native rootwork technique. Nice way of using rags and leftovers.

Mizuhiki heart knot - either cards or decoration for packages or ornament

Bleeding heart cupcakes and pie

I really like this picture with crocheted hearts, old rose china and pastels... Sweet :-) I wonder what my hubby would say if I decided to decorate our kitchen in this style?

egg carton heart - and if you turn it the other way around, you get 12 little holes you can fill with stuff, like the heart icecube form or... something else I saw recently... what was it? Yes! Someone had made a calendar out of the grey, dull stuffing/support/what-ever in computer boxes by filling the holes with things!

More on "modular crochet" - I mean... GEESH! It's called Irish Crochet, not "modular"! Why invent new "fashionable", "hot", "cool", "hip" names to something that has existed hundreds of years?

sea glass mosaic candlesticks - there's something fascinating in these...

festive felted garland - more snowballs... now with Imbolcy red details

make your own vanilla extract - vanilla is a very imbolcy spice. It comes in pods and you use the seeds, it's black and aphrodisiac...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Imbolc calendar 21

a cute handbag

"to grow hope" - or love, or anything you like

Nice idea - you can make a huge heart on your wall, or snowflake, for Imbolc

Desk calendar out of an old CD holder.

Make your own board games

Baby shower ideas - fit well for Imbolc

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 20

Darn, I feel bad... just had an asthma attack. I hate it, but I hate even more the fact that I will be totally off the rest of the day. No energy to do anything, no interest either.

But - I love these little Koi Noboris :-)

This little display of snowglobes is lovely

I like the look of this shawl - I can easily imagine Anne of Green Gables wearing it :-)

cocoa butter massage bars

snowman cookies

snowflake oreos

snowy crafts from Better Homes and Gardens

melting snowman cookies

lace and ice - very beautiful lacy decorations for outdoors - perfect for cold days

Whimsical little knits

Monday, January 19, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 19

"How many days are there left to that --- Imbolc!" you might scream. Fair enough... exactly two weeks. Imbolc is on Monday 2nd of February.

I don't know how many of you know that I am on a diet right now. I'm proud and happy to say I've lost 15 pounds so far (7 kilos) :-) I'm on a low-carb diet and I AM DYING TO GET SOME SUGAR!!! I don't know how many of you know but I am a rather ok baker... Bread and pasta are the secrets of my wonderful obese figure. And I may not eat any of that stuff now! AAAAAARGH!!

Anyway, here's some guilt free sweets...

glazed donuts
and another glazed donut
and a third
and a fourth
and some jelly donuts too (Ich bin ein Berliner :-))

giant chocolate truffel - or chocolate muffin... what ever :-)

bakewell tart
fruit tarts

pumpkin pie - make with brown and get chocolate pie.
piece of cherry pie
piece of blueberry pie
piece of lemon meringue pie
cream custard pie

Different sweets, like strawberry spongecake and fairycakes
more such

Tea party treats

box of chocolate

chocolate covered strawberries - no pic

petit fours for peeps
playtime petit fours

Buttercream cake plate warmer
Mother's Day Cake - no pic
Another cake
piece of cake
another piece of cake

moldy cupcake - leave the eyes out and make it of another color and you'll have a quite presentable cupcake
Think Pink cupcake
Strawberry swirl cupcake
guiltless chocolate cupcake
fancy cupcake
more cupcakes
and yet more
and these too
don't forget these
nor these
this might be interesting
or this
or this
"A knitted high tea" - cupcakes (I have to point out here that "high tea" is actually the tea supper, and tea with sandwiches and cakes is a "low tea".)
cupcake egg cozies and chocolate cake teapot cozy

strawberry glazed cake - or bun

cinnamon buns
cinnamon roll
iced chocolate bun with cherry

jam swiss roll

cookie coin purse - sew both sides together, and you'll get a cookie
cream filled cookie fridgie
Santa's cookies
sugar cookie ornament
oreo cookies
knitted biscuit (sandwich cookie, oreo)
cream biscuit
I really like gingerbread. I don't care it's not Yule.

Mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows

Friday, January 16, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 16

Pretty lacy snowflake

10 different snowflakes

6 different snowflakes

I am planning on making curtains of snowflakes... it would look really nice to have lots of strings of hard snowflakes... perhaps white, thin curtains underneath.

snowflake afghan

cute ornaments

snowflake star

snowflake - hexagon, use as washcloth or make an afghan

snowflake garland

"the incredibly versatile giant snowflake"
"By poking your arms through the various holes, this cuddly snowflake can be worn as a capelet, scarf, wrap, or shrug. You might find other ways too…"
- well... it's interesting.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 15

Blue flower socks - marimekko inspired finnish pattern

"world's largest collection of smalls" - small cross stitch items, ornaments, pin cushions etc.

Enfys' Rainbow Valley - I love her designs :-D

Very beautiful Shetland shawl

Paperback totes - wonderful idea and nice pattern :-D

"textured hearts" kitchen set - potholder, hotpad and dishcloth :-) Really cute :-D

crocheted angel bookmark

snowflake fridgie or ornament

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 14

Bears are Imbolc symbols, and black as soil and white as snow - so panda bears are excellent decoration theme for Imbolc :-D

I like this scarf

pair of mittens for lovers - or three mittens for two lovers. In norwegian.

Make a heating pad at home. Works like Jo's apple pie - warm it and put in your pocket in cold mornings, it will keep your hands warm :-D

Some heart washcloths/dishcloths
knit heart lace cloth and another
knit heart shaped cloth and another
"embossed hearts all over" and another ;-) and a third and a fourth and a fifth...
lattice hearts - one could say this too is "embossed hearts all over"
lacy hearts all over
4 embossed hearts
Mason Dixon washcloths, Ann, has embossed hearts too
grandmom's favorite with embossed heart
two nice embossed patterns
"a piece of my heart"
and here's a long list with hearty cloths

Love this skirt

and these penny pockets are very pretty... one could make them of hearts...

heart shaped tea bags. Though I haven't ever seen infusable teabags...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 13

Really cute polar bear hot pads

"vintage style" heart ornaments - great use of all the bits and bobs you've been saving.

Crochet a really pretty heart shaped potpourri sachet

Nice filet crochet heart pouch - make as many as you want for your countdown calendar and fill with nice things

Or these heart shaped purses, or these, maybe these, or these, or why not a combination? All kinds of heart purses, bags and pouches, different sizes and styles, and create a hearty wreath. You can use also these hearts - or these knitted hearts - to decorate it with...

Very nice ideas - I especially love the card with a very fat bear holding a heart - very Imbolcy. :-)

To make pink and white marshmallow hearts:
Cooking for engineers; marshmallow
Hundred and one recipes and more info on marshmallows

You can make it either by coloring half of the marshmallow dough pink and pouring both doughs on the pan zebra striped, and then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the marshmallows; you can also get heartshaped mini cake forms and pour in first pink dough, then white, or sugarcoat the marshmallows and paint them as you like :-) I'd choose the first option. Use powdered sugar to "flour" the cookie cutters.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 12

Lisabee has very nice designs :-)

Very nice recipes and inspiring photos... The Omnomicon

Vanilla bean thins - a very suitable recipe for Imbolc

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 11

I know it's a menu bottle, but it works fine as Imbolc tree too :-) Beru Betto has a lot of nice stuff.

Soap Wings - really cute. You can use them to decorate basically anything, like a box, chocolate, pair of socks...

"prick and stitch" candle

Woven fabric basket

Chocolate is imbolc food - brown as dirt, aphrodisiac, made of "beans"...

I think I posted this in December as well, but at least the evergreens and snowflakes fit Imbolc theme very well too :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 10

Imbolc is generally considered as the most Celtic of Sabbaths. Probably because of the Brigid connection.

So here's some Celtic braids ;-)
Kiss cable pullover

Cabled mitts

Rosebud cardigan. Really pretty :-)

Little bird told me bag :-)

Fern Glade lace beret (tam ;-))
three tams

Fish hat :-D

knitted fish toy

fish potholder

crochet goldfish
crochet goldfish cat toy - the kitty-friends must also be remembered during this time of the year :-)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 8

Cute bag

Icicles for your imbolc tree. If you have one. You can use a brown, "dead" branch, fits perfectly Imbolc themes.

Nordic light socks

Really cute snowmen :-)

Thrummed socks - really cute when thrumming is done with different colors

Knitted felted beads - made in white will look like snowballs...

"Lovemeknot" socks :-)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 7

Cute heart brooches with a nice story

Bella OnLine has also some suggestions about crocheting for Valentine's. It works fine with Imbolc too.

Crochet a snowflake

Frugal living: last minute Valentine's gifts

Really nice patterns :-)

Very pretty snowflake hat

I was surfing and...

got struck by envy. Once again. Sew Liberated (formerly known as Montessori by Hand) had a swap round-up in her blog.

So - a short list of a couple of blessings in my life.
We have been paying tzedakah today. :-) 1/10 of our income to people who have even less than we do. And I can tell you the joy of it is well worth every penny :-)

Also, I have lost 10 and half pounds this year :-) And I have been exercising and drinking water, so it cannot be all muscles and water. :-)

Sew Liberated had a very nice looking blog. I just have to get over my swap envy :-D

P.S. I have knitted my first pair of socks this year.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 6

I like this little heart chest :-)

You can also crochet any of these angels :-) Angels are actually an Imbolc theme :-)

Very pretty shawl

XOXO hat :-)

Double brested seed stitch baby jacket :-) Really sweet

Peach blossom baby jacket :-) Chinese style. As the Chinese New Year occurs around this time, Chinese theme fits Imbolc quite well too.

Kimono jacket for adults :-)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 5

There really is an ocean of ideas and projects suitable for Imbolc out there.

Countdown to Greener Valentine at Environmentalist
day 1, 2, 3, 4/5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

I love these Scrumdilly-do's puffed hearts. I also love Jek's heart shaped crayons and wee valentine trinket boxes :-)

This sheep card is perfect for Imbolc! You really don't need some special stamps and cutters and stuff.

Isn't this sweetie pie box absolute sweetie? LOL

Nuts for you

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 4

Some nice ideas with heart template
You could make "10 things I love about you" to your husband, sister, mother, father, brother, daughter...

Martha Stewart's Valentine's day ideas. I don't like her, but the ideas are damn good. :-(

I also like this mini album... more precisely "Your Last Chance to Redeem Yourself Because Valentine's Day is Less Than A Week Away Movie Quote Mini Album" :-D
Just take quotes on love you love :-) Like

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach..."
--Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Or use song lyrics. It's not supposed to be a family heirloom, just a little token of your love, just a little something to remind people of what is important here in life :-) Love is a wonderful thing, you know :-)

You can also make some Valentine inchies :-)

I also like this bottle of candy idea. We don't have these "hot tamales", but one could fill the bottle with red, white and pink jellybeans or other candy. :-)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 3

Both the Pagan winter feasts, Yule and Imbolc, are about family. In cold winter days, with a little light (even though days are longer than a week ago, they are still short.) there wasn't much to do, when people depended on candlelight. Now-a-days we have electricity and computers, televisions and all kinds of things that makes the seasons very similar.
Nevertheless, I believe there are some memories left in the human mind... memories that make us want to sit inside and be with friends and family in the winter time, whether it is cold or not, dark or not.
But I am Finnish, live in Sweden, at the height of Alaska and Siberia. It is warmer here than in both Alaska and Siberia, but still cold and dark in winter. Sun rose quarter to nine A.M. this morning and will set about 3 P.M.

So here's some family things:

Build family mail boxes - they will be really cute decorated with Valentine paper and scrapbooking ideas, and you can leave a loving message to all you hold dear the whole month.

There really are tons of self made Valentine's card ideas on-line.

You can also make games with 9 pictures:
Don't Eat Val or Bingo. These are really easy games that are quite fun and can be played by almost everyone. Use your favorite pics of your loved ones and make the playcards in scrapbook style yourself. Something like with these photo blocks. It really doesn't need to be complicated and advanced.

Another fun game you could make is Pass the Piggies... Pigs don't have anything to do with Imbolc, but they are pink and cute... You COULD make them white and claim them sheep ;-) :-D

I like these Valentine's blocks - quite easily made, if you want some too.

Crocheted top

My sisters and I decided to crochet a top - or a detail for a top - or something, that combines a top and crochet.

I am having difficulties.

SHE looks like a fairytale princess with a blouse made of rose petals. I would probably look like a rose bush in heavy wind.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 2

Some yummy Imbolc recipes - and some for incense and oils and such

Imbolc, Candlemass, would be a nice time to make some candles. Here's some interesting ideas. The pine cone firestarters are really cute :-)

You can also crochet an "emergency" candle - you could fill the candle with little gifts, use it like a Yule stocking :-)

If not, you could make crochet different brass candles.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Imbolc calendar day 1

I am Pagan, and I have chosen to celebrate the eight Sabbaths of witches. Next in line is Imbolc. Imbolc is the first day of spring and it has been replaced in the Xian culture with the festival of light, Candlemas. It is Valo's nameday in Finland. Valo naturally comes from Valentinus, but in Finnish Valo means light. St. Valentine's day is celebrated usually 14th of February, not 2nd, but the traditions, symbols, colors and everything fits well in Imbolc.

"The holiday is a festival of the hearth and home, and a celebration of the lengthening days and the early signs of spring."

Frankly, I don't intend my blog to be educational, so I am just expecting that everyone follows the count down for their own reasons, takes what they like, discards rest. None of what I am going to present has religious significance in itself. You make your things holy, the things don't make you holy - or unholy.

CF Projects: Steampunk Heart

I love the idea of steampunk... I like the Victorian and Edwardian styles, but I wouldn't like to give up any of my comfortability or the modern inventions. Steampunk kind of combines these two. Just look at this computer... I especially love the old typewriter keys... *sigh*
I wonder who'd make me one of those ;-) Come on, now, it's my 40th birthday in 3 2/3 months!

Really cute Valentine's ideas

Knit a heart
"This quick and easy knitting pattern makes a cute heart to stuff with batting or fill with herbs for a relaxing aromatherapy pillow next to the bed or as a sachet to keep your drawers, closet or car smelling fresh. "

How to make a herbal bath bag
You could fill your heart with something like this... have a bowl in bathroom with some bath sacks and wash cloths and such...

You can also make your own bath bombs. You can make them heart shaped ;-)

Make your own bath salt - don't use table salt.

Suitable scents for Imbolc are the evergreens; pine, cypress, spruce, juniper and citrus fruits, like orange and lemon. (Yes, it's not a coincidence that cleaning products are often scented with these :-D)