Monday, March 30, 2009

Neighbors and partners

were the prompts for the weekend at NaCroMo CAL.

I just wrote a little rant about April Fools' Day - which is on Wednesday. *yuk* I really hate practical jokes and pranks and such.

Pint sized pocket pillows (pals?)

file folder organizer... er... I really don't know what to call it, but I like it :-D

knitted daffodil

Bird Brain Designs - with a cute freebie Easter egg embroidery design

Handmade Hankies - use less paper, make reusable handkerchiefs. Here's a great idea and tutorial on "clean" and "used" fabric bowls for the fabric hankies, instead of tissue boxes.
Making fabric hankies is not rocket science - you just use thin, soft, washable fabric, like cotton, take a square and sew the edges in any way you like. Hankies made of terrycloth, flannel or organza don't work well, but old bed sheets and old shirts become perfect hankies :-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's your name...

It's the challenge at NaCroMoChallenge.
Perhaps letters, perhaps the meaning of your name.
Perhaps an image of what you think when you hear your name. Sanna comes from Shoshanna and means rose or lily. It's generally said to mean "lily", but then someone said this flower has 5 petals, and lilies have 6, so it must be rose then.

Nevertheless, I'm crocheting green; leaves and a camisole. Let's see what that will be.

I think these rest yarn bracelets are really cute :-)
Apartment Therapy has a tutorial on how to sew a pet bed of recycled sweaters. I really wish I had known one can actually do things of the felt :-D I have thrown away some quite ok sweaters destroyed by washing machine, never stopped to think the felt is good for use... *sigh*
Melody has a "Big bag tutorial"
Craftershock sells key ring notepads. Wonderful idea :-)
The Philosopher's Wife has a pattern on felted, knitted, lidded box :-) (Combine this with the old suitcase organizer idea from last blog entry...)
HomeSpun Threads has an illustrated list of several tutorials around the net
Thimbleanna's Purse Thingy

Remember, it's the Earth Hour day today. Let's make the planet go dark :-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Z is for Zest

I thought it would be for ZigZag - something easy :-D

cute bookmarks from paper clips
cutest bunny basket
mobile studio suitcase
spring cleaning dust mitt
reusable sandwich wrap and reusable brown paper lunch bag - facts about wastefree lunch
felt eggs... you can make them of pastel colored felt and fill with surprises for Easter
really pretty jewelry :-) - don't get alarmed by the fact that the blog is partly in Estonian ;-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Y is for Yellow and March/April is Green

I'm very inspired by the project spectrum... I don't know why, I have never before been so fired up by it and it has been around for some years. I think as long as I have been blogging!

Anyway, I have already a pile of papers on which I have been doodling (or, if you wish, designing) things.

I want to make a sort of advent calendar. It is a piece of cardboard with trees made of forms cut of colored papers. On these trees are matchboxes covered with the same paper and inside the boxes is a surprise... like, a picture of a bird's nest and a tiny little bird that can stand on the matchbox. Or a picture of a squirrel's nut collection and a little squirrel. You get the idea. I got the idea from Moline's spring matchbox swap.

I have wanted to make my own altered, remodeled, customized fashion doll, and with the theme "green", I have decided to make a Green Fairy (Absinthe) and Poison Ivy, and I am interested in making Malachite Mistress as well. I have been looking at the barbie dolls at Tradera. I think I can get all three quite cheap from there. Then I just have to figure out how to do the rest, rerooting hair, remodeling their faces, painting, clothes... I haven't quite figured out how to make the tights... I haven't seen such thin fabric anywhere. Perhaps organza would do? Or perhaps I need to go and buy a pair of green socks. Well... the time the sorrow.

Anyway, from OOAK (one of a kind) altered dolls to other kind of dolls one could be making for Project Spectrum Green. I found Elizabeth Ruffing and her amazing calico cats... Calico is plain, white cotton, rather thick, and perfect as painting base. They made dolls like this on the 19th century, of calico, painted on the underwear, shoes, faces and hair, but I have never seen dolls like these... reminds me of paperdolls my sister and I used to make when we were small. They were all animals, dressed in clothes just like Elizabeth's cats. Poodles and spaniels had all ribbons around their ears, of course, and animals with no "hair" had a bow on top of their head, like Minnie Mouse. It would be nice to make calico doll versions of those paperdolls. I wonder if I can find fine papier mache here somewhere of if I have to figure out how to make it myself... it shouldn't be too hard, but it must be fine paper mass to stay on place. The dolls must take some handling!
Then there's of course the ATP, art paperdolls. Did you know that in the beginning, paperdolls didn't have changable clothes, they were more like characters from a play, had the clothes they were "born" with from the beginning of the play to the end. I don't know when the first paperdolls with carderobes came, I suppose somewhere in the Victorian era, but the play dolls were popular to the 20th century. I love paper dolls, and I was really happy to find this Brazilian site. I love the Betsy McCall dolls!

Then there are the nesting dolls... Here's a sample of dogs and cats and here's an amazing forest animal serie... So I am bidding of nesting dolls too at Tradera. (The Swedish version of E-bay). I have some ideas. One of my ideas with nesting dolls was the Moomin characters. I haven't seen such a set, though I think it would be a huge hit. I would have loved that some years ago. Now I'm not too fond... Perhaps. Maybe. Maybe not. I like my other idea better though, but I won't talk about that before I have made them :-) I can say it's green LOL

Nesting dolls and Malachite Goddess (The Mistress of Copper Mountain) leads me to another thing, and that's malachite boxes. There's a malachite room in the Winter Palace in St.Petersburg, and I once saw a photo of a man who collected antique malachite objects... he had several malachite boxes, and I was so envious! I love boxes. Now, if you collect antique malachite boxes, you probably don't use them or put anything in them. I want things to be used, and antique malachite boxes are way too precious and fragile to be used by me :-D So - I thought of making myself faux malachite boxes. Either painting wooden boxes, cigar boxes or tins, or decoupaging/covering with malachite paper cardboard boxes. It would be fun to have a pile of boxes from shoe boxes and cookie tins to matchboxes, all covered with different malachite pattern...
(I would also like to learn to do things with polymer clay...)
(And narrowboat ware... Love those. And Khokhloma woodware. And I would really love to learn to make pysanky - the Ukrainian wax decorated eggs.)

Then I saw at the Project Spectrum Flickr group that someone had made small bags and in the mini-picture they looked much more fun than in the actual size picture... I wonder why it is often so? This is what I thought I saw... patchwork bags, small, the size of small plastic bag one gets when buying something small, big enough to fit a pocketbook, but not larger. Anyway, it would be nice to make those too. I think people would appreciate that size totes as well, not only the bigger, "normal size plastic bag" sized totes. Sometimes one wants only a sandwich and something else small. Tights and toothpaste. No need to get a bigger tote.

Somewhere was "little green leaf baskets" and of course I thought immediately of Anne's Spring flower paper basket. So I - still in the "March is the national crochet month" mode, so I thought of crocheting little leafs and sewing them together into little baskets, pouches, bags... bigger baskets and bags... Making a shopping net bag of green leafs Irish crochet :-) And two leafs sewn together with green silk lining and a zipper would be a perfect coin purse :-) (Talking about leafs one must remember Tikkun Tree project. Of course one must knit or crochet some leaves to Leslie.)

This idea of a little leaf basket makes me think of fairies, and it would be lovely to make a fairy castle... If I had a garden, I'd make it of wood and put it in the garden, leave small gifts for fairies near it and believe the fairies would live in it :-) I suppose it would become a home for several insects in stead, but - insects are mostly good in a garden :-)
Now I don't have a garden, so I was thinking (following the "march is the...") of making it of crocheted lace... Irish lace starched to stand up. Towers, domes, spires... I really like the towers, domes and spires of Copenhagen :-) And the Cathedral of St Vasili :-) I could copy those in crochet and make my air castle... starch it and hang it on the wall. *hmm* (Very Russian entry...)

I have been thinking of woven and braided bands.

I have been thinking of Easter grass. It's high time to grow it. It probably won't grow big enough in time for Easter, but it will grow to my birthday. (My 40th - 10 days after Pesach :-))
I have also been thinking about the plant terrariums... I have been wanting a cacti terrarium for some time now.

I have been thinking of green linen, bedding, table linen and Mad Hatter's tea party - in green.

I have been thinking stones.

I have been thinking about an easter applique apron. Easter is green in Finland, green and yellow. Pastels are ok, but 90% of colors are green, yellow and white. Eggs and grass.

I have been thinking about nature, ecological, green stuff. You know, stones, earth, green...
I have been thinking of recycling material and making new things of second hand finds (trift shop, charity shops, flea markets...)
I have been thinking of making a "save the planet" charm bracelet, Gaia shrine box, nature-eco-Gaia scrapbook and other such things. Filled matchbox with green eco theme?

I have been thinking about clothes. One of my 101 things was new wardrobe. Also, I need to make my costume for summer party.

I also want to finally dive into the dyeing pot and start dyeing my own yarns. It would be lovely to dye own rowing and spin own yarn with beads and charms - green, of course, with ecological theme ;-) - and knit it into something... probably a scarf.
I also have found 4 interesting stitches that would probably be something interesting:
Clapotis, By the Sea, Dream Swatch and Drop Stitch Scarf. I don't know what yet, but perhaps a mile-a-minute afghan with sea theme? Make four panels with these stitches and knit a picture in the middle, of a ship or a mermaid... *hmm* One could embroider the mermaid in the middle. Yes, I think that would be a very nice afghan :-) Of green-blue Koigu, of course... X-)

I have been thinking about the puppet theatre I've been planning for 20 years now. I think it's high time to give it to me ;-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


V is for Variety, W is for Worm and X is for Xanadu

I have been watching the "world's worst music video". The singer on the video tries to defend it, or himself or what ever. "It shouldn't be in English, the original was in Finnish (and...?), it wasn't meant to be a video but an opening number for the singers' tv show (so... one might actually expect it to be BETTER than a music video.); so it can't compete with modern music videos; and finally - the dance moves are copied from John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever. Poor John.
I love this version of it, anyway :-D Guys learned it during one afternoon! Well done, boys!

Coming from this makes me think of the movie Xanadu with Olivia Newton John. Really... not much better, don't you think? As you know, on Olympos the muses rollerskate around all days along...

But I think I take Coleridge's version.I think it's interesting that all this came to him in a dream, and there was a lot more, but he was interrupted, went on doing something else, and forgot the rest. ADHD?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Project Spectrum

Lolly Knitting Around just keeps keeping up the Project Spectrum. This year it's bi-monthly and the main theme is "cardinal directions". For March-April the theme is green, North, winter and stones. The creativity is free, which means, you can take any of the words and run with it, you can create one or twenty projects, and do what ever you like.

I made a Flickr mosaic of some green inspiration... as if I need any inspiration LOL I just love looking for it and getting inspired ;-)

But - if I was as productive as I wish I was, I would do something green with all the techniques I like, and try a couple of new ones, and combine and then empty a little my stash and my pattern stash too ;-) So -I would make green socks, green lace and green jewelry.
I would experiment with green polymer clay.
I would try the fabric art miniatures and do it with paper too. Like inchies and ATCs.
I would make green art, fabric art, sculptures and calligraphy.
I would make green origami stars and cranes - or something else.
I would make myself a green blank journal and fill it with "green" stuff, ecological, nature protection and such. And another about relaxation and inner peace and serenity.
I would make myself a charm bracelet like Inspirational's Catholic bracelets, but with ecological theme.
I would make a green ecological shrine in a cigar box and an altered book, and an altered matchbox and stuff it with green things.
I would make a fabric covered box, pin cushion, needle case, and scissor fob, and what not.
I would make myself a little curiosity cabinet filled with pretty, green things. Interesting, fascinating, puzzling, surprising, amazing and exciting things.
I would make a green whimsy jar.
I would make myself bags, pouches, sachets and stuff. I like those.
I would embroider myself a dress, or at least some accessories.
I would make myself a green outfit, green and self-made from top to toe.
I would make myself a couple of green pillows and green quilts. I would make myself a green crazy quilt. I would make myself a green granny square style afghan.
I would organize a green tea party.
I'd make myself a free crochet play garden and a fairy house...
I would crochet trees and make leaves and doves for project Tikkun Tree.
I would crochet amigurumis, like the chameleon.
I would sew dolls of green patchwork cotton.
I would weave things... probably a tapestry with spring theme... birds, squirrels, greenery, such. There's also a scarf weaving challenge going on... at least I think it's still on.
I would make a green man. Crochet leaves, or make them of paper... 3D embossed leaves. Nice. :-)
I would practice painting malachite on boxes and get myself a collection of malachite boxes :-)
I would make a peacock fan and a peacock costume.
I would decorate a room green.
I would try to make a copy of Ann Wood's votive ship.
I would make myself the green dragon pelt with papier mache skull and teeth and claws I have been thinking of for 20 years now. (I wrote a story about some children who went to a witch's house and there were all these rooms in different colors, with different themes, and one of them was a green dragon room with a dragon pelt. A real dragon pelt. Obviously, I'm not going to have a real one, so I thought of how I could get a fake one, and I thought of green fur, like rya, and papier mache skull...
And then something more. Perhaps. If I get inspired and have time ;-)

A big problem to me is the limits on materials and resources. I cannot just walk to the closest store and buy what I need, crafting materials are really expensive here (at least, I haven't found a cheap place to buy crafting materials from. Even second hand stores, charity shops and such are expensive. I haven't ever seen a carage sale. There's some flee markets, but I don't know where they are - and they aren't too cheap either. I haven't seen a dollar store since last millennium, and they didn't have much.

Another big problem is that I have this horrible fix idea, about not doing things that are not necessary, useful, needed, wanted, asked for... I really don't want to clutter the already filled household with ATCs, scrapbooks, fiber sculptures, fairy houses, shrines and dragon pelts. We just don't have any room for it. I could be doing something useful, necessary, like linen, table cloths, curtains, couch cover, cushions and such, but I can't do that with the material I have an easy access to... cardboard, newspapers and flour wallpaper paste, salt dough and water colors. The yarns I inherited aren't compatible enough to create things like afghans and cushions, and the colors aren't my colors. I don't like blue, lavender, old rose, purple and browns. I would like to have young rose, aqua, teal, green, red, colors of a peacock and phoenix, oriental nights, gold and fireworks.
And... this curse is double-bladed... the other blade is "not to spend money on new materials before the old is used".


I suppose I could organize a give-away, and give away all the stuff I make, which would be of wrong color to my liking, or too frivolous. There the problem is - again - money. I'd rather use the money to buy some materials to do something for me, than to pay the Swedish post the headless fees they want to transport packages.
I could sell my stuff, but I don't believe anyone would want to buy anything I make. If they want it, they will make it themselves, like I do.

So... I'll solve it somehow. Now I HAVE TO go and clean the kitchen. I have managed to procrastinate that for three weeks now, and all I do with procrastinating is worry about the thing while nothing gets done. I wish I won in some weird lottery and someone came and cleaned my house for me LOL (Without touching the clutter, of course... ;-))

And last, a political rant.
Don't read on if you don't want to have anything to do with politics and ranting :-)

I was looking for inspiration for Project Spectrum - Green - and searched Flickr with "green jewelry" - for some reason the -elry part fell off the search words and resulted in "Green Jew". The first picture that pops up with that search word is a Palestinian woman crying at the wall. Or I don't know if she is crying, "they" say she is, but "they" say a lot of things that aren't true. Now, what has this picture to do with green and Jews? Absolutely nothing.
But the person who posted the picture also posted a lengthy article where he spouts his antisemitism all over the place. The Jewish people did this and that, the Jews are racists, the Jews, the Jews, Zionism, "Racism is the lifeblood of Israel", "Jews the superior people"... you get the idea. I told the person that before he learns to say what he has to say without speaking of people's ethnicity, he's a racist too. In Israel-Palestine situation the problem is the government of Israel and its decisions - call those racist if you wish, but when you start saying things like "Jews believe they are superior to everyone else because they are God's Chosen People", you are just being an antisemite. The person also mentioned the "Green Line". So the picture pops up as "most interesting" photo connected to "Green jew"... I'm sorry, but that is offensive!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

U is for underground...

and I'm sad again. *sigh* So fitting.

Easter is coming closer... yesterday was Ostara, Spring Equinox, in two or three weeks will be Pesach and Easter is couple of days later. I plan on making a suprise egg calendar to my hubby, but trying to find ideas I see the Easter baskets from the swap a year ago, and get reminded... *sigh*
It's really hard to get over it.

Thanks to the wonderful Debra and Terri, I "won" a little something (not so little... well... the package was little, but the joy was huge :-D) at OWOH, but I still keep bothering about the darned Easter basket.

Uh. Pois-pois-poissa!

Here's a pattern for "crocheted Passover yarmulke" or kippah as we call them here. Those I can make for my hubby, put one in each egg, and he'll be happy :-) He isn't too fond of the "classic" model, he prefers beanies, but those aren't too hard to crochet either. Or knit.

I found this nice "button showcase doily" - would be nice to showcase other buttons too. Or make it black to showcase orange buttons in Samhain, or green to showcase tiny eggs for Ostara...

I love this Valentine's Wand. You could crochet a daffodil to adorn it for Easter.
(Here's a daffodil afghan - you crochet the daffodils separately, which means you can use them to decorate anything...)
I love this daffodil pencil too :-)

Hubby likes daisies... he says they look honest flowers, not so posh, fancy and pompous as roses, peonies, poppies and other flowers I like :-)

PurlBee's hilarious Easter finger puppets :-) (Not hard to translate into crochet, but if you feel uncertain, here's a list of other crocheted finger puppets :-)

You could make the characters for a finger puppet play... with the theme "Underground" - you could reenact the story of Persephone, who has been under ground now the whole winter and has emerged and how her mother Demeter will adorn everything with flowers and pretty things to welcome her daughter :-)

Or you could crochet earth worms.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

T is for taste and touch

I wonder how you could crochet something with taste... perhaps crocheting liquorice string?

Crocheting something for touch... I think about the crocheted farm, with different 3-D stitches, raised stitches, bobbles and others, to form cabbage path and other crops... And to use different kinds of yarn, paper, jelly, mohair, cut plastic bag strips etc. One could make a sort of "memory", "touchy", with two squares of each material put into a bag and lifted up together by touch...

Anyway, Kristin La Flamme has published a tutorial challenge in her blog with a HUGE list of tutorials and tutorial lists around the internet. I find it very inspiring, but my "to do"-list is already miles long, so I better stay away from the list.

I also found Tiffany Threadgould's plastic bottle craft ideas fascinating. If you don't have enough bottle caps of "right" color, you can always cover them with crochet or other material.
Here's the cutest little bottle cap pin cushions. It would be a joy to play with pieces like that :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It was 17th yesterday, not 16th... so - two today. Then we're on the schedule ;-)

Q is for Queen and R is for Russet...
I know the word "russet" means reddish brown, but I come to think about a pony breed, Gotland Russ.

But, here's a Queen of Nile crocheted dress for a fashion doll, and here's a crochet pattern for a horse.

Here's some Swedish patterns (in English), from Internet Archive, so hurry up and take what you like, because it might soon be gone. She is really talented designer and I love her stuff, and I wonder what ever happened to her...

I also find Beth Steiner's blog very fascinating...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last rush

Crochet hamsa
Give Peace a Chance knitted bomber hat
Crocheted peace symbol stick barret - or eye. Or what ever you want.
Peace blanket - knit or crochet - and peace jacket.
Knitted and felted brainwash bag
Living Crafts patterns - I was especially thinking about the crocheted crown, but the other patterns are quite nice too. I love the vacuum cleaner hose cover... :-)
Recycle soda bottles into a coin purse (You can use it as something else too.)

The National Crochet Month's Crochet-A-Long's themes for March 13.-16.

M is for Mould

Yeah... you can decide if you want to make this mean the fungus or the form.
So here's shaping and blocking instructions - you can make pretty fantastic things by starching the crochet and molding it.
Here's Bonnie's Free Form Crochet tutorial. The fuzzier yarn and abstract "design" you use, the more moldy is the result.

N is for Night

Free star crochet patterns
Crochet a crescent moon shape
Twinkle twinkle - crochet moon and star cushion
This is about what I had in mind... free form crochet circle in different white, grey and silver shades...

O is for Orange

Again, it could be the color or the fruit.
Here's orange slices. Otherwise, oranges are basically round and orange...

P is for Peel
I am pretty sure I have seen somewhere a crocheted orange that was partially peeled... with the peel coiling off the fruit... very pretty. Of course, I can't find it now. But here's "tutti frutti dragon" with orange peel tail.

Make a chain to any length. Crochet any stitch (single, half double, double or triple) back along chain – working 2 or more sts in each chain to make it curl. When you reach beginning of chain, chain again to same or a different length and repeat to make additional corkscrews.

From Lion Brand's "pattern for hyberbole coral reef"

My sister got once a towel from her friend. It was yellow terrycloth with embroidered red rose and orange corkscrew fringe and I love it :-) The color combination is horrendous, but the corkscrew fringe... I love fringes and tassels anyway :-D (Besides, it was very nicely done and makes me feel very feminine, with the rose and fringe and yellow terrycloth...)
I think I'm going to knit or crochet some lace edging to my bath towels...

Monday, March 16, 2009

I, J, K, L...

I have been planning on making filled eggs as an Easter calendar for my hubby. I plan to make paper eggs with papier mache, 12 of them, and then decorate them nicely and fill them with stuff, like whimsy jars.

I planned on making in each a decorated matchbox filled with stuff, and found about matchbook crafts: there's needle matchbook, mint matchbook, "wedding mini matchbook" and matchbook album. Here's matchbook notebook, and one can put almost anything in matchbooks. If you can't find emery board matchbook, you can make your own with "normal size" emery boards, just cut them in right size and staple them in place. If you want to, you can sew with sewing machine (no thread) over the... what ever you have in it, to create perforation for easy ripping. :-)
(You can create perforation for any paper like this.)

Here's "By the Sea" afghan with interesting knitting stitch. Would work nicely for scarfs.

Then to the National Crochet Month Crochet-A-Long

I is for Insect.
- Crochet spider
- big fuzzy spider toy
- Afghan stitch butterfly afghan
- Ladybug beret and scarf
- Little crocheted ladybug
- ladybug appliques - with ideas
- "creepy crawlies" - ant and 2 spiders
- amigurumi love bugs... just give them another pair of legs, will you?

J is for Jam.
- "Freshly baked potholder"

K is for Knowledge.
- Crochet how to's...
- list of different crochet stitches
- Annie's Attic crochet tutorials

L is for Leaves.
- Crochet leaves
- Falling leaves applique
- Crochet autumn leaves
- Maiden's glory
- Holiday leaves

The Tikkun Tree

You could also just spell the word... crochet letters

I just love these "mop top mascots" :-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts on crochet and links

E is for Eating
-I have posted recipes to a teaparty with lots of fiber and no fat or carbs at all :-)

F is for Fragrance
-Sweet scent potpourri sachet
-Potpourri pouch
-Potpourri rose
-Fan shaped potpourri sachet
-Fragrant Frock - sachet
-Lemon burst sachet
-potpourri heart
-soap or potpourri sachets
-Sweet dreams sachet

G is for Ground

Ground? I was thinking of ground, soil, land, garden, farmland
Hyperbolic cactus garden
I was thinking of the grounds of crochet
Someone suggested coffee grounds... brown is not bad for ground ;-)
But I'd really want to make a play-farm, with gardens and soil and animals and dolls and tractor and all... So far I have only seen a knitted version.

H is for Honey
- Honey panta - I find the word "panta" funny - because it's Finnish! Dog collars are "panta", headbands are "panta"... I suppose it comes from the same origin, and means a strip of fabric or something like that in some Romanic language.
- This is Maggie Weldon's Honey Bee Kitchen Set (no, it's not a free pattern, but it's cute)
- Amigurumi bear and pot of honey. It really is so CUTE!
- honeycomb lattice stitch and a bag made with it
- crochet mesh stitches, among others honeycomb mesh

When we are now talking about honey, here's Hilary Berseth's honeybee art... pretty amazing...
Here's Doris' crocheted hat... getting inspired?


I think I have mentioned Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog's "The Ultimate Handmade Holidays' Master List" with 30 tutorials for November so that you can create 30 Yule presents to those you want to give presents. I think it's very inspiring... I wish there was something like that for... hmm... It's March so it's a bit early to think about the Yule presents, but there are always reasons to give people presents. Like 31 days of March + National Crochet Month = 31 gifts to give to people for a reason or no reason at all :-)


The Counterfeit project - crochet your own "designer" bags

I really love this sculptural crochet specimen sampler

Cutest crocheted coin purse

I love this crocheted basket

Saturday, March 14, 2009

NatCroMo CAL

I was trying to find this kind of stuff two weeks ago... but better late than never. It is quite probable that she'll do it next year as well, and then we'll be prepared, huh? I doubt that LOL

NatCroMo CAL 2009
NatCroMo CAL 2008 - not bad ideas there either

Now, it is SUPPOSED to be freeform crochet - an exercise in freeform crochet, to allow people to let loose of their preconceived notions and fears and just crochet and see what they end up with.

Nevertheless, here's a couple of apple patterns:
apple chips - in Annie's Attic free patterns was a tableset in this style - these would fit nicely
apple fridgie 1 and 2
apple potholder 1 and 2
crocheted apple
apple tote
apple string or yarn holder
crocheted filigree apple
apple and worm finger puppet
basket of applet bag holder
apple pencil holder

B is for Blossom
crocheted apple blossom - no image
apple blossom edging - really pretty
apple blossom shawl from The Inside Loop

C is for Crabs
crabstitch tutorial
cute little lobster (grayfish looks like minilobster and is called "rapu" in Finnish - the same word is used for crabs.)
happy crab animal toy
cancer kitten (horoscope sign, not the illness)

D is for Drop
crochet drop stitch
crocheted rain drop
miss Pink (Pee) - I really don't get that... crocheted toiletpaper, poo, pee... Why? But the bag is drop formed.
Dainty drop formed earrings

BTW, I find these lace jewelry frames fascinating... the color combinations and choice of frames is a little odd, but - hey, it's a free world.

Some ideas:

Crochet moebius scarf. If you don't like to crochet, you can knit it as well.

Create Needlepoint - Barbara Bergsten design

Embroidered paperweight

You can also use linen or other such fabric, cut rough stone forms with at least an inch for seams (the thickness of your stone) and sew them together on the stone. It isn't rocket science, you know.
You can also stitch one piece of fabric on the stone and cover the stitches with another piece of fabric.

I love embroidery and find this site very interesting:
They have also free sampler patterns

Dragonfairiee has some interesting crochet patterns. Among others a pretty hat and wrist warmers. I have finished my hat and I am crocheting mittens. I wonder if I manage to finish them before the spring has arrived LOL The great tits (parus major, talitintti, a bird - nothing to do with any other definitions of the words...) are singing in the trees outside our windows and snow is melting all around... In a month there will be flowers, grass, leaves in trees... or at least the barely visible promise of greenery :-)

Knotions' and Popknits' spring issue has been published - some interesting things there too.
Here's Let's Knit, a British knitting ezine.
Busymitts is a bit like Ravelry, but for crafters, not just knitters and crocheters.
Don't forget Tejemanejes, Knit on the Net, Black Purl, Craft Stylish Twist Collective, Crochet Me and AntiCraft (and Ullaneule, if you know Finnish.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I hate inventing names to blog entries

Some promised photos:

Crocheted socks - own pattern

Knitted modular socks

Spider scarf... I think I need to do the "right thing" and rip this.

Silk scarf for my sister
Fish bag - blind for the time being

Russian crochet shawl - looks like feathers. Love it :-)

Drops' heart bag - needs the lining and a zipper

Dragon filet - this one will be BIG.

Bookmarks - one of the 101 things is to read more, read classics, read Nobel authors, read the books I've always wanted to read, etc. and that means I'm reading several at the same time. When one gets too boring, I switch to a more interesting - so there's a need for bookmarks :-)

Hubby's scarf/shawl. Black alpaca, needs more yarn...

The new Knitty has been published. Some interesting patterns there.
I like Decimal, Aeolian shawl, Reverie beret (would work with Clapotis), Shipwreck shawl and Steggie.

Today's crochet pattern is Crochet Kitten's Charmed wristwarmers.

Craftbits' newsletter tries to be funny:
"...a very comical sounding Book Thong.
I never even knew books had butts.
Spines? Yes. Butts? No!"

Thong has nothing to do with butts.
Thong is a narrow strip of material, a lash, a string.
(Yes, a string - like the string in G string...)
But, sure, show the world how it's deteriorating...
people don't know any other definition of the word "thong" but the thongy underpants, people don't read books, people... *sigh*

But, it's the crochet month, so here's a couple of crocheted book thongs
Pretty one with beads from Crochet Me
owl and owlet book thong
And here's a long list of crocheted bookmarks - if you want to follow my example and start reading books - a lot of books, all at the same time :-D
(Not recommended...)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hi you all beautiful people :-)

I love this crocheted market bag.

Triangle box tutorial - just fill it with something and give to someone special, just because you can :-)

Make a bird nester house - it's beginning to be that time of the year...

There's the small scarf challenge going on - it's supposed to be weaved. It really isn't small - 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) wide is a normal long scarf width, I think. I suppose it's because it's woven. It's not usual to weave so narrow fabrics in a loom...

Here's something else you could weave...

I love these art paper dolls... one could use the technique to make the wish board. Make a doll with your face and dress it as you'd like to dress, and put in her hands what you'd like to be doing...

Tiny spool knitted angel - you can crochet it as well. (Here's how to crochet "i-cord")

I love these pocket pals. Another thing I could do for the toy drop! (More about amigurumi)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I should be posting photos...

but I'm procrastinating... taking the photos. My sister visited us last weekend, and I showed her almost everything I had made, so there really isn't any good reason to why not take and post photos... on the other hand, nothing happens for no reason. There most certainly IS a good reason for me to procrastinate taking the photos, otherwise I'd taken the photos already. Usually people procrastinate to deal with the stress, so I suppose the "should" in the head line is the good reason for not to take photos and post them, huh?

I have been reading books lately. One positive thing from the 101 things list. I really love reading and writing and books, and I have all the books in the world at my fingertips, so I don't understand why I rather choose to watch some stupid, mindless, boring tv-shows, than reading my good books. But since February I have been reading books. :-) I have finished a couple I started some years ago, a couple from my "to read" list, and I'm actually very pleased with myself :-D

Now, Elizabeth at Vestige posted this wonderful sewing kit box. Sure, its target group is men, but I don't see any reason why only men could enjoy that. She also posted this "Writer's Block Kit"... I might need one. Though I really don't have writer's block. I'm just procrastinating - that too :-D

Miri posted her idea of a wishing well (or jar) at home.

Erika posted a pattern of crocheted love bunnies and some chilis :-)

Now, do you remember that I posted about the 25 motif challenge? (I actually did that twice, first in "Procrastinating in the internet - again" and then in "Imbolc calendar day 31")

So - what to do with the hundreds of motifs you create?
1) make a mobile
2) join them into a bigger thing with Irish crochet. Hankering for yarn had a "butterfly bag crochet along" some time ago - it's not there anymore - but she made different motifs of different yarns and colors and connected them together into a little envelope clutch. You could do something similar with your motifs. Perhaps join them together into a shawl or afghan, or shopping tote?
3) make them into ornaments or fridgies
4) sew them on things as decoration

Sunday, March 08, 2009

370th post

International Women's Day. I should be posting something like the breast cancer awareness ribbon or blanket square pattern, or scarf (this is actually rather interesting) but... Nah. Maybe some other day.

I would like to crochet this bonnet to the Milkweed Project. It really isn't rocket science, and I think I have seen the pattern (or similar) somewhere in the net, perhaps in one of those Victorian craft books people have scanned and put on-line, but... *sigh*

Here's paperback totes - crochet a very nice bag for your pocketbook/paperback. (This one is a little simpler)

Here is knitted bunny washcloth.

Quilted bowl tutorial

crocheted love birds (you need a lion brand membership, it's free, but they save your information...)

Newfie mitten - knitted, looks exciting

Cute jar pincushion and doily pincushions - yes, you can put these two projects together.
If you start by crocheting the "doily" (I think it should be a coaster or snowflake), it will fit the crochet month theme :-)

Tie one on has a new theme for the apron this month, and it's "no money" - here's a list of 52 free apron patterns.

and finally, a knitted lace scarf - VERY easy but looks nice

(And just a couple on the "finally"... Meghan's Shalom cardigan and justsock's Lakehouse socks)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another short one :-)

Crochetroo is one of the amazing crochet designers around :-) I love her granny squares with animals.
Inner Child Crochet is another
Enfys' Rainbow Valley is another wonderful place

Nancy's Nanlets - amazing crochet creations :-)

Crafty Pants is another of my favorite blogs

Here's sock elephant, and here's glove dog and bunny :-) Really cute these too.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Short one

I like these felt door stops and these crocheted quilts.

I'm still working on the crocheted hat. I doubt it will be finished today. My foot hurts. I suppose I somehow managed to stretch a muscle in the foot... weird. But it hurts a lot. No going to town today. I suppose I just have to stay at home and crochet and read books and try to do something about my 101 things list. ;-)

Here's some smaller projects to choose from - Internet Archive presents: House Hold Patterns
No pictures anymore. This site has been gone for 10 years.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hello again :-)

I'm having a bad day. Horrible anxiety. My home is a mess, my obesity is killing me, the dog behaves badly, I'm home every day and still can't manage my life or achieve anything. Also, I'm going to have a 40th birthday party and I'm not a party girl. (I don't mind one bit being 40. I find the idea of being the center of a social gathering discomforting.)
Other than that, I'm fine :-D

Craftzine gave a recipe of vanilla syrup. I love vanilla. I really don't think food has much to do with crafting, perhaps decorating cakes, but making vanilla syrup... Nah.
It's good though. Here's a recipe of vanilla extract. And here. And here. :-) It really is worth it, so get some pods and start infusing :-D

Here's today's crochet project; Clapochet. Most everyone has already knitted the Clapotis, now it's time to crochet the darned thing :-D (Well... it might be a nice thing, if one used scarfs. I don't. It's pretty though ;-)) (Look at CrochetKitten's other free patterns as well)

Crochet Me is a nice ezine.

Make woven button coasters. Or table mats, runners, pillows, bags or what ever your patience allows. (An inchie, perhaps :-D)

Water bottle holder/cozy/cover - crochet some straps, so you can carry the bottle easier. It keeps the condensation off your hands, stops the bottle from slipping and covers every ugly logo there might be on the bottle :-D

I am not making wrist warmers, I'm making myself a hat and mittens, for dog walking. I started yesterday and used a blue-green-red yarn together with the red-burgundy wool I made my Central Park Hoodie of, but I ripped it all up, because the blue-green-red made the yarn look more purplish burgundy than I like. I replaced it with red-yellow-bluishblack yarn and now it looks more me. Too dark still, but much better. Besides, I'm just going to walk the dog, who cares how my hat and mittens dress me? It will be better than the apple green Clapotis hat, anyway :-D
Oh, and I crocheted myself a fish bag. It was surprisingly boring to crochet the hat. It looks very nice, but it's boring. (Erbarmeligt, would a Swede say... Deplorable.)

No pictures. Sorry. I'll be better :-D

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today I'm going to...

crochet some wrist warmers. I found this nice book from the library "Tid att virka" (Time to crochet), written by a Swedish woman (Marianne Gullberg) who thought the crochet has been pushed out of the popularity for no reason - that most people see crochet as something dull and old-fashioned, doilies and acrylic potholders, things made with disgusting yarn, awful colors and with no good form or fit what so ever. (What Not to Crochet and You Crocheted WHAT?!)
She and her fellow crocheters designed nice patterns for crochet, with good yarns, colors and models. Now, the book is from 90's so it's slightly influenced by that fashion - geometric, simple colors and so - but I think the patterns and ideas are great and plan on doing things from the book.

I like these spiral mittens by He Knits n' Spins - even though they aren't crocheted ;-)
Knitted Cupcake gives a pattern to crocheted tulips - very nice in springtime :-)
I love these Baba Yaga houses
Here's a knitted grumpasaurus I might consider making for the toy drop
Here's the Secret Corridor
and here's crocheted jar jackets - Attic 24 is absolutely lovely! Brightens up my day every time I go there :-)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why is it...

...that other people's "to do lists" seem to be easier to "do"?
For example "replace make-up collection". Sounds like an easy thing to do. Just whack out what you have and go to your favorite store and buy new ones.
But - what if one doesn't have money?
What if one has social anxiety disorder, like I do?
One would think it's the easiest thing in the world to take a bus to the library, huh? No, it's not.

Part on my 101 things list is to make a toy and drop it somewhere in town for someone to find.
I have found several free and nice, cute, small toy patterns I'm planning on doing:

Miuku the cat
Ana Paula's Bear and honey pot
Amigurumi girl's Zoe Lily-Belle
Pepperberry's Snowbunny
Brenda Solis' dog babies
Crochet Kitten's traveling Righley pug
Kat's chihuahua
Bitty babies
Knittycat's wee lambies
Captain Cute the Pirateddy
... or maybe not. But those are very nice :-)

Then I found this Amigurumiartist's blog - you can order the patterns from her personally... such details! Not for drop but I might want to make myself an owl and hubby a dragon, and some other things there were pretty amazing too...

Milkweed project

I have learned something new today. I thought milkweed is 'maitohorsma' (maito = milk in Finnish), but it's not. It's 'silkkiyrtti' in Finnish (silkweed) and 'maitohorsma' is fireweed.

I thought milkweed was 'maitohorsma', and I like 'maitohorsma'.

There is a milkweed project - a fiber artist is planning on creating an exhibition with a feeling of being inside a milkweed pod. So, create something white of fibers for her show :-)

To my honesty I have to give you the link to the crocheter who informed me of the Crochet Month, "Slave to the Hook". Why "have to"? She has a small political statement on her blog... I'm not too fond of political and religious statements. Makes me want to scream my statements higher.

Thing I am only pleased to advertise are
Regina Grewe's wonderful patchwork block patterns.
Mother Bear project
Elise Blaha's 24 project journal - I'm going to fit it for my 101 things in 1001 days... It will be thick LOL, but I hope it will be a thing of beauty and interest and bliss and joy for many years to come. I hope it will be the first of many of its kind :-) I do have a long list of things I'd like to do, and never seem to come around to do.

Monday, March 02, 2009

National Crochet Month

It's obviously the national crochet month in United States. No reason why others can't join the fun ;-)

A cut version of the CGOAs newsletter:


Get hooked and celebrate National Crochet Month in March with the Crochet
Guild of America (CGOA).

How to celebrate National Crochet Month:

*Crochet something every day

*Crochet something for charity.
- American charities that accept crocheted things.

Here in Sweden the easiest is to crochet something and give it to a charity shop so that they can sell it and use the money to what ever they need money for... Yes, unfortunately. This was the answer I got when I asked the Red Cross if they accept woolen things to be taken to Afghanistan to help people fight the cold. :-> So either I make things and send them to USA to be taken to Afghanistan, or I let Swedish people buy them from Red Cross' charity shop, so that the Swedish Red Cross can buy woolen things and take to Afghanistan - if they request it.
Then there is "hjälpstickan". I suppose they accept crocheted things too.
In Sweden there is no "hjälpjösse", but it's not hard to crochet one (it's not rocket science to change the knitting pattern into crochet pattern.) and send it to Finland's Red Cross. I think there are people out there who accept things they are personally taking to places where they are needed... I used to belong to a toy group at Yahoo! where someone was taking toys to east; Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania... but I'm really badly informed about this.

*Teach someone to crochet.
- crochet lessons for right handed people
- crochet lessons for left handed people

*Learn a new stitch or technique.

Youtube is full of instruction videos about how to crochet and how to crochet different techniques.

*Wear your crochet creations.

*Prepare an exhibit.

The internet is full of free projects, bigger and smaller.

I finished a little heart bag yesterday. Now I only need to get it lined and add a zipper to it.
I didn't make it of "Alaska" and "Vivaldi", but of thin cotton, so it's not a big bag, just a little pocket, perfect for carrying your purse, keys and a couple of netbags when you need to go shopping :-)

crochet net crocery bag
crochet ticker band net bag
recycled net market bag
"Rust goes green" net tote bag
summer market bag
Go Green market bag
Provence crocheted market bag

Crochet a couple of bags too many and give them away at the grocery shop to people who don't have any. ;-)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm sorry - again

I am trying the 101 things in 1001 days - again - and it works like magic. I start immediately procrastinating and trying to avoid doing any of the 1001 things, even the things I usually like to do, and do almost every day simply because I like it. One of the things on the list is to become a better blog pal. To visit blogs, to leave comments - I like it a lot when people leave comments on my blog, whether they are good or bad, because it means I have touched something within them. Of course I like the good comments more :-D
So when I surf the blog community and get inspired, and think someone has been doing a very good job with her/his blog, I try to remember to leave a comment. Usually it's only during the give-aways and such, or when the person in question requests the comments.
Or then it's someone "famous" and I don't dare to leave a comment. LOL I'm reacting totally against my own philosophy - we are all just humans - which only proves that it really isn't my philosophy, just some cliche I'm carrying around with me. I WISH it was my philosophy.
Now, it has been a very long time since my last blog entry, and it was a bit sad. I suppose I should have counted some of my blessings already here :-D
I have got so lovely responses to that blog entry, and I want to say to everyone of the commenters that their comments have warmed my soul and fully replaced the disappointment :-)

Nellie at Nellie's Needles gives away pattern to those amazing birds she keep making :-) I like her work.

Debra's blog is It's All Good and Terri's blog is Blooming Ideas.

This is Mary Ann's Follow Your Bliss Designs. She has a very good quote there:
We don't have an eternity to realize our dreams; only the time that we are here.
~~ Susan L. Taylor

This is her blog.

You Are a Jackie!


You are a Jackie. "I do everything the right way."

Jackies are realistic, conscientious, and principled. They strive to live up to their high ideals.

How to Get Along with Me

* Take your share of the responsibility so I don't end up with all the work.

* Acknowledge my achievements.

* I'm hard on myself. Reassure me that I'm fine the way I am.

* Tell me that you value my advice.

* Be fair and considerate, as I am.

* Apologize if you have been unthoughtful. It will help me to forgive.

* Gently encourage me to lighten up and to laugh at myself when I get uptight, but hear my worries first.

What I Like About Being a Jackie

* Being self-disciplined and able to accomplish a great deal

* Working hard to make the world a better place

* Having high standards and ethics; not compromising myself

* Being reasonable, responsible, and dedicated in everything I do

* Being able to put facts together, coming to good understandings, and figuring out wise solutions

* Being the best I can be and bringing out the best in other people

What's Hard About Being a Jackie

* Being disappointed with myself or others when my expectations are not met

* Feeling burdened by too much responsibility

* Thinking that what I do is never good enough

* Not being appreciated for what I do for people

* Being upset because others aren't trying as hard as I am

* Obsessing about what I did or what I should do

* Being tense, anxious, and taking things too seriously

Jackies as Children Often

* Criticize themselves in anticipation of criticism from others

* Refrain from doing things that they think might not come out perfect

* Focus on living up to the expectations of their parents and teachers

* Are very responsible; may assume the role of parent

* Hold back negative emotions ("good children aren't angry")

Jackies as Parents

* Teach their children responsibility and strong moral values

* Are consistent and fair

* Discipline firmly

Are you Jackie or Marilyn or someone else - Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz