Monday, February 24, 2014

Linen Closet

I love linen closets.

Pottery Barn linen

I have been at Pinterest, looking at antique linens, and I'm filled with serenity. There is something very soothing, almost meditative in old linens... carefully prepared with thin, thin thread, embroidered and crocheted - or which ever way one chooses to make the lace... The tightly woven linens and cottons, smooth surfaces... I can feel how fresh linen feels against my skin in bed...

And then I realized a couple of things.
1) I know how to make these. I can make these things. I can make lace in several different ways, crochet, knit, tatting, bobbin lace, sewn lace, richelieu, whitework... macramĂ©, teneriffa, this way and that way.  I can embroider. I can sew the sheets and all... I don't need vintage or antique linens, I can make my own! The only problem I see is that they don't weave linen this tight any more... but I can weave... and I can spin. Fine, smooth yarn and thread. I can make my own linen of this quality!
2) As I love these things, there are others who do, too... and might be prepared to pay for the work! And as this is special work, requires high level of craftsmanship and experience and all that, and the materials are relatively cheap I could ask quite a lot for doing this to people...
Would you buy a set of linens with YOUR monogram? Made for YOUR wedding, YOUR marriage, YOUR new home and life with your husband and future children? Get family heirlooms made especially for you?
How much would you pay?

Antique linen from French Garden Home