Thursday, June 26, 2008

Save the children!

Please, sign this petition:
Prevent and eventually abolish child sexual abuse by UN

If I remember correctly, you need to sign in to Care2, but it's free, doesn't give you bad consequences and you can use a screen name. I've been a member of Care2 for 4 years.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sukkapäiväkirja 2.viikko

The socks were finished this morning - a little late, but they are rather big work, and I was busy the whole weekend, so - excuses, excuses ;-)
Now again my two favorite boys are working as models - my hubby wearing the socks I finished, my puppy wearing his own pretty socks :-)

I am not going to start any socks before the week is almost over, because I need to finish other projects before I leave to my two weeks' vacation in Finland. I'll come back with three pairs of socks - or at least that's the plan... Let's see what happens...

I have been winding sock yarn and collecting the sock patterns I'm going to knit in Finland. I don't have enough sock yarn for the whole summer... :-D

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lots of lots...

This is my knitting basket... or the pink thingy in the right is my basket - this is the tray. There's too many projects to fit the basket. One would think that's a hint on that there's too many projects going on...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ket's Sock Diary day I

I was accepted to Socken Kreativ Liste! I'm extatic! LOL

I have collected so many sock patterns I can't knit all of them during my life time... As if not all the over 400 free sock patterns on-line weren't enough, I just had to buy me Nancy Bush's sock books (only two of them >:-> - Vintage Socks and Folk Socks)...

Yes, I know, 400+ sock patterns will be knitted in 8 years if I do 52 pairs plunge each year... The problem is that the lovely, creative and generous internet community will have created other 400+ sock patterns available free... and the less generous but just as lovely and creative sock book writers have managed to write a dozen or more sock books with more patterns to knit...

It's amazing how something this simple and easy can be variated to that extend!

I'm happy, but you know... there's a slight panic knocking in the back head reminding of all the pretty, soft yarn in the world, the smooth, shiny needles and all the socks I'd like to knit in my life time... *sigh*

The Japanese sock pattern charts are interesting...
One can see very clearly the construction of the sock, and I suppose if it was drawn on paper with squares (I suppose that kind of paper has a name in English... graph paper?), it would be easy to create fair isle patterns or lace patterns on the sock...

My first project is Finnish, called "Little Birds"
The graph is a little similar... you really don't need to know Finnish to knit these socks. (Last in the pattern, on the right side of the last picture, is a link "PDF-kaavio" - PDF chart). My socks are going to be rather big... again.