Tuesday, April 09, 2013

What is the name of this edge?

This is a dress with scalloped edge.

But what's the name if the edge looks like this:
zigzag edge?
In Finland I call these "zigzag scissors". In English they are "pinking shears".

Sawtooth edge?




 Denticulate, jagged, notched, ragged, scored, serried, serriform, serrulate, toothed? WHAT?

Today I found the answer to the question. It's "pointed scallops"

Monday, April 01, 2013

And then a little inspiration

and not just whining. "Crones don't whine", I read, and I have to agree. So - I whine, therefore am I not a crone :-D

Lovely Beth has been talking with me and mentioned Jillian Moreno who creates knits for soft and curvy girls. :-) So I have found some projects for next summer :-)

Some other projects that I'm interested in are these leather bracelets.

I'm really in to bracelets right now... The problem is that... I don't use jewelry. I love it, I love making it, but I don't use it.

This "upcycled" little pin tin.
It's even better than the little plate, because the magnet works better through the thin tin... though the plate is better as it has edges...
I am working on my sewing room . We are re-purposing our... walk-in closet, I suppose one could call it. It's just 1,20 wide and long (4 feet), so it's not that big, but there's room for the sewing machine table and some shelves, so that I don't need to pack the sewing machine up and down every time I need to use it.
I'm also making myself a duct tape dummy, and I need a foot for it... that project is also waiting.

Then it's these magazine baskets.
I found the newspaper "wicker" three years ago and have been experimenting and learning to weave baskets. That project was put aside for some 2 years for... hmm... circumstances. But now the circumstances have changed and it's time to continue with my basketry.

And then I'm knitting my next dragon shawl. I made one already, but... I used some homespun 1-ply wool, and... I don't like it.