Monday, November 26, 2007


I should post a picture of the Stockings I made... they are ready now, all 18, knit and named and just waiting to get to the right place, get hanged up and filled. But to do that I need to take a picture of them, and that demands things I don't have the energy or lust to do right now... Perhaps you'll get a picture when they are hanging and filled :-)


I got inspired by scrapbooking. Some of you know that I'm not only textile fibers, but paper is one of my passions too :-)

I have always wanted nice, beautifully filled photo albums with witty text and all that - and never got to that. This year I wanted to make a Christmas scrapbook album... and I have surfed the net to get inspiration and ideas. I got them too :-D I have been drawing for three days now (yes, drawing, with a pen on a paper, as I don't dare to loose it all in a computer crash...)


I have moved this and other scrapbooking entries into my new blog on scrapbooking; Shiny Pictures and Bookmarks. The name refers to scraps' Swedish and Finnish names - in Swedish they are called "bookmarks" - bokmärken - and in Finnish "shiny pictures" or "glossy pictures" - kiiltokuvat.