Monday, April 16, 2012

First repaint and some criticism

First try

I chose one I think was ugly. She has the "generation girl" face mold with the weird tilted, thin eyes make-up and she had a really weird hairdo.

I hate doing eye make-up... I suppose the more I do, the better I get... and when I practice in 1:6 scale, doing my own make-up won't be a problem :-D (At least I hope so...)
The right eye and eyebrow are always better...

I also had some problems with her mouth.

I need to figure out how to keep the acrylics fluid for longer time... I suppose I need to get some "slow dry liquid" or "extender" for acrylics. (And better acrylics than the cheap Chinese crap. It kept flaking. I'm pretty sure I can get a better results with better quality acrylics.)

Then I need to add some gloss to her eyes and mouth. I wonder if I can use clear nail polish...

Other things: I need better light, better glasses and better brushes.
I need to practice using a thin brush.
I need to sand her body. It's way too shiny.
And I need a better camera...  *sigh*

I am not at all happy about this new bellybutton body mold. Her body is too long to her legs. Her breasts are weird. The worst part is nevertheless the sway back. I have always found that ugly, and it's also unhealthy. The condition is called "lordosis", saddle-back.

... but I suppose...
"The seductive female gesture
in which the Lumbar Lordosis is exaggerated to accentuate the buttocks,
and the head is turned invitingly back toward the viewer,
has been called the “Lordosis Pose”."
Edith La Sylphe
invented the “Sylphide”corset, making the very unhealthy 'snake silhouette' popular. c.1900

Nevertheless, I feel like cutting her in half and reattaching the body parts, but so that the side seam gets straight - with a good, healthy posture.
And some 20 pounds more wouldn't do her any harm... I want to add her about half an inch more on waist and give her bigger, more natural breasts that hang lower on her chest. And more muscles on arms.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Now I have barbie-dolls...

I bought 15 dolls from Tradera (eBay) to have material when learning to customize fashion dolls. They cost me about 3 dollars a doll. I'm going to keep three of these as they are, and give one ("12 dancing princesses Genevieve - the one in red dress - she has boxes for batteries in her tighst and her dress "pins and lights up") to my niece, but the rest is going to get an extreme make-over :-D

Most of these dolls are from 21st century, and I'm sad to say that the quality of the new dolls is awful. I can understand why today's small girls won't have the same relationship to their dolls my generation has with ours. In this lot is two dolls with bending arms and legs, and those are dingling quite loose in the joints. Nevertheless, it feels awful to start "mauling" these dolls... But - I want to learn how to customize these dolls.

I mean... look at her! SHE'S A BARBIE!!! 
I wish one day I'll be even half as good as this... :-)
Well... I just need to dare to start playing with my new dolls :-D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interesting color theory

Now, the purple one is probably the most disgusting collection of colors I've ever seen... I like the dark, musty purples and reds that peek from the holes, and turquoise and green, but that... dishwater lavender old rose dusty yuk that makes the base of it... that's the ugliest color in the world.
But - the aqua one is the contrast image of the purple. And that one I like very much...

I wonder if the opposite of the most hated color is one's favorite color, or at least a color one likes very much? If so, it's really interesting, because our eyes work so that after seeing too much of a color, one automatically tries to balance it out by creating the opposite color... so if I'm looking at turquoise and aqua things, I will be seeing the ugly purples...