Monday, August 16, 2010

Add some action to your scrapbook

paper engineering, spinning discs, rotating wheels, paper dials, lift-up flaps, flipping, slides, pull and push tabs, moving parts, movable mechanisms, dimensions, box pop-ups, triangle pop-ups, layered pop-ups, hinges, eye pop-ups, mouth pop-ups, tongue pop-ups, positive / negative pop-ups, multiple layers, floating layers, folds, origami, magic boxes, moving arms, pull-up planes, pivoting motion, dissolving scenes...

I love pop-up books. I think it's wonderful, amazing, that someone has come up with the idea that if you fold a paper like this, and pull here and add a slip of paper here, and a cut here and slide there, you get a paper machine, 3-D world of flat surface...

I'm not the only one who is fascinated by this...

Robert Sabuda: Pop-ups made easy
- several projects you can practice and fit to your scrap book project

CraftTVweekly - Scrapbooking in motion
CraftTVweekly - Pop-ups with ease
These are kits, but the mechanism isn't too hard to figure out.

- waterfall card
- sliding card

CraftTVweekly - Flip-fold photoalbum

CraftTVweekly - pop-up pocketbook

Canon 3D papercraft

Enchanted Learning - pop-up crafts

Cylindrical pop-up and other patterns

Pop up "thank you" card

"Magic" pull-up card

Somewhat related...
Teabag folding origami
(diy Scrapbooking has an episode "Paper-Folding Pointers" where these techniques are used in scrapbooking.)

Carousel books
Flexagons, Jacob's Ladder flip-flop and puzzle cube