Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long time no seen...

It doesn't look like the sock project resulted in much... Well... Next time with better luck. And it isn't over yet.

Here's a couple of blogs and sites I visit and find inspiration in.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sock diary...

Yes, I admit, I'm worthless in keeping diaries :-D

On July I have knit 3 pairs of socks. I think...
One grey-white-brown pair, one pink hearty pair and one beige crowny pair.

No, 4 pairs of socks. Also my brother's Yule socks.

I had pain in my hands after Finland trip - the bag weighed a ton. No wonder, I bough a couple of books and some yarn, and those things weigh way too much...But now I'm a happy owner of Kaffe Fasset's pattern book - I really love the "Foolish Virgins" pattern :-) - and Haavisto's "100 folkly stranded patterns". There's a nice introduction to the book, with some knitting history in Finland... and I'm SO PROUD of my people :-) MY people :-)
Unfortunately the proud tradition almost died in the end of 19th century, when "handmade" became a swearword. Something for the POOR people, nothing for US. We could have had a similar tradition as they have in Baltic countries. *sigh*