Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Project Life...

Project Life... No.

1) "Our lives are made of zillion moments... ...and there are so many moments that are... ...telling who we are and what we're about... ...sometimes we are even lucky enough to capture these moments, leaving us with something to remember, something that we can hold on to"
2) "The gift of photography is something... ...that helps me remember... ...and helps me give my children a gift of what I want them to remember"
3) "how do we make sure our efforts aren't wasted as we try to preserve memories? Pictures are meant to be preserved. Life is meant to be remembered... are we going to enjoy these pictures not only today, but for years and generations to come?"

If you can't remember something without photo evidence, then it is not a memory.

"What *I* want them to remember"... what SHE wants her kids AND FUTURE GENERATIONS to remember...
Note that.
In fact she is editing her life, and the life of her children, husband, relatives, everyone around her, to manipulate the future generations starting with her children, so that they will have the memories of her she wants them to have...

Don't get me wrong, this lady has a great business idea and I wish her the best. It's really a brilliant idea; to make pre-composed scrapbook pages, where the customers just put their stuff in plastic pockets and are done. "How to create good looking scrapbooks without needing to care about the hard work of actually creating the pages, quick and easy!" It's like fast food!
And her selling pitch is great too. Use your time to create the memories, don't waste your time to scrapbook from scratch. Let someone else do that for you.

But - no. This is not for me.
I'd rather fill my bookshelves with meters of books about someone else than me.

August 30th
Ok, so I am jealous. OK?! I admit it.

I'm jealous of women who have children. I don't have any. I'm 43 and my husband can't, and I weigh too much for the Swedish health care to give me one. I get really, really sad and envious and jealous and bitter every time I see photos of other women with their children... I wanted to have at least seven. I have none.

I'm jealous of women who have a nice, big house and yard. I live in a horrible apartment that's too worn out to ever get really clean, and I can't afford to fix it. I'm so jealous of women who have hardwood floors and parquets, and I look at my disgusting plastic carpet that's of color dirt - either grey dirt or beige dirt... and it's old and worn and full of holes and the seams are ripping... and I can't afford to change it.

I'm jealous of women who have money. Money to buy all these f-ing kits and papers and crap to make all the nice and pretty scrapbooks filled with photos of their children and house and vacations and all the stuff they do.
And I'm jealous of women who have credit cards. I don't have any, so I won't be able to buy stuff from for example, so even if I had money to buy something, I can't, because it's being sold in places I can't shop from.

I'm also jealous of women who don't have panic anxiety, social phobia, fibromyalgia, Asperger's and ADD, so that they can go out there and do stuff and take photos and put them in an album and take photos of the album and put it on the Internet so other women pin these photos and spread the "memories"... memories I won't ever have.

Nevertheless... this project is not for me, because I want to create my own scrapbook pages, and I don't want to control people's memories. And that part still sucks, how ever jealous I am.