Sunday, April 30, 2006

More stuff I want to make...

I found this blog; Coloursknits, and there's a lot of inspiring stuff...
Among other things this knitted cabled vest

I am very much into bags now too... I want to make shopping bags in nice fabrics. I don't use handbags much. I would like to carry everything in my pockets, and my sisters laugh at my "thigh pocket pants". It was a bit comical a week ago - I was in town in my pants, and I have lost some weight - so when my pockets were stuffed, the pants started to glide... I was happy to have pretty panties, but it wasn't nice to be forced to drag up the pants all the time. I really need an army belt, with water bottle, pouch for my craft and my book, and then a couple of pockets for the necessary stuff, like buss card and cell phone.

Sure it hurts when the buds burst open...


This week the theme of Whiplash is "No Fear". I am very familiar with fear, as I suffer from Social Phobia and Panic Anxiety. I have been working with my fear for some time now, and I am slowly taking steps forward, to freedom.

My Whiplash entry is sort of a portrait of me - The black-brown cover is my fear, which I have been using as an invisibility cloak, a shield against the hostile environment. I have been hiding inside and healing and growing strong - like a flower bulb in dirt. And it is so scary to come out from the cover - stop fearing, let down the fences and shields and open up... one is so vulnerable, so fragile... like the first spring flowers. I know that I cannot bloom and flourish without emerging, without coming into the sun, and no-one will see me as long as I hide in my cloak - and as people cannot see me, they will continue stepping on me, walking straight over me as if I didn't exist. As long as I choose invisibility, hiding into the ground, as long I won't get "my share" of things, because no-one knows I exist.

So - sure it's scary, sure it hurts, but it has to happen.

Still hiding in the fear...

It's sunny and nice... maybe one could come out...


Friday, April 28, 2006

The "Want to Do!" list keeps growing...

as I stumbled over "Cats who Quilt" site... I love cats... and there's an ocean of cat crafts :-D

It started with "wearable cat art", continued to "World's Biggest Cat Quilt Pattern Database" (so inspiring!!! I want that, and that, and that I want too, and that I have always wanted to do and that too...) and at last "free cat quilt patterns"...

There was a link to this absolutely adorable spring cat quilt

And the knitted cat afghan from "Family Circle"

(I also found this one: pattern suggestions for LOTR costumes... )

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Knit-a-long lattice lace wrap

In Knit-a-long we are also knitting this too:

- and I think it's interesting that I found this: Mermaid Mesh Tunic

More matches, huh? :-D

Transferred from Yahoo! 360 - II

Some things to be added to my "to do" list :-)

Oh, my! This is like the afghan I started to make with my plant dyed yarns!!! One of the things the moths ate up. Just the same colors! And every square surrounded with black!

And I want to make my sister a fair isle tam, scarf and gloves... rather traditional, with soft blues, greens, teals... very "watery" in colors, as my sister is Cancer.

And then I want to make some Teva Durham loop-d-loop stuff... like the braided neck piece and the leaf sweater.

This origami kimono isn't bad either... maybe in pink or turquoise... ;-)

Lanaknits have really nice patterns too :-)

Bella Paquita... *yum*

Mermaid Mesh Tunic

I think people who do stuff like this are amazing...
And I want to be amazing too, so I plan to make these glass marble magnets too!
(Halloween Glass Marble Magnets from Craftiness)

And many sorts of cookies, as I don't have any kids either.

Transferred from Yahoo! 360 - I

Tehehee! I was just accepted to KnitAlong!!! - Sunday April 16, 2006

Yay! And I started reading the messages from the beginning and - of course - stumbled over things I just have to get :-)

ChicKnit's Ribby Shell
Knitty's Bob T
Knitty's Soleil
White Lies Shapely T
White Lies' Krista T

I really like knitted t's :-)

(I naturally also just need to get White Lies' Amelie, Angelina, Bella, Madeline, Marta, Milinda and Rita Mae too ;-))
Shoal Waters
Sand Dollar - to my size, and NOT the adult version... that's just ugly.
Rowan's Rapunzel
Knitty's Kyoto
Knitty's Rosebud

And then there are a couple of other things I want to knit too, but can't find them on-line right now... naturally :-(

(And my husband wants these:

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Knit-a-long Clapotis

In the Yahoo! Knit-a-long, we are currently knitting the Clapotis scarf.

I found this free pattern for Clapotis hat, and I like it...

I think I'm going to make both. :-)

I wonder what color yarn... *hmm*

Monday, April 24, 2006

My likes and dislikes

Color-iffic Swap-o-rama

I love cats, big cats, tigers.
I love foxes.
I love sheep and goats.
I like peacocks.
I am not too fond of dogs, bigs, cows, dolphins or other animals. [But exceptions here too - we have a black-and-white springer spaniel - so b-w springer stuff has a certain interest ;-) And my husband adores bears and cows. So if you send me something with bears or cows - especially something cow patterned - my husband will love you :-D]
I don't like monkeys.
I can't stand insects. Even the cute South-American beetles in nutshell creep me out. And jumping beans. Yuk. Even ladybugs, grasshoppers, butterflies and dragonflies give me creeps. (Weirdly enough, I like spiders and bees.)

I love dragons. Not dinos, monsters, unicorns, but dragons. Griffins are lovely too, but those one doesn't get anywhere. And I have a soft spot for gargoyles :-) The animallike gargoyles. Not the humanlike ones.

I knit, crochet, embroider, do needlework, cross-stitch and all the other fiber crafts as well. So all kinds of fiber craft tools and accessories are appreciated.
Yes yarn ;-) (Even stash ends. But only natural materials, wool, cotton, linen, silk, alpacka...)

I also do paper crafts, like bookbinding and box making.
I don't do scrapbooking.

I like rubber stamps and shape punchers.
I like paper, japanese paper, origami paper, origami, handmade paper, vellum, tissue paper, watercolor paper, cardboard... I like paper :-)

I do calligraphy, I paint and draw, I use qouache, watercolors, colored pencils, chalk and crayons, ink, I do papercut.

I love the art of gift wrapping. And I am a sucker for a nice package :-)

I love sugar crafts, candy making and baking - so anything to do with this, like interesting sprinklers, sugar flowers, cookie cutters, candy molds or what ever, is appreciated.

I like candy :-) I like "salty" candy, like salt liquorice and toffee, fudge, butterscotch and cream caramels. I like candy canes.

Chocolate is ok, but not a favorite. I don't like dark chocolate.
I also like dessert powders ("just add milk and you have a vanilla pudding", jello and cool aid)

I like tea, I don't like coffee. I like mocca flavored candy though ;-)
I don't like rooibos tea, candy flavored tea, vanilla tea, chocolate tea or so - my tea should be flavored with flowers, fruits and spices. (Liquorice tea and hibiscus is fine by me LOL)
I HATE tea spiced with bergamot, because one gets Earl Grey EVERYWHERE and it's just foul!

I don't like alliums, not garlic, onions, shallots, not even chives and leek.
I don't like saffron.
I don't like olives. (My husband do though.)
I like herbs and spices and spice blends.
I hate seafood. All kind of seafood. I don't even like shells. Or the shellformed chocolate LOL I don't like nougat. Not French white, black, Wienernougat or any nougat.

Things like fridgies/fridge magnets, key chains/rings, stickers and notepads are somewhat wasted in me. It's not that I dislike them, I just don't do anything with them.

Ornaments - like Christmas tree decoration - are not wasted. I am a witch who celebrates Sabbats, which means I have "Christmas" eight times a year, and I am totally way over crazy when it comes to season decorations.

I don't like cartoon characters or these "cute" things like "Strawberry Shortcake", "My Little Pony", "Care Bears" or "Hello Kitty" things.
There are, of course, some exceptions from this rule. I love Chococat and 'Calvin and Hobbes'. I would LOVE things with both.
(And 'Wallace and Gromit' :-) Especially Shaun the Sheep. I love that sheep :-))
But no Simpsons, no Disney, no pokemons or stuff, no Family man, no South Park, no Peanuts, not even Snoopy, no power puff girls, no japanese cuties.
And I HATE Garfield.

I like bath things and I have a bath tub, so I can use all bath bombs, balls, flakes and confetti. I don't mind soaps, hand lotion, and general stuff like that.
But I don't like honey or beewax - I think they taste horrible - and I don't use makeup. Or "take care of my complexion" or other such things. I just take care of my complexes ;-)

I love boxes, cases, tins, bags, purses, pouches, organizers and all that kind of things.
I like bottles.

I hate, hate, HATE the really tacky kitchy things, like the crying children, dolls that are actually something else, doilies, cross stitch "paintings", ugly dolls, curiosities and novelty items, "typical" souvenirs, "bad taste" things, like stripper bears or teddybears having sex, I hate party tricks and practical jokes and such items as fake poop - I don't like "bad taste" items anyway - the plushie pee and poop is really stupid. And I hate pink puffs and ruffles and dyed poodles.
I think the only "typical" souvenir item I would like is well-made souvenir dolls dressed in traditional, national costume. WELL MADE is the keyword here. A roughly painted, ugly doll with some scraps clued on is not well made, but "typical" trashy, tacky kitchy souvenir I hate.

I have a shameful and sick passion for Barbie dolls. Barbie outfit would be appreciated ;-)
Other dolls - no thank you.

I have noticed that I appreciate flowers and organza :-D
I love roses and lilies, I don't like daisies and daffodils.
I love poppies. I adore black flowers.
I love gardening, and would appreciate seeds and such.

I love baroque, impressionism and Art Nouveau. I love Pre-Raphaelites, Morris and Liberty's.
I don't like surrealism, dadaism and modern pop-art things. I don't like psychedelic art either.

I am not so fond of "bold", "retro" or "vintage". (Especially not 50's, 60's and 70's - if "vintage" is Victorian or Edvardian, or Art Nouveau/Jugend, then I'm very fond of it LOL I like almost EVERYTHING at 'Victorian Trading Co.' and 'Past Times'

I love Gothic things.

I love naivistic art and "Americana" style. (It's "style" - I don't like Americana, in meaning American flags and "patriotic" things. I'm Finnish, and VERY patriotic... ;-))

I love illustrators, especially fairy book illustrators.

I love graphic, like engravings, woodcuts, silkscreen, copperplate and such.

I don't like robots, ufos or aliens. I don't like x-files, conspiracy theories, star trek memoribilia, star wars stuff, or anything like that, even though I love sci-fi as literary and film genre.

I don't like clowns or circus stuff.
I like divinations, fortune tellers, gypsies, belly dancers and witches.

I like cuddly, cute toys, like crocheted bunnies or egg shaped bears.
I would be very pleased with a hand puppet. I have a hand puppet theater with puppets I have made. I love it.

Colors are very important to me. My colors should be clear, bright, light or dark and spicy.
I don't like smoky, dusty, grey colors, muddy, dirty, broken colors or sharp, aggressive, shocking colors, like neon colors.
I love the rainbow colors though. Especially with black or white.
My blue is sky blue and peacock blue, I love blue-greens, teals, turquoise and aqua, peacock colors, my green is sage, celadon, copper green, malachite - not apple green. I don't like purple. My red is cherry and orange and yellow are light, soft and gentle. I love pink, but not Schiaparelli or Barbie pink.
I don't like brown.

I don't like glittery things, lurex, gold and silver.

I love stripes and panther print.
I hate checkers and plaid.

I love paisley and oriental patterns and styles (Oriental = from North Africa through the Islamic world to India and the rest of Asia). I love the thick chinese "silk" satin.

I also love Mongols, Scythes, Sarmatians, and all the other Mid-Asian Riding People.

I am a witch and a pagan, so I like the witchy and pagany things, like mystical signs, stars, moons and suns, black cats, bats and crows, Celtic things.
I don't like anything Christian, or even remotely so. No crosses, doves, angels, saints or Jesus pictures. Or any other religious art either for that matter - no Hindu Gods or Buddhas for me.

I don't like Bible verses, but I like quotes and sayings a lot.

I don't like insence.
I like scented candles and scent bags like lavendel bags.

Candles of any kind are lovely.

I love lanterns, especially paper lanterns, and paper parasols.

I love vanilla scent, and fruity and flowery scents.
I hate "petit grain" and "ocean breeze".

My ears are pierced, and I wouldn't say "nay" to gypsy style earrings :-)
I don't use jewelry much, though. I don't even wear my wedding ring. I don't even know where it is... which is a shame.

I like natural stones, pearls and mother-of-pearl (I don't like shells or fossiles), and lampwork glass beads... *drool*.
I don't like swarovski crystal, "diamantée", "cubic zirconium" and stuff like that.
I like seed pearls and silver charms, I don't like pony pearls.

My hair is long and I would love to get things for my hair. Combs, pins, scrunchies, clips, claws, barrettes, bands, ponies, snaps - what ever.

I can several languages, but I appreciate craft, hobby and decorating magazines in any languages, as long as they have nice pictures. Marie Claire Idées is my favorite.
I also love books, and especially craft books. I have a wish list at with the name Sanna Jensen. I also love fantasy and children's books, classics, fantasy and about witches and magic. I collect childrens' novels about witches and magic.

Scarfs are always nice.
And gloves. I have n:o 8 hand.
My foot is size 39 (8 1/2) in length but size 42 (11) in width, so I use size 41 (10) shoes. I would love to get some pretty slippers, shoes, socks or booties :-)

I appreciate very much ANYTHING handmade. Even when it's awful. I'd love it anyway. So if you make your own fridge magnets,

key chain, stickers, buttons, what ever, I am going to love it.

Frankly, I am going to love it, what ever you send me, because I love surprises, gifts and packages :-D

I love mixed packaged. With one or two "classy" things and the rest filled with kitch, funny things, cheap, "stupid" things. And it doesn't need to be expensive or heavy either. The idea is to get a nice surprise gift :-)

I'm sad now... :-(

I missed backtack, and this time they would have been making softie :-(
I love softies. :´(
I'm really disappointed now.

But it's ok... something will happen in the future :-)


Sunday, April 23, 2006


Another great idea to get ideas going... and doesn't this button fit my blog perfectly? LOL

It's too late for my "surly side" - I can still DO it... and I think I will... >:-)
But later... I am thinking of making some "happy bunny" pillows... of felt or fleece, with the happy, insane face, saying the awful things embroidered on their little, cute tummies...

which happy bunny are you?

you are the "you suck, and that's sad" happy bunny. you're truthful, but can be a bit brutal.

Take this quiz!

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I decided that I need a craft blog

And I am very happy with Blogger.

So - Why you need more fiber and 6 easy ways to get it.

Fibercrafts - knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving - are good for you. Not only do you fulfill your need of colors and textures, you are engaging into somewhat monotonous and repetative actions, which create a certain translike presence which can be compared to meditation. You also create something, which is always great, can give an expression to feelings you have otherwise difficult to express. And it is good for your self-confidence, because you are engaged into something that demands skills and is useful and highly appreciated by the community. You will also get a lot of new, interesting and good friends, and you will never get bored.

As they say, "Idle hands are Devil's Tools"

So how to get more fibers to your life?

1) find out the closest yarn, craft or hobby store and go there.

2) choose the fiber rich alternative - if you plan to give gifts, choose to do a craft project instead of buying something or doing a fiber poor alternative. (Yes, I know, paper and wood are full of fibers, but they are not RIGHT kind of fibers. Don't try to cheat here... wood is good for making needles of, and paper can be used for notes.)

3) Do something fibercrafty at least 3 days a week.

4) Look, touch and play with the yarns and fabrics every day.

5) Internet surfing and knitting blogs should be used as often as possible - preferably a couple of hours every day.

6) Have a crafting bag with you all the time - you can at least have a crochet hook and a ball of yarn in your handbag all the time - it doesn't take much space.