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plarn and... parn?

Sewphisticate experiments with plastic yarn - plarn.

This plarn tote is great too... really makes me want to try that... :-)

How to make plarn

Here's how to spin newspapers into yarn - parn?

Paper yarn rugs are wonderful. They are durable, stay put and don't create dust. Perfect for an allergic person. The rug in the picture is Finnish "Encore" by Hanna Korvela Design. The design received the Red Dot prize this year. :-) It's made of paper yarn and rags on cotton warp, and is recyclable :-)

You could also make yourself a bag, like Annie did :-)

How to make "newspaper wicker". I posted this already in February. Click on the images to see them bigger :-)

I love it how the photos on the newspapers give the "wicker" life :-) Stained and varnished it looks and acts like wicker... Yes, you can make ANYTHING you would use "real" wicker for... even chairs.

Here's free crochet basket patterns, you can make them from both plastic and paper yarn :-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm making ATCs

found this very interesting blog, and wanted to share:
Techniques Zone


OWOH 2011 is coming.

I would like to participate, because it's a HUGE rush, but I haven't posted the OWOH 2010 packages to the winners yet, and I really cannot allow myself to promise something to people THIS YEAR without keeping my promise from last year, can I?
No, I will not participate in OWOH 2011 unless I have posted the 2010 packages (I mean, come on, Ket! It's just two tiny crocheted hearts and a picture of a wonderful dog. Just do it!) AND I have a prepaid international post package ready for the 2011 OWOH that I only need to write the address on and send.
I know that's really hard for me too, because of my panic anxiety and social phobia, but it is manageable, and one MUST keep the promises, otherwise one is a louse, and I don't want to be a louse.

So, I think I will be able to get the packages in post within a month, so I will be able to participate in OWOH 2011.

Now, what to give? I would like to give an Easter Basket, because 2008 someone had an Easter Basket giveaway at the same time they had OWOH giveaway, and that basket was lovely :-)

BTW; I wonder if you could go here and answer the question: would these be good Easter Basket Swap baskets? I'm asking mainly, because I made them for an Easter basket swap, and two of them were outside the swap, and the real swap pal never said what she thought about the basket, so I'm a bit unsure if that's a good swap basket or not.

The problem I have with this is that I am reminded of nasty things. (And now, stop reading, if you don't want a glop of "negativity". That's all that coming from here on :-))
The person giving the Easter basket also held an Easter Basket Swap, and still today I cannot see her name, her blog, the name of her blog, the swap group or the baskets other participants received and send without spitting bitter poison.
Why? Because I didn't get an Easter basket filled with goodies, I got a nasty mail filled with complaints, whining and accusations. 

She told me among other things that:

a) she hasn't been able to contact me. I posted in the swap group, and she didn't respond, I posted in her blog and she didn't respond, I responded to the mail she sent me, and she didn't respond. Then after I went public with my complaints in my blog (so she couldn't delete my comments - she deleted them from her blog and the swap group), she miraculously managed to contact me, and send me not only one but two bitchy mails.

b) I didn't join the swap the proper way, because she couldn't find my comment in the correct blog post. Somehow she managed to invite me to the swap and send me all the necessary information. How did she do that, if she didn't know I was supposed to be participating?

c) I needed to give her slack, because she had a hard time in life, as she was moving, her child was being touched inappropriately at school and the school didn't do anything about it, so she had to homeschool her child, she was supposed to study herself, and her father got ill. And so on and so forth. So "she didn't need all this negativity".

Let's compare the misery a little, huh?

Those of you who have read my blog know I complain a lot about my health. I'm 3/4 of time too tired or too much in pain to do anything. I have a lot of ideas, I'm good at what I do, but I don't do that much.

I'm also living on disability, so there's not much money to work with. My husband and I get about 2000 dollars a month, and that must be enough to pay rent, food, medicine and all the household bills, like telephone and internet and what not. It does, we are not poor, but we are a "low-income family". I have to choose what I will use the extra pennies for. When I choose to do a swap, I choose to wait with new clothes, books, art and craft material, new things for our home and such entertainment as going to movies or a restaurant. 

To give you some understanding of the costs of swap for me - not to complain, because no-one forces me to participate in a swap. I do it by my own choice and being aware of this, but perhaps these things are not that clear to some USonians. 

1)  Postal fees are HORRIFYING. (US postal service, priority mail, and Swedish post take about the same. That is, a small package about the size of a book will cost about 15 dollars to send.)

2)  We don't have dollar stores. I don't think I could find anything that costs a dollar worth sending anyone. It would be fun to make some price comparisons... send swappers from different parts of the world to find the same items, a notepad, a pencil, a keyring, 10 yards of ribbon..-

3)  The crafting supplies, especially ribbons and buttons, costs an arm and a leg. 10 yards of ribbon would be all I could send in a swap with 25 dollars limit. (In USA you can get pretty ribbon for less than 5 dollars 10 yards.) Simple cotton for dishcloths costs about 6-7 dollars for 1 3/4 ounces. That's about three times more than in USA. Also, you can find Sugar&Cream in 1 pound cones for less than twice the prize 1/10 of that costs here in Sweden.(Yes, the mere material cost for a dishcloth is already 6 dollars for me... those they sell at 2 dollars at Etsy. 6 dollars. Think about it a bit.)

Also, as I have social phobia, it's really hard for me to go out and find things to send people.  I make most of the things I send myself.

To me every swap and giveaway is a real challenge. 

We live in a horrible dump. This house was build in the 70's to provide housing for cheap work power. It was built quickly and they have cheated in some things, like the isolation isn't very good. It's cold inside when it's cold outside, and hot inside when it's hot outside. Also, the bathroom was not wet-isolated :-D So there's mold in the airing channels. Nice, huh?
This apartment has not been renovated ever, the plastic carpeting is the same they put in when the house was built. Plastic carpets don't take age too well... the seams are open in every room, there are slashes and holes in the floors, and these carpets are so lovely colors... puke beige and dirty grey. :-> I dream of wooden floors in livingroom and bedroom, and tiles in kitchen, hallway and bathroom.
The walls are painted wallpaper. We had the original wallpaper on the walls from 70's, you know, the brown-beige medallion... and I mean, some of the 70's medallion "baroque" wallpapers are really nice, and it could have been worse, but this was like... washed out dirty beige with stripes. The image on the left gives you an idea, but that looks GOOD compared to what we had. Now the walls are painted cream white, but as the wallpapers weren't put on well in the first place, and we have had cats who loved to rip the wallpaper, it doesn't look too good. Yuk. We try to cover the walls with bookshelves and art, and manage acceptably, but...
The bathroom walls are some sort of disgusting weave painted nasty, dirty aqua. I wish we had simple, common, normal white tiles. The floor is covered with strong teal plastic carpet, which is full of holes...
We have only one working lock in the front door, there's something wrong with kitchen light fixtures; our kitchen "eats" light bulbs. The kitchen is also designed by some idiot, as half of the cabinets cannot be used for different reasons, or used effectively.

There's mold by the windows, and when they changed all the other windows to this building, they refused to change our windows, because we had cats. We tried to negotiate a way on how the workmen could get an access to every room in the apartment with keeping the door wide open without the cats sneaking out. We asked them if they could do the apartment half and half - so that we could keep the cats in the living room while they were doing the kitchen and the bedroom, and in the bedroom, when that was done (or vice versa), but that was unacceptable, and they weren't interested in discussing the matter, so they just moved on to the next apartment and jumped over ours.

On top of that, since I fell ill in late 90's, I haven't had the energy to clean as much as we would need to. I mean, it's not dirty, but there's dust and dog hair all over the place, and therefore moths and carpet beetles... It's messy and cluttered, and I hate this place.
It's not made easier by the fact that the majority of our neighbors are antisemites and my husband is Jewish, and that we live about 40 miles from my sisters. It takes about 2 hours travel to just go and visit them. With my social phobia it's not easy, and I am very isolated and lonely. And I hate this place.
I hate this place so much that I don't even bother trying to improve anything.

We don't have children, so I don't need to worry about my child getting hurt at school, but I probably would homeschool my children if I had them, and if it was possible to do in Sweden. I was ruthlessly bullied at school and still fight with the damage done. Nevertheless, if you have children, children are part of your life, and they do things and things happen to them. It's life.

On top of that, my parents are getting old, my father is dying of skeleton cancer and is in constant pain, my mother has problems with her neck and head, so she cannot use her hands much, and has been forced to give up a lot of her hobbies. People in my life has had their problems, that touch my life, some bigger, some smaller. People get sick, people have accidents, people die. People have to move, people lose their job, people have problems. That too is life.

Anything else? Do you think I'd win the whine war? :-D

I'm not complaining, just saying that EVERYBODY has difficulties and troubles in life, so that doesn't work as an excuse for being a bloody bitch.

Life happens. Deal with it. Don't use it as an excuse to not to keep your commitments. If you feel you can't keep the commitments, because life happens, take responsibility and apologize.

I told her to consider whether her life is too messy at the moment for her to take upon herself commitments she cannot keep.
She told me that I have no business on telling her how to live her life, and that swaps are a joy in her life.
Of course the swaps are a joy in HER life, because HER swap partners keep their promises. Also, when her actions cause ripples in MY life, I think I DO have the right to tell her what I think about that.

Also, she announced another swap. She's giving me all these excuses to explain why she was a lousy swap organizer, but she's not smart enough to understand that she perhaps needs to come out of the situation before putting herself in a new situation where she's probably going to f- it up...  I do hope she didn't do the same stunt to her next swap partner.

BTW, she has made her blog private, so I cannot see whether she commented on my swap basket or not. :-D I suppose too many people "giving her negativity she doesn't need nor want" :-D

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am thinking about my bucket list...

and found this amazing "Steampunk Octopus Book", when looking at what a "zentangle" is.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Advent Calendar 24/24

98) more edible ornaments for the tree

99) in my childhood home I used to set up the Creche for every Christmas on this day. I think it is a beautiful and nice tradition, even though I am not Christian.

100) emergency clean up

and finally

101) Holiday Tree Looting Party - this is a Swedish tradition done at Epiphany, which is the traditional day to take down the Yule decorations. Make this part of your traditions for the day you take down the Yule. This is also the reason why there has been so much edible tree decorations among these 101 ideas :-D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Calendar 22/24

90) make cute, easy and sweet reindeer cookies - you can also use halved pretzels for horns. Looks better.

91) make jube balls

92) make a gingerbread house

93) printable bookmarks to add with the book you are going to give as a present ;-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Calendar 17/24

69) make yourself a holiday album

70) or just collect the holiday songs into a song leaflet you decorate and give to everyone so that you can all sing yule songs :-D

71) scrapbooking ideas, layouts, printouts etc.

72) cute little mistletoe berry ornament

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar 16/24

64) Christmas Checklist

65) The wreath here on the side is made with tiny pillows filled with potpourri, that are then tied on the wreath base with two pieces of ribbon.

66) lighter menu for the feast day

67) little paper yule tree garden

68) make a simple wool angel

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Calendar 14/24

56) mini pillows

57) pillow with patchwork trees - learn to make perfect points ;-)

58) make christmas stocking monkeys

59) make christmas stocking (you will want the mouth of the socking to be the widest part of the sock...)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a little insert in the middle of the count-down...

I have been procrastinating and reading one of my favorites, Regretsy.

Oh, yes. I'm a nasty bitch who likes to... "react" about people whom I think are doing something stupid. I admit that.  I don't think I'm perfect, or that everything I do is flawless, and yes, there is some envy involved. I wish I had the guts to at least try to sell crap, ask headless price for my creations and proudly present any stupid thing I happen to create...

I found this: Countdown #7 (the original is here: Jacks on Pollack. Unfortunately it seems the "ARTist" is reacting on something that happened on Etsy's forum. Oh, well... why she felt the need to come to Regretsy to yap about it, is another confounding matter.)

I say "ew!" just as I say "ew!" on every piece of "art" made with blood, sweat, tears, spit, snot, puke, pee, poop and any other bodily fluid, mucus, goo, gunk, ooze, glop or sludge.

"I’ll bet those are typical bitches that have sex with the lights off"
Ok, you'll lose that bet
"don’t touch my hair!”
and that one
"and “do I look fat in this?”
and that one
"who read Cosmo for lame ass sex tips"
and that one
"and have too many cats or angel figurines at home"
and that one
"And GOD FORBID, if sperm was to TOUCH their hair or face or mouth."
and that one (I do have to say that it depends totally on WHOSE sperm it is.)
"Those are the same girls that dole out oral sex to their boyfriends only one “special occasions.”
and that one - it's just for special persons, namely my husband.
and that one, obviously :-D
"People that say, “ewww” to sex are uptight, WEIRD people."
I think you have problems in separating sex and bodily fluids. When I look at your painted boards with eyeshadow-dusted semen samples that's what I see. I don't think sperm is sexy. I don't either see anything sexy in guys jerking off. You might get off thinking about men's room, I don't, and I don't think you have any right to demand the rest of the world adjusts to your voyeuristic sperm fantasies. You have them, fine, but don't judge me for not sharing your sexual preferences.
"Those are the girls that get mad if their boyfriend looks at porn."
and that one. 
I bet you are not going to pay your bets, though.

I have no problems with changing diapers or wiping clean after an "accident". I have no problems with reusable handkerchiefs and sanitary napkins. I don't even have problems with the wet spots in bed after sex. But I will not hang any of that on the wall, how ever "ARTistic" it looks.

I happen to think the traditional media is quite enough for anyone to be able to express themselves ARTistically. Georgie O'Keeffe didn't feel the need to paint with her menstrual blood, but she did paint mostly just "boring" flowers, and probably didn't like having men jerking off on her face either.

Advent Calendar 13/24

52) Decorate candles with beads

53) make tree skirt

54) a little more advanced tree skirt

55) make quillows to gifts

This "gator quillow" is from Embroidered4U

Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar 10/24

39) recycled ornaments

40) plum pudding ornament

41) Mrs Beeton's Plum Pudding - very traditional, old fashioned, from scratch

42) drinking straw ornament - you can also make this of real straws, the forefathers of plastic straws :-D

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Advent Calendar 8/24

31) a couple of free Yule cross stitch patterns

32) recycled light bulb snowmen :-)

33) gift suggestion - for everyone. iPhone gloves have free peek finger and thumb, gameboy gloves have free thumbs. My husband loves his. He says he can do practically anything with those gloves :-D

34) patchwork table runner

Monday, December 06, 2010

Advent Calendar 6/24

22) Tree toppers

23) 3D paper star topper

24) Really pretty antique tree topper - not rocket science to make your own ;-)
Making doll parts out of polymer clay
general instructions

25) Some alternatives to Yule tree - and some more :-D

26) Make yule cones
It's just a segment of a circle, the smaller the sharper cone you want.

Here's a long list of ornaments you can sew

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Advent Calendar 5/24

18) Felted cookie cutter ornaments

19) Deepfried apple pies like in a certain fast food restaurant :-D
Crunch some peppermint patties inside, and decorate with sugar :-)

20) paper snowflakes. (Yes, you CAN call it "kirigami", but I wouldn't, because we have been doing this long before we knew what the Japanese called this.)

21) free crochet snowflakes

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Advent Calendar 4/24

14) How to make a popcorn girland :-)
Don't butter and salt the popcorn! LOL You can hang the strings out for the birds to clean them up after Yule.
You can use all kinds of dried fruits and berries in the garland too.

15) minimitten ornaments

16) knitted greeting cards

17) Yule tree pop-up card

Friday, December 03, 2010

Advent Calendar 3/24

10) woven heart basket in crochet - this is a Danish Yule tradition :-) They are made of paper, and now I have seen them in crochet, felt, fabric...

11) The link in that pattern to Danish paper hearts doesn't work, so use this instead ;-)

12) Frankly, I can't stand a certain person, but there's always great ideas and recipes on her pages... Like this little tree place card :-)

13) Then to something totally different :-D North Pole cupcakes :-)
This one, from Babington House, looks fantastically frozen :-D

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent Calendar 2/24

If you wonder about the fact that my calendar only has 24 days, it's because I'm Finnish and we celebrate Yule at "Christmas Eve", the evening of 24th. 25th is a day of rest and playing with the toys one got for Yule and doing absolutely nothing.

6) iPod cozy tutorial - you can use the tutorial to make cozy to pretty much everything. This is a great gift idea for everyone. It doesn't matter if the receiver is old or young, male or female, or if she already has 5 cozies. Just adjust the fabric for the receiver, and you are fine :-)
P.S. You can always put some money in for a teenager, to make him/her happy ;-)

7) 32 packaging ideas in vector I like the first one, the candle, best :-)

8) easy Christmas wrapping ideas

9) make your own snowglobe or dozens :-D

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Advent Calendar 1/24

I saw a magazine: "101 ideas", it was called. There was not 101 ideas in the magazine. I feel cheated :-D

So, let's start:

1) recycle bin advent calendar

2) holiday dove ornament, to be put into one of the pockets of the advent calendar ;-)

3) 6 pointed star ornament

4) December Daily Album

5) This is a rather big one... because the idea is to not throwing your old season greetings cards away, but recycling them, and all kinds of things you can do :-)

Greeting Card Crafts
Things to do with old Christmas cards
Recycling Christmas cards

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last post 2 months ago...


Of course I have excuses and explanations. I'm still feeling really lousy, I'm tired all the time, aching and... it's NaNoWriMo... I was a week in Finland to see my parents who aren't feeling too well either. And so forth and so on. The thing is that no-one wants to read about that :-D
I would really like to make Yule gifts for everyone. (Everyone in this context meaning my family; parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews, and a couple more. About 20 people all in all. Not a big thing, especially if one organizes it and decides and keeps the decisions, and divides it all into small chores ;-)) My problem is that I can't decide. It feels like everything I would be able to make is... blah.

I mean... would anyone really want things like coasters, cozies, booklets, cookies... little things like that? Or art? Or amigurumis? Or... what?

I would like to take 8 big cardboard boxes and fill them with stuff... all kinds of stuff. I would prefer to send the package then by post, but that costs a lot in Sweden and Finland now-a-days... at least 8 big cardboard boxes :-D Perhaps I could take just 8 big hat boxes or something :-D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now, here's some quilling!

Yulia Brodskaya for Neiman Marcus' The Christmas Book. Do go and see her other work. It makes me breathless, wordless, humble and at awe :-D
I told my husband "It's things like this that make me question whether I am an artist. I looked at quilled things and saw nothing. Yulia looked at them and saw THIS..."
How she uses even the reflections and shadows as part of the artwork... amazing. Wonderful.

I'm crying right now :´) I'm one of these people who get into art shocks. You don't want to visit an art gallery with me :-D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some thought about crafts while surfing the internet

These faces were made of empty toilet paper rolls...
by Junior Fritz Jacquet

1) When I was little, one of my favorite books was The Great Book of Crafts for Girls. In the end of it was some "taste education" - about what is ugly, of bad taste, almost offensive, and what is beautiful, simple, of good taste and high quality. Naturally, everything that was taught in the book was good, and what was not taught in the book was bad, but I remember especially a comparison between a wooden doll, very simple, from the book, and a rag-doll, very ugly, "personal" and "funny", I suppose it can be called, with twisted caricature face. I didn't understand at the age of 10 why the funny doll was "bad", and vehemently decided the book was wrong, and I was not going to listen to their opinion.
A lot of things that are advised to modern crafters in these dime a dozen magazines, are what would have been judged as bad taste according to this book. We have the googly eyed things with swollen faces, big potato nose (usually red, too), exaggerated and simplified forms... everything looks the same, giraffes and dogs, old men and babies... everyone has the same, ugly face. I cannot think ANY of these things would ever be on the "must be saved" list, or family heirloom list... and that is such a pity, because people do use at least some time, effort and money to produce these horrible things. I really don't think they would be spending much more to make good, real things, that one would actually save and present to one's grandchildren as "this is the toy my great-grandmother made, back in 100 years ago".
And I realize that today, 30 years later, I both understand and agree with what the book said.

2) I spotted a wonderful stumpwork book in bookstore and rushed to eye it through... and was terribly disappointed. They had not embroidered the flat pictures. They had painted them, and just added a couple of stitches to "mask" that it was a painting. They hadn't sewn the petals with lace stitches, they had embroidered the edges of painted petals, cut them out of fabric and sewn on the base - painted.
I look at a magnificent tablecloth with a border of sunflowers, and... it's painted too. The edge is not stitched either, it's glued. Sure, it's beautiful, NOW, when it's new and all that, but... embroidering isn't that much harder to do than painting, and it's so much sturdier. Paint WILL wear thin, crack and loose colors with time, especially in an item made to be used and washed. The glue edge will disappear with time, and in just some 10 years, the tablecloth is ready to be thrown away, beyond repair.
Now, it might be so that one needs a tablecloth for a party quickly, and one is good at painting, so one takes a bedsheet and paints flowers on it, and puts it on the table. Voilá, a use-and-loose piece of art, one time only... but... I so wish someone had seen just a little bit more trouble and embroidered the cloth.

3) Why does Santa wear boots made for... er... what? Someone with a REALLY bad case of hammer toes? Nothing in the universe has toes like that. And no real person wears boots like that, unless he's forced to. I suppose the round forms are somewhat benevolent, funny, delightful, like Santa is supposed to be, but I think they are just ugly.
Frankly, I don't get this shoe thing anyway... I get why the baby's first shoes get bronzed, but I don't get these shoe/boot shaped flowerpots, vases, candy bowls, porcelain figurine... The worst of them all are the miniature shoes made of resin! I mean... barbie shoes are ok, handmade miniature shoes made of real materials, for dolls or just because one can, that could actually be worn, if one was 20 inches high, proportionate adult, that's kind of cool. But the resin shoes, "collect the whole series", is just stupid. They are not even copies of some famous or important shoes. They are just shoes.
I like shoes. I am a bit of a shoe fetishist, to be honest, but I don't like fake shoes, not even as artwork. The real shoes are small artworks in themselves, and the worth just grows by the fact, that these little pieces of art are functional. I suppose I embrace also William Morris :-D

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

What I find very interesting is miniature art. This whole dtail blog is full of interesting stuff, but just look at this tiger!
Or the Little Prince book, fully readable and all. Now, THAT's amazing.

Or what this guy does with rice.

Or what has been done to peach pits for ages

I LOVE miniatures.
Like this one.
Or dolls houses! I just adore dollhouses! Like Queen Mary's Dollshouse...

Has anyone made a replica of that? Of course, it's impossible to get true copies of the paintings, books and things created by the best in their field at that time, but still...

Added 2nd of October: Some Pencil Work WOW!

Moda, Finnish fiber craft magazine

Some models from Moda 5/10 I like: the pink coat and the red-white striped vest.

The other vest is Hanne from Knitty Spring 09

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Some ideas I love, from
Sew Fabulous Fabric - 20 charming ways to sew fabrics into your life
by Alice Butcher and Ginny Farquhar,
published by David and Charles PLC, 2008,
and ISBN-13 is 978-0715328583

Also, Bargello Needlepoint has a great 365 Bargello challenge :-)

I want to make everything at Ullabenulla :-D

and I am at awe looking at Lisa Lichtenfels' amazing nylon dolls... I'd call them statues :-D


I have been awful at OWOH this year. I apologize to my winners, because now it's over half a year since OWOH, and they still haven't received their wins. I haven't forgotten, and I work on it. I know it's not much of a consolation, but hopefully some.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Threadcakes! Amazing things!

I would make "Geology"

In a square mold by layering different cakes, fillings, puddings, sauces, etc in a square mold, let it set, pour it carefully out and then decorate by making the little village on top of it... and I would put some candy in as rocks :-D

I think I would make a blue cake and have the illustration, cut out of liquorice, on different sides of the cake, and not on three layers as here.

"Loch Ness Imposter" I would make of blue jello :-D And the octopussy of cake :-)

Hmm... perhaps pancake cake... with some sugar discs. Or perhaps cover it with licorice strings :-D

And this one - a monster cake and a lot of layered cupcakes :-D I think, if done well, it might be a cupcake cake "cake wrecks" wouldn't hate ;-)

not related to threadless, but would work - just add face and speech bubble :-D

I think I'd make this "Hoot!" by making first two coffee cups out of fondants, then covering a cake with chocolate mocha beans...
And this, "Mr Cloud's New Scarf" makes me think of marshmallows and meringues in whipped cream...

"Current" would be on a green cake with green coconut grass :-)

Anyway, the Threadless t-shirt pictures are wonderful and the cakes amazing (some more, some less, all worth seeing), so go and see and get inspired :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Add some action to your scrapbook

paper engineering, spinning discs, rotating wheels, paper dials, lift-up flaps, flipping, slides, pull and push tabs, moving parts, movable mechanisms, dimensions, box pop-ups, triangle pop-ups, layered pop-ups, hinges, eye pop-ups, mouth pop-ups, tongue pop-ups, positive / negative pop-ups, multiple layers, floating layers, folds, origami, magic boxes, moving arms, pull-up planes, pivoting motion, dissolving scenes...

I love pop-up books. I think it's wonderful, amazing, that someone has come up with the idea that if you fold a paper like this, and pull here and add a slip of paper here, and a cut here and slide there, you get a paper machine, 3-D world of flat surface...

I'm not the only one who is fascinated by this...

Robert Sabuda: Pop-ups made easy
- several projects you can practice and fit to your scrap book project

CraftTVweekly - Scrapbooking in motion
CraftTVweekly - Pop-ups with ease
These are kits, but the mechanism isn't too hard to figure out.

- waterfall card
- sliding card

CraftTVweekly - Flip-fold photoalbum

CraftTVweekly - pop-up pocketbook

Canon 3D papercraft

Enchanted Learning - pop-up crafts

Cylindrical pop-up and other patterns

Pop up "thank you" card

"Magic" pull-up card

Somewhat related...
Teabag folding origami
(diy Scrapbooking has an episode "Paper-Folding Pointers" where these techniques are used in scrapbooking.)

Carousel books
Flexagons, Jacob's Ladder flip-flop and puzzle cube

Monday, May 03, 2010

Thinking about Etsy...

I have been thinking about supporting myself with my crafts. I have a crafting education, I'm a weaver, and the education included also several other different fiber crafts. I don't think there's anything I cannot do with fibers. I also love paper crafts and clay, and if you have been following my blog, you know I do a lot of different things.

Now, I have been looking around at Etsy, and what people sell, and what I could sell - that is, what I can do people would be interested in buying. I have been considering learning to sew corsets, I know already how to sew petticoats, peasant blouses and bloomers, and cloaks and Star Wars coats ;-)
I could also be able to produce quite a lot of art and stationary, which is what the best selling Etsy seller sells. It's no use for me to sell supplies, though, as there is nothing I can get here in Sweden cheaper than they do in USA. Perhaps pinecones, moss, sticks and stones, which of course I could sell. But, as a Finn, I have learned that it is better to sell finished products - you can take more money. And, living in Scandinavia, and Etsy being located mostly in USA, the postal fees would be rather high... I really need to have something really good and affordable to be able to sell anything.

Or that is what I was thinking... until I found a person selling hand knit hats. Her hats are butt-ugly, made of thick yarn, childishly simple, slouchy things, it probably takes a couple of hours to knit. She asks 300 kronor for a hat, AND PEOPLE BUY HER HATS!!! She can support HER WHOLE FAMILY with the hats! Her ugly hats bring in so much money that her husband quit his job to work for her...
While I am happy for a fellow knitter who can live on her craft, I am amazed and... rather horrified that there are people out there with 300 kronor to be put on a butt-ugly hat one could do oneself... really, ANYONE could learn to knit enough to be able to make a hat like that to oneself... perhaps it would take a week, but I cannot imagine it would take more than that.

P.S. I just got a shock... she makes the hat of acrylics...


P.P.S. Now I have been strolling around for a longer time, and every now and then I find something... Someone sells something totally useless, not especially pretty and very expensive, and people buy... Amazing.
I have been thinking about my own buying habits and what I consider good value for the money... and I am very cheap and very good with my hands, which means that I don't value my own craft as much as I value money - one I have plenty of, the other not. ;-) So I suppose I need to start rethinking my pricing. (I know prize and price are two different things, but I don't have energy to care.) I know I'm good, so I should just take the lead of the people who appreciate themselves more than I appreciate myself :-D Who have a healthy attitude towards money, and know that a lot of people still today have enough money to pay what is asked of things they want.
Another woman asks you to send her an item you like so she can embellish it to her liking and send back to you, and she asks you to pay her like 1000 cronas for the fun... and people do... Wonderful :-D

P.P.P.S. Then there are the people who just make me ashamed for crafters all over the world... These people CLAIM to be professional seamstresses/designers and couldn't sew to save their lives. The idea that ripped, raw edges and randomly cut pieces weren't found interesting or beautiful before the urban people started making clothes with very little skills and quite a lot of enthusiasm. Ripped, snide, raw edges and scarecrow stitching can be very nice, but not in reconstructed clothes.
"Reconstruction" means trying to construct something that at least looks like if it was original. Upcycling a latter 20th century piece of clothing by sewing some ruffles on it is not reconstructing 19th century clothes.
"Unfinished" is not the same as "worn". Unfinished is sloppy and lazy and looks that way too. If one looks at real 19th century clothes, not even the worn ones looked the same as "raw and unfinished". Also, people knew how to sew for hand back then, and wouldn't have accepted stitches some people call "hand sewn" even from a 5 years old.

But, I am obsessive and pedantic about that kind of things. If people are ready to pay what you ask of your work and buy your things, good, great and wonderful!
But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT call that "reconstruction" or "steampunk" or something else just because it brings more traffic to your shop.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 10 green living myths

Top 10 green living myths

1) turning off the lights saves CO2 - but the same amount of CO2 can be used somewhere else
2) Sometimes it's better to keep using the old, not-so-green car, to save in the production. Buy a green car ONLY if you would buy a new car anyway.
3) Dairy farms have the same footprint on the planet as beef farms, so it's not enough to become a vegetarian.
4) It's better to boil water in a kettle on top of gas stove than use an electric kettle.
5) It's better to use night electricity with any machines than day electricity with energy efficient machines
6) Buy green power and the power company can sell its green power credits to other power companies, so that they don't need to go green...
7) Burning wood is green only if you catch the smoke and soot
8) It's better to use effective non-ecological detergent and wash low temperature, than ecological detergent and high temperature
9) Washable nappies are better for the planet, if a) you wash them in a 60 degree wash cycle b) at night c) don't tumble dry or iron them and d) only have 24 nappies
10) Don't always buy local. See also to the CO2 footprint of the production of the item.

Earth Hour

It's that time of the year again...

The official Earth Hour 2010 video:

Why would you care?
Well... a lot of people claim that this "global warming hysteria" is just that, and it doesn't matter what you do... but look at it from another point of view.
Here's Greg Graven explaining you why you should care:

He has also written a book, "What's The Worst That Could Happen...?"

You see, you are not to keep the Earth Hour because someone says you should, or because HORRRRRIBLE THINGS COULD HAPPEN if you don't.
You should keep the Earth Hour, because it is good for your mind to do things differently from what you are used to do them.
You should keep the Earth Hour because the feeling of doing things together with millions of others - YES, MILLIONS - is something powerful and amazing...
You should keep the Earth Hour as practice for electric breaks.
You should keep the Earth Hour because one hour's break of electricity is a blessing, and you can only appreciate it when you, yourself, of your own free choice and consciently decide to cut the buzz... the silence and soft darkness... candle light... heaven :-)
Just try it :-) If my husband, who has ADHD, appreciates it, you will too :-D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Damn, I'm tired...

There has been a handful of brighter days since mid-January... Like 5 days with more than 4 spoons for the whole day. :-( I'm tired, tired, tired, and tired of being tired...

I would like to translate that into Finnish, but I have no energy, and I don't trust my Finnish anymore.

I suspect I have one of these autoimmune diseases, like Lupus (SLE).

"Elimistön puolustusjärjestelmä ei toimi kuten pitäisi, vaan se hyökkää elimistön omia kudoksia vastaan"
"Tavallisin oire on käsien nivelsärky. Myös väsymys ja kuume ovat yleisiä oireita. Tavallisia iho-ongelmia ovat etenkin eräänlainen perhosihottuma poskipäissä ja nenänselässä sekä herkkyys auringonvalolle. SLE:hen liittyy usein myös munuaissairaus. Sen seurauksena virtsaan ilmaantuu valkuaista, josta voi kehittyä munuaisen vajaatoiminta. Muita mahdollisia oireita ovat muun muassa keskushermoston oireet, valkosormisuus, hiustenlähtö, masennus, päänsärky, keuhkopussintulehdus, imusolmukkeiden suurentuminen, limakalvohaavaumat, ja sydänpussintulehdus."
"SLE-taudille ei ole vielä tiedossa parannuskeinoa. Hoidon tarkoituksena on ehkäistä komplikaatioita sekä lievittää taudin aiheuttamia oireita."
"Vaikka asiaa on tutkittu paljon, ovat SLE:n syyt edelleen tuntemattomia. Se kuitenkin tiedetään, että sairastumiseen vaikuttaa useampi tekijä yhdessä. Näitä tekijöitä ovat muun muassa geneettiset syyt, hormonaaliset seikat sekä ympäristötekijät (mm. altistumista auringonvalolle, joitakin virusinfektioita ja tiettyjä lääkkeitä, stressi)

Nevertheless, I have found some very inspiring sites again :-D

Glitz-oh! Girl Her books are wonderful :-)
Gypsy Purple

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still not ok.

I'm still not feeling well. I apologize to everyone on hold because of my sickness. Right now I'm also having cold, nose running, sore throat, not fun :-(

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart 2010

Thank you so much for your kind words and compassion. Today I'm feeling better, and I hope I will be feeling better tomorrow too. It has been a bad February... but enough of that.
I have received so much from you, so I decided to make another heart. :-)

The winners are:

This year it is not going to be a pair of socks. I haven't been well, so there's only a small crocheted heart shaped basket in the loot :-)

It can be used as an ornament, or you can fill it with something and use as decoration, or what ever you like to do with it.

How to do this?
You just leave a comment to this blog entry before Valentine's Day. On 15th of February, I will pick one comment to win the basket, post the winner in my blog and wait for you to contact me, unless you have left your email addy, either by commenting using your blogger identity, or by telling me the addy in the comment. You don't need to say or do anything else. :-)
You don't need to live in Europe and you don't need to have a blog to be eligible to win the give-away.

If you have more questions, ask :-)

There's going to be a lot of others in this too, so do go and visit all the blogs doings this, leave a comment - if you are not interested in the give-away, please say something in another entry :-)

OWOH main page

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

still ill :-(

But here's some images from old (and new) craft magazines I find inspiring :-)

How to make "wicker" of old newspapers. When painted and varnished, they will even look and act like wicker! Wonderful!

Very nice looking Ostara table and how to make a crepe paper bunny

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm getting better now :-)

Wonderful towel made for a little girl, presumably by "Neuza" who lives in Brazil, I think.
I am fascinated by the Brazilian croche blogs... here's one: Mosaico de Artes, and here's another: Crochetando com a Zani, and here's Eu que Fiz... You get the picture - so totally different from Scandinavian and American craft blogs. I love them, can't get enough :-D Some of the things are interesting, some very nice and some so absolutely fugly... the mix is... enchanting :-D
Unfortunately I don't know if Neuza has a blog. I would very much like to link to it :-)

I love the macramé princess with her ladies-in-waiting :-) I would like to make something like this to my niece :-) She is 8 and loves pink and princesses and all girly things like that, and is a little princess herself, with golden curls and dark blue eyes :-)

I love this lace sample runner. It would look wonderful on the Yule table :-)

And finally: how to make a napkin bunny for Ostara table: