Tuesday, August 19, 2014

150 mini albums

I saw this on Pinterest, with text: "Free Mini Album Tutorials", and got excited.
150 different mini scrapbook albums! Wow!

But - as one follow the link, that's not at all what one finds. :-(

There's a lot of tutorials, about scrapbooking. There's a lot of links to additional information, a lot of inspiration etc. 
Also, the linking system is pretty confusing.

So - I'll list the tutorials I found there here, to make it clear for me.

To get to the tutorials, you still need to go to her site. I'm not lifting anything. Not even linking to the specific tutorials.

1) Altered Recipe Book with binder machine
2) Scrapbook album from an old book (better with picture books)
3) smashbook from an old book

4) ATC book

5-25) Specific wire binder machine books and albums
Pocket Book
Triple Pocket Mini Scrapbook
File Folder Mini Scrapbook
Apron Mini Album
Coffee Sleeve Book
House Book
Christmas Card Tracker
Tall Envelope Mini Album
Crown Book
Envelope Tag Book
Bind It All Desktop Calendar
Fabric Cover for Bind-It-All
Birthday Card Book
Vintage Book
Credit Card Book
Gum Wrapper Chain Book
Boot Mini Book
Hybrid Christmas Book
Wine Tasting Journal
Recycled Container Books
7 Gypsies Book Handles Book

26) CD case mini album
(Could also be a kassette tape case album or video tape case album)
27) Circle book
28) Coffee filter book

29 - 36) Envelope books
Basic Envelope Scrapbook
Coin Envelope Mini Scrapbooks
Envelope Mini Album
Flip Flop Envie Book
Long Envelope Mini Scrapbook
Tall Envelope Mini Album
Envelope Tag Book

37) Exploding box
38) Explosion book

39 - 42) Fabric Books
Fabric Journal
Teesha Moore Fabric Art Journals
Fabric Cover for Spiral Bound Books
Remains of the Day Journals

43 - 44) File Folder books
File Folder Mini Album
File Folder Scrapbook
Wirebinder machine book from a file folder (already mentioned in earlier list)
45-47) Flag books
Basic Flag Mini Album Instructions
Gate Fold Flag Mini Book
Flip Flop Flag Mini Book

48) Flip album
49) Pocket fold book
50) Jacob's ladder book
51) junk journal
52) Library pocket matchbook
53) Maze book aka one page wonder :-D
54) Never ending mini scrapbook. (I really love this! It's pretty simple but genial way of folding the paper so that you get a piece that folds open over and over again, so it really is "never ending"

55) Accordion Origami Book
56) Blizzard Book
57) Shirt Book

58 - 60 ) paper bag books - from smaller ones to larger ones

61) Piano hinge book
62) Pocket Book
63) Project Life Mini Album
64) Purse Mini Scrapbooks

65 - 74 ) Recycled Books (or perhaps repurposed?)
Altoid Tin Mini Scrapbook
Coffee Sleeve Book
Gum Wrapper Chain Book
Jeans Pocket Mini Scrapbook
Potato Chip Book
Recycled Container Books
Ticket Book
Toilet Paper Mini Album
Triple Toilet Paper Mini Album
Recycled Soap Box Book 

75 - 83 ) Scrapbooks for Beginners
Premade Scrapbooks
Quick and Easy Mini Scrapbooks
Accordion Book
Accordion Pocket Book
Rubber Band Book
One Piece of Cardstock Mini Scrapbook
Tag Book
Folding Mini Scrapbook
Envelope Tag Book

84) Square Around Album
85) Standing Mini Album
86) Star Book
87) Triangular Book88) Tunnel Book
89) Vellum Pocket Book

90 - 96 ) Bookbinding Techniques
Chain Stitch
Coptic Binding
Duct Tape Binding
Glue Binding
Japanese Stab Binding
Pamphlet Stitch
Sewn Tapes Binding