Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Ket Did?

Three more entries to the Gudrun Sjöden recycle contest

An inspirational bulletin board poster

a pile of packages

and a collage

Now, I would have liked to do some jewelry, a bridal crown and a mobile too... and some other things. But - as usually, I always leave things to the last minute. Today is the last day, and I don't know if there's a time limit... It's already 7 PM.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paper doll

This is my first (and perhaps the only) entry to Gudrun Sjöden contest... It's a book doll - the skirt is a book with inspirational quotes and such. It's made of Gudrun's catalogs and an old telephone book. She's a bit too thin, but - I like her :-) My husband wanted to name her "Ms Directory Assistance" - because she's made of a phone book.

I would very much like to win 10.000 kronas present card and buy Gudrun's clothes, even though most of them are too small for me. *sigh*

I am also rather excited and nervous about a health test I'm going to take tomorrow... It's quite an interesting thing... it's based on an old Chinese medicine, and how the Chinese doctors were able to determine a person's health by heartbeat only... now some Ukrainian doctor has developed a computer program that does it for you... I'm rather eager to find out what it tells about me... and if the test itself is free, but you have to pay several thousands to get the results :-D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make something 365

Make Something 365 & get UNSTUCK

I actually started a Peacock-a-day blog several years ago...I think I managed a week or so :-D
Besides, I would have started posting someone else's images, and that would not have been... purposeful, I suppose. What ever.

I would like to have 365 hairdos...
Or 365 pin-ups - like Les Toil girls or Hilda

Some of the participating blogs I like:

Librarian's Daughter
365 Days of Me
365 days of craft
I like these ACEOs.  It might be interesting to produce 5 tarot decks...
Recycle Girl
Lori Weitzel's inspiration boards
Hyesu Lee's Dear Anne - to write a letter every day to a dear friend... wow.
Puppet-a-day is a nice idea too... perhaps I'd finally got my hand puppet theater done! .-D
A Granny A Day - she's crocheting granny squares... but portraying a grandmother every day might be a very interesting project too... or a Crone-A-Day...
Life in a Bell Jar
Play by Play - a year of "elf on the shelf" :-D (I think of Juanita... She would be perfect for something like this .-D)
365 days and one knight
365 days of Gnome
Stormtroopers 365

365 Pinterest is also interesting, even though I don't think that's part of the 365 challenge.

It might be fun to make a card a day or scrapbook layout... Or springer spaniels. Or paisley. Masks would be fun too... And trees.
I wonder if I could find 365 make-up tutorials to try... and become really good at applying my own make-up :-D
I could make a book cover every day.
I could make a Polyvore set every day.
I could have Sabbath every day, where I make holiday related stuff 1 1/2 month for each of the 8 Pagan sabbaths...
Or finally making my peacock crazy quilt... a square a week, stitch a day?
Corset a day? Corset a week would perhaps be a better goal :-D
Fox a day?
Suffragette-a-day? Re-creating suffragette memorabilia, and on busy days suffragette jewelry ;-)
What about a book a day or an album a day?
Or colors...
And calligraphy - or inspiration cards - or letter S?
Pagan writing prompts :-D
Or perhaps learning to bake properly... baking challenge 365. I wonder who'd eat everything I bake...
I'd like making portraits... not photos, but paintings or drawings. Or perhaps painting animals. Perhaps odd animals. Like aardvarks and such. :-D My husband would love me even more if I did that :-D
Altered fashion doll a day?
Steampunk projects? League of extraordinary gentlemen and -women?
Designing a new t-shirt for my Zazzle shop?

365 being silly would be nice :-D
Or "scare yourself every day"
What about Judy Chicago's Dinner Party? A vulva a day?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, dear...

There's a competition going on where you need to make something of old catalogues... and I'm full of ideas...

I want to make a paper doll, preferably a ball-jointed doll
I want to make paper basket
I want to make a paper flower wreath
I want to make a doll house
I want to make an art paper doll
I want to make a bridal crown
I want to make a paper dress
I want to make bowls
I want to make frames
I want to make cards and scrapbook, and masks and art and games and accessories; bags, hats and jewelry
I want to make boxes
I want to make paper quilts
I want to make stars and garlands and ornaments
I want to make party decorations
I want to make wrapping papers and bows and packages
I want to make...

The ideas just keep popping up and one more elaborate than the other...

It's kind of lovely, but right now I'm just brainstorming, and I'd need to MAKE SOMETHING :-D

Ketutar at Pinterest; Paper crafts

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Happens to the best of us...

CraftFail - some consolation and comfort :-) When the fail happens, know, you're not alone :-)

Friday, March 02, 2012

Random Tutorial Generator

Yeah... exactly that. You push a button (yes... it's a button :-D) and a new tab opens up showing you a random DIY craft tutorial. As if you didn't already have enough on your to do list...