Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting inspired

July sock... to publish a pattern every month... *hmm*

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

World's biggest stash

This is Anna's Mother-in-law's stash... or part of it. She presents this "Church of Knitters" in her blog "Mochimochi".

My own stash isn't this big and after seeing this I pray it will never get this big either... though I am inheriting my mother's stash (from 70's and on) and as she is of a crafting family, there's quite a lot of it - but not this much... and I am tossing away some of it. My mother has a taste of novelty yarn, which I personally detest.

My first thought after seeing this room was "Dawna would be thrilled to get to organize THIS!"
Then I wanted to take a picture of my stash as a comparison... but before I can do that, I need to clean up this mess... because I'm a REALLY messy person (Remember, dogs play with yarn?)
Right now my stash is all over the living room, buried under paper, dog's "mess" (sticks and bones), books and clothes... So - no pictures. I have no problems saying that I'm messy, because no-one believes the extend of it anyway - EVERYONE's a little messy. Even people with "cleaning sickness" believe to be messy.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wedding Anniversaries 1-100

1st Wedding Anniversary

2nd Wedding Anniversary

3rd Wedding Anniversary

4th Wedding Anniversary

5th Wedding Anniversary

6th Wedding Anniversary

7th Wedding Anniversary

8th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
    Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace

9th Wedding Anniversary

10th Wedding Anniversary

11th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Steel
    Modern Gifts: Fashion Jewelry

12th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Silk or Linen
    Modern Gifts: Pearls

13th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Lace
    Modern Gifts: Textiles or Furs

14th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Ivory
    Modern Gifts: Gold Jewelry

15th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Crystal
    Modern Gifts: Watches

16th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Silver Holloware

17th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Furniture

18th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Porcelain

19th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Bronze

20th Wedding Anniversary

21st Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Brass or Nickel

22nd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Copper

23rd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Silver Plate

24th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Musical Instruments

25th Wedding Anniversary

26th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Original Pictures

27th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Sculpture

28th Wedding Anniversary

29th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Furniture

30th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Pearl
    Modern Gifts: Diamond

31st Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Time Pieces

32nd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Conveyances

33rd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Amethyst

34th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Opal

35th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Coral
    Modern Gifts: Jade

36th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Bone China

37th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Alabaster

38th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Beryl or Tourmaline

39th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Lace

40th Wedding Anniversary

41st Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Land

42nd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Improved Real Estate

43rd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Travel

44th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Groceries

45th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Sapphire
    Modern Gifts: Sapphire

46th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Original Poetry

47th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Books

48th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Optical Goods

49th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Luxuries

50th Wedding Anniversary

52nd Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Ruby

55th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Emerald
    Modern Gifts: Emerald

60th Wedding Anniversary

65th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire, Gray

67th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire, Purple

75th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Diamonds, Diamond Like Stones, Gold
    Modern Gifts: Diamond, Gold

80th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Diamond, Pearl

85th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Diamond, Sapphire

90th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Diamond, Emerald

95th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: Diamond, Ruby

100th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts:
    Modern Gifts: 10K Diamond

10 Projects Challenge

"Vacuumed" from "Tale of a Shooting Star"
    The Purpose:

The purpose of this challenge is to reduce the amount of patterns you have not stitched.

    The Rules:
  1. Have fun reducing your stash.
  2. There is no time limit- people have different size projects they would like to work on.
  3. Thou shall not purchase any new patterns until 10 projects have been stitched. Pattern size does not matter.
  4. Freebies count as part of your total and you can aquire them at any point.
  5. Rinse, lather and repeat, as needed, in order to reduce unused stash.
  6. The official start date of this challenge is May 1, 2007.
I have received a lot of yarn from my mother - most of her stash, actually :-) So I think this challenge would be great for me... and I have A VERY LONG LIST of "to do"... There's also a 50 projects challenge...


101 Things To Do in 1001 Days

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as new year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Some common goal setting tips:
1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.

2. Stay Focussed. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.

3. Welcome Failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.

4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.

5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.

Well... I think I have made an effort to do this as well.... er... I hope not. Because I haven't done anything.

101 goals... hmm...

I want to get into the school
move to Turku
learn French properly and fluently
Pay the bill to the library and start using it again *blush*
get the sewing machine to the repair man and get it fixed
get the dog vaccinated against rabies
make the yule stockings
fill to the stockings
knit the socks on my to do list
Read the classics on my list
(my craft projects list on 43 things)
Get the house cleaned properly
get rid of 1/10 of the book collection
write the cook book
write the witch book
write the craft book
buy a washing machine
Get the laundry pile done
Get ourselves a "kolonilott"
make this apartment a HOME instead of a place to live in

I have a problem with this... I'm optimistic, idealistic and over-achiever... So I'd need to break these up to baby-steps...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Finishing Challenge

"Elizabeth Bozievich thinks finishing can be fun as well as creative, so she issues Cindy Humbard

An article from "Needlepoint Now" Nov-Dec 2006, Volume VIII, No. 6

There are some ideas of how to finish the needlework pieces at Needle Nook's Stitchers' Corner
I find the pillows extremely fascinating... So beautifully finished...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

About crochet, weaving and Japanese craft magazines

I read Dora Ohrenstein's "Busting The Bad Crochet Myth", and I found it inspiring... It is true that we have our preconceived notions of what can be done with certain crafting methods - in this case the article is about crochet and clothing.

Now, not all have the same taste in clothing and crochet... some people like things I wouldn't touch with a lit match. It doesn't mean my taste is good and theirs bad - it's just different...
Some examples are in the before mentioned Brazilian crochet blogs (Croche Croche!). For example the "sexy" swimsuit "bodies", mock vintage fashion dolls and the kitchen appliance covers... *brrr* - but at the same time... I'd LIKE to have matching towels and kitchen sets and... yes, I admit, kitchen aid cover... *blush*
I have a certain shameful attraction to tautology, kitsch and Victorian bric-a-brac mishmash... *blush**blush**blush*
(But my tautological kitschy bric-a-brac mishmash has to be tasteful ;-) :-D) So in fact I admire the people who manage to manage their crap and make it - tasteful - even pretty and desirable... :-) *sigh* (I have just a mess LOL)

I was looking at Japanese craft magazines and books, and they really challenge my ideas of what can be done - even though they don't do anything extraordinary or amazing, just ordinary stuff - but the thing is that ordinary stuff - like this cute doggy in his tiny basket - is something *I* haven't thought of doing...

It makes me a bit at unease, because I have a good fiber craft education, I'm very interested (read curious) about all things done with fibers, textile crafts and such, and I consider myself very imaginative and creative... and I haven't THOUGHT of certain things...

For example, I salvaged a tiny children's loom from carbage because I have ALWAYS wanted one. It has been standing in the corner for over a year now, because I wanted it, I got it, but now when I have it, I don't know what to do with it. I'm a professional weaver by education, and I don't know what to weave!
Until I saw this Japanese craft book and it told me what to do...

And the thing is, it's so simple, easy - self evident! The runner is very nice, though it's not as "professional" as I'd like it to be - and THAT*S THE POINT. I have let my education limit me, instead of widening the horizon! I have learned that what I do has to be perfect, flawless, immaculate - and that's the biggest lie in the whole history of crafting!

I could be doing small tapestries like this - the tiny loom is absolutely perfect for such. These would be the prettiest and finest pot holders anyone has ever had ;-) :-D

I could be weaving Kente cloth.

I could be weaving straw runners.

I could be weaving runners of "poppana" and "ripsi" and other techniques I know... *hmm*

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chinese doilies and thread crochet


Try these Picasa Web Albums; June Holford, Adriana Serafim, Rosana Mello, Shaina Nurse, and 조지연

Thursday, July 12, 2007

If that's not enough, here's some more ;-)

Some Russian doilies... (about 50...)
Another site with doilies and charts (cxema)
An interesting discussion in a Russian forum - with a lot of pictures and charts of doilies
Another forum with some doilies and charts

Russian photo storage with doilies
Another with brugge lace

In Russian doily is salfetka and chart is shema. So you'll find some interesting things by searching with "shema salfetki"

In German doily is deckchen and crochet is häkeln.

German doilies; Hanni, Deniece, Michaela, Sandra, Barcelona, Christiane, Kölln, El Paso, Philadelphia, Venedig, Antje, Sabine, Simone, Julia and Ursel

Here's a couple more - don't forget to check out the Serie 1 and Serie 2

Mirian's version of swan doily - flamingo doily! Brilliant! LOL

In Portuguese doily is toalhinha, in Spanish it's pañito - the South American blogs are very interesting in this aspect ;-)

Here's a Venezuelan blog with some doilies (some with charts) and a Brazilian blog
Two big, beautiful Pineapple doilies in a Venezuelan blog
Cute butterfly doily
"Charming" pineapple doily
Jasmine doily
Grape filet doily
Doily 1
Doily 2
Doily 3
Doily 4
Doily 5
Doily 6
Doily 7
Doily 8
Doily 9
Doily 10
Doily 11
Florida doily
Rose center doily
Crocheted hearts
Strawberry doily
doilies 2
Boat This is actually a doily... but... you can't use it UNDER anything ;-)
Circles of Delight - shamrock doily
Irish crochet hearts shamrock
Venetian daisy doily (3-dimensional) (here's how the daisies are done)
Couple of doilies and other stuff
A couple of doilies
Second couple of doilies
more doilies
runner from squares
Butterfly filet doily
Ladies dancing doily
Pearly Dew
very simple star doily
Pineapple Tulip Special
Pineapple Tulip Table Center
yellow roses (3-dim) oval doily
shell doily
Floreal - 8 point star doily

Very beautiful rose pineapple doily
Butterfly doily
Oval rose doily
little doily with yellow flowers
two flower doilies
large flower doily
grape doily
celtic rings with pineapple border
rose border doily
rose basket filet
Yule tree doily
"Christmas Wreath" - doily "wreath"

Suzana's doily photos at photobucket
Ana's doily photos in a photo storage

In French doily is napperon, and here's a couple of French patterns.
Here's French patterns of doilies IN WORD - no charts... Let's see how quickly you'll learn enough French to understand the patterns ;-)

And Italians crochet too... here's some (A LOT!) of filet charts in Italian ;-)
(Doily in Italian is centro (centri in plural) - so if you go to the album "centrini", you'll find a lot of filet doilies ;-))

At go to category: Crochet | Doilies and there to

Elegant & Delicate

Blue Rose Doily, China Plate Covers, Filet Hexagon Doily, Grandmother's Legacy, Granny's Favorite, Hairpin Lace Doilies 1, 2 and 3, Irish Dreams Doily, Lacy Six Point Doily, Lady's Pleasure, Legacy Doily, Lotus Filet, Renaissance Tiles, Snow Flower Doily, Spider Mum Doily and Touch of Blue Doily

Floral Delights

Blossom Doily, Creamy Dream Doily, Daisy Chair Set, Four Roses Filet Doily, Gerbera Doily, Grape Harvest Doily, Oblong Doily, Pansy Doily, Ribbon Rose Doily, Rose Garden Doily, Rose Petal Doily, Rose Ring Doily, Summer Blossom Doily, Summer Lace Doily, Thistledown Doily and Vintage Doilies

Great Gifts

Cappuccino Doily, Daisy Chain Doily, Dazzling Doilies, Five Hour Doily, Icy Blue Snow Crystal Doily, Les Fleurs Doily, Little Chanukah Doily, Pink Blush Doily, Pinwheel Treat, Prairie Star Doily, Savannah Doily, Sherbet Doilies, Small Red Doilies, Star Doily, Trinket Doilies, Vanity Fair Doilies, Waltz Time Filet Doily and White Fan Doily

Innovative Techniques

Antique Scalloped Doily, Filigree Doily, Four Leaf Clover Doily, Holiday Spruce Doily, Lagoon Doily, My Sweetheart's Doily (with cloth center), Radiant Doily Set, Ruffled Doily, Ruffled Tulip Doily, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Doily, Small Centerpiece i Crescent and Half-Daisy, Square Pineapple Doily, Stardust Filet Doily, Web of Lace Doily and Windmill Wings Doily


Flowering Pineapple Doily, Peacocks and Pineapples Doily, Pineapple Cluster, Shimmering Pineapple, Small Pineapple Doily and Stardust Pineapple Doily.

You will also want to go and check out Home Décor | Table Toppers & Centerpieces

Hass Designs has also a free club with some patterns for members; Carnation Doily, Tulip Doily, Popcorn Rose Doily, Primavera and Square Doily with Lilies.

Charming Christmas Doily from Thata's Patterns

And this is something I just have to give a link to... page after page of INSPIRATION - mostly crocheted toys, two or three patterns, but over 700 pictures of things people have made... Inspiring :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have been doing doilies lately...
I really like to crochet, and doilies are quick and complicated enough to keep me interested - BUT I don't USE doilies... So I saw this picture of Anne Peach and her doily canopy - and THIS is a great thing to use the doilies for :-D
So I have been making doilies for a canopy now for a while.
(No, not this successful LOL - I think I have like 10 doilies - small - for now ;-))

Anyway, the internet is full of doily patterns. I have bookmarked some of them, but - it's the internet. What is up there today might be down tomorrow... And of course the internet is full of link lists etc. but those change too and... well... you know :-) I just wanted to put all the links I find in one place, and if people can use this - great :-) If not - well... I'm using like 2MB's of my 1024 MB's so - who cares. There's always room for more ;-)

Patty's Patterns

The list of over 700 patterns

3 Piece Doily Set No. 7699 - 1946
3 Piece "Shells" Set
5 Doilies by Anne Orr
6.5 inch Doily - Design 7814 - 1947
8 Point Star - 1952
10-Point Poinsettia Doily

A Little Bit of Blue Doily
A Touch of the Irish Doily
Alcyone Doily
Amaryllis In Snow Doily
Andromeda Doily
Anemone - 1959
ANZAC Remembrance Doily
April Showers
Apus Doily
Aquarius Doily
Apples For The Teacher
Ara Doily
Aries Doily
Arrows Doily
Aster Pink Doily
Auriga Doily
Autumn Reflections
Autumn Wheat
Autumn Wheat

Baroque Inspiration
Beaded Doily
Beads, Beads, Beads
Berka Shell Doilies
Big Beauty
Bit O' Lace
Blooming Bullions Doily and Coasters
Blossom Doily - 1953
Blue Bell Doily
Blue Doily, 7 Inch
Blue Lagoon Doily
Blushing Bride
Bobbles Doily
Bootes Doily
Bouquet - 1951
Bowl and Doily
Boy Dresser Yarn Doilies
Briar Filet Doily
Brocade - 1969
Brunch Doily
Buffet Blossoms Oval Doily
Buffet Scarf
Butterfly - 1951
Butterfly Doily - 1950
Butterfly Trails Filet

Caelum Doily
Calla Lily Doily
Cameo Girl - 1950
Cancer Doily
Candy Dish Doily, The - 1955
Candy Doily
Capricornus Small Doily
Carnation Ruffled Doily
Cassiopeia Doily
Cathedral Window
Cat's Cradle - 1957
Centerpiece in Netted Crochet
Cheval Set - 1961
Cepheus Doily
Chic Circles - 1942
Christmas Snowflake Doily
Christmas Star Doily 13.5"
Circular Doily
Classic Console Set
Cluster Edge Doily
Cluster Doily 4-65 - 1945
Cluster Stitch Doily - 1955
Coffee Hotplate Doily
Coffee Table Doily - 1934
Corner Étagère Doily
Cornfield Doily
Coronet - 1959
Cosmos Doily - 1950s
Cotillion - 1945
Country Starlet
Crane's Bill Doily
Crochet-a-long Doily
Crochet Swan Centres Doily
Crocus Cluster
Crocus Doily
Crown Doily, The
Crown of Pineapples Doily
Cutie Pie Doily
Custom Wedding Day Doily

Dahlia Doily
Dahlia Doily
Daisy Centerpiece
Daisy Design - 1945
Daisy Doily
"Daisy Ring" Doily
Daisy Ring set - with cloth center
Daisy Ring - 1951
Daisy Web - 1950
Daisy-Not Filet Doily
Delicate Doily
Delicate Little Doily
Demitasse Cup Doily
Design 555
Design 644
Design 7024
Dew Drops - 1959
Diadem - 1957
Diamond Star - 1951
Doilies are in again - 1960s
Doilies in 3 Sizes
Doily 1
Doily 2
Doily #2 - 1933
Doily #9 - 1933
Doily #10 - 1933
Doily #16 - 1933
Doily 2132 - 1942
Doily #2226
Doily 4403
Doily 4416
Doily 4417
Doily 7123
Doily 7131
Doily 7132

Doily 7256 - 1946
Doily No. 7269 - 1946

Doily 7272
Doily 7274
Doily No. 7276 - 1946

Doily 7318
Doily 7444

Doily 7642 - 1946
Doily 7702 - 1944

Doily 7708
Doily 7709
Doily 7710
Doily 7711
Doily 7712
Doily 7713
Doily 7714
Doily 7715
Doily 7716
Doily 7717
Doily 7718

Doily 7797 - 1947
Doily 7801 - 1940
Doily #7814
Doily 7817 - 1940s
Doily Drama - 1942
Doily Lunch Set
Doily Mat Set No. 7715 - 1946
Doily/Coaster No. 7572 - 1946
Doily or Doll Dress - 1958
Don't Forget Me Doily
Dorothy's Doily
Double Pineapple Doily - 1952
Double Ruffle - 1956
Double Ruffled Doily
Dove Doily (Pineapple)

Ears Doily
Easter Egg Doily
Easy As Pie Doily
Easy Coffee Mug Doily
Easy Crochet Doily
Easy Doily
Easy Pineapple - 1956
Easy Yellow Pineapple Doily
Ecru Doily (Nancy)
Ecru Doily (Pat)
Eight Inch Doily
Eight Point Star Doily
Eight Point Star Doily
Elegant Ruffled Doily
Eleven Point Shell Doily
Enchanted Castle - 1950s
English Lace Doily
Entertaining Ideas Doily
Eros - 1950s
Evening Primrose Ruffled Doily - 1961

Fan Doilies - 1935

Fancy Purple Doily


Fans And Fantasies Doily
February's Valentine Doily
Filet Butterfly Doily

Filet Candle Table Doily
Filet Cat Doily

Fans Doily
Filet Doily

Filet Doily S-773 - 1955
Filet Dragon - 1900s

Filet Elizabeth II Doily
Filet Heart Doily
Filet Pickle Plate Doily

Filet Net Star

Filet Sandwich Doily
Filet Square Doily
Filet Valentine - 1960
Fine Web Doily - 1947
Finger Bowl Doily - 1951

Five Round Doilies
Flat V-Stitch Doily
Fleur de Lys Doily
Floral Doily
Floral Garden Motif
Floral Wheel Doily

Flower and Fans Doily
Flower Border Doily

Flower Cartwheel - 1950
Flower Center Delicate Doily
Flower Center Geometric Doily
Flower Chain
Flower Coaster Set - 1950
Flower Doily
Flower Edge Doily
Flower In Net Stitch Doily
Flowering Pine Doily
Flowering Pineapple Doily
Flowers - 1955
Fluted Frills - 1951
Forget-Me-Not Doily - 1949
Forget-Me-Not Doily
Forget Me Not Ruffled Doily - 1961
Forsythia Flower Oval Doily
Four Square Doily
Four-Leaf Clover Doily - 1947
Framed in Pansies - 1947
Frosty Leaves - 1961
Frou-frou - 1951
Funky Doily

Garland - Rose and Pansy Doilies - 1969
Garden Trellis
Geometric Doily
Giant Sunflower Doily
Gift Doily - 1940s
Gila River Doily
Girly Dresser Yarn Doilies
Glorious Gray Pineapple Doily
Golden Sunlight - Beaded square
Good Companions - 1942
Grannies Star Doily
Granny's Doily
Granny Roses
Granny's Antique Pineapple Doily
Grape Bunch Doily
Grape Doily - 1954
Grape Doily
Grape Doily
Grape Harvest Doily
Grapevine doily
Gray Ruffle Doily - 1951
Grecian Border Doilies - 1937
Green Leaf Doily
Green Leaf Doily - 1951

Halloween Spider Web Doily
Handmade Sherbet - 1944
Hats Doily
Hearts Doily - Crochet-a-long
Heart Mini Doily
Hearts And Diamonds Crochet-A-Long Doily
Hearts Around Doily
Hearts Center Doily With Cluster Edging
Heather Hill
Hexagon Doily
Hexagon Ruffle - 1952
Holly Corners Filet Doily
Holly Wreath - 1950
Honeysuckle Doily - 1964
Horse Head Filet Doily
Horse-Racing Doily
Hot Air Balloons Doily

Ididachain's Dolly Doily
I Love You Doily
Irish Crochet Doily
Irish Crochet Doily #7635
Irish Crochet Doily - 1938
Irish Flower Doily I
Irish Flower Doily II
Irish Rose Crochet Lace Doily
Irish Rose Doily
Irish Rose Doily - 1949
Irish Rose Ruffle - 1948
Italian Flower

January Thaw
Japanese Flowers Centerpiece
Jewel Box Doily
Julie's Tablecloth Doily

Kaleidescope Doily
Kites & Star Doily
Knots Doily

Lace Doily #919
Lace Wheat Doily
Lacis Crochet Blue Doily
Lacis Crochet Coffee Mat
Lacis Crochet Rose Madder
Lacy Doily - 1935
Lacy Doily
Lacy Doily
Lacy Sunburst - 1951
Lady Fair - 1949
Lady's Slipper - 1961
Large & Small Pineapple Doilies - 1960s
Large Pineapple Doily 18" - 1953
Large Pineapple Doily
Large Table Ruffle, The - 1950s
Laura Ingalls Wilder Doily
Lazy Lagoon - 1959
Leafy Spray Doily - 1955
Light Periwinkle Doily
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley 2
Lilac Fantasy Doily
Lily Doily
Linen Center Doily 7810 - 1940
Linen Center Doily 7839 - 1940
Lisa's Thread Doily
Little Beauty Doily
Little Beauties
Little Pansy
Little Sweetie
Loop Stitch Doily - 1953
Love Abounds Filet Doily
Lovely in Lavender Doily
Lucky Clover - 1959

Magnolia Blossom - 1964
Magnolia Doily
Manor House Filet - 1943
Mantilla Doily
Maple Leaf Luncheon Set
May Flowers
Meadow Rue - 1961
Michaelmas Daisy - 1961
Midsummer Moon - 1959
Miniature Doll's House Doily
Miniature Filet Square Doily
Mom's Crystal Star Doily
Morning Star
Mother and Daughter Doilies
Moulin Rouge Doily
Multi-Color Doily, The
Multiple Choice Doily
My First Doily
My Heart Is Complete Doily
My Rose Doily

Name of the Rose Filet Doily
New Pansy Doily - 1940
New Daisy Doily, The or Bowl
New Pansy Doily, The or Bowl
Night Table Doily 4-78- 1945
Nine Point Pineapple Doily
Normandy - 1945
Northern Lights - 1943
Nosegay Doily - 1951
Nosegay Doily - 1955
Nylon Shells Doily

Oblong Pineapple Doily - 1958
Occasional Doily - 1938
Ocean Breeze
Octagon Doily - 1947
Old Pink Doily
Orange Blossom - 1955
Oval Elegance
Oriental Fantasy
Ornate Doily - 1947
Oval Doily - 1947
Oval Pineapple Doily
Oval Pineapple Runner Doily
Oval Pineapple Ruffle - 1952
Oval Pineapple Ruffled Doily
Oval Ruffled Doily
Oval Thread Doily

Palm Garden Set - 1948
Pansy Doily
Pansy Doily
Pansies Little Doily
Party Manner Doily - 1944
Party Thrills Doily
Patty's Doily Collection
Passionate Pink Doily
Passion Flower
Peach & White Doily - 1935
Peaches Doll Doily
Peggy's Sunshine Garden

Pert Ruffle - 1950s
Petal Center Doily - 1947
Petal Cluster Doily
Petals Doily 15"
Petite Bullion Lace Doily
Petite Independence Day Doily
Petite Pineapple Doily
Petite Pineapple Perfection
Petite Pink Doily
Piccolo Pineapples
Picot Edge Doily (vintage)
Picot Edge Doily
Picot Point - 1950s
Pine Cones Doily
Pink Flowers and Crystals

Pineapple A l'Orange Doily
Pineapple and Pinwheel Doily
Pineapple And Shamrock Design Centerpiece
Pineapple and Beads - 1956
Pineapple Bouquet Doily
Pineapple Centerpiece
Pineapple Centerpiece
Pineapple Centerpiece - 1956
Pineapple Centerpiece - 1947
Pineapple Delight - 1956
Pineapple Doily - 1958
Pineapple Doily - 1960
Pineapple Doily 7275 - 1946
Pineapple Doily 7275-M - 1946
Pineapple Doily 7714 - 1946
Pineapple Doily No. 83
Pineapple Doily
Pineapple Doily
Pineapple Doily
Pineapple Doily (Michaels)
Pineapple Doily, The - 1955
Pineapple Fantasy Doily
Pineapple Fox Doily
Pineapples From My Heart
Pineapple Nosegay Doily - 1957
Pineapple Petals - 1951
Pineapple Perfection
Pineapple Pinwheel
Pineapple Pirouette
Pineapple Plumes Doily
Pineapple Posy Doily
Pineapple Posy - 1951
Pineapple Posy
Pineapple Print - 1953
Pineapple Print Doily
Pineapple Prism - 1965
Pineapple Rhythm Doily Set
Pineapple Round
Pineapple Ruffle - 1948
Pineapple Ruffle, The - 1950s
Pineapple Ruffle Centerpiece - 1958
Pineapple Set (doily, coaster)
Pineapple Sheer - 1960
Pineapple Six Point Doily - 1946
Pineapple Star Doily
Pineapple Wheel Doily
Pineapple Whirl Centerpiece
Pineapple with Beads Doily

Pink Aster - 1951
Pink Cloud Puffs Doily
Pink Doily
Pink Perfection - 1958
Pink Pineapple - 1951
Pin Stripe Doily
Pinwheel Doily
Pinwheel Doily - 1953
Pinwheel Doily (Michaels)
Pinwheel Doily
Pistilli Pineapples
Plate Doylie - 1916
Pleasing Pentagons
Poinsettia Doily
Pond Lily Doily
Pond Lily Doily No. 1
Pond Lily Doily
Popcorn Hearts Doily
Popcorn Points - 1957
Popcorns and Pineapples - 1956
Pretty Flower Doily - 1951
Pretty Shells
Puff Border - 1950s
Puff Me Pretty Doily
Purple Fantasy Doily

Quadrille Doily - 1957

Rambler Rose - 1952
Rainbow Star
Refreshment Set - 1940
Rice Stitch Delight - 1950s
Ring Around The Rosie
Ring of Roses Doily
Ripe Wheat Doily - 1955
Ripple Rhythm Doily - 1955
Rising Sun - 1940
Rising Sun Doily
Rising Sun Doily
Rock Pool Doily
Romantic Pineapples Doily

Romantic Rose Doily
Rose and Pineapple Doily
Rose Circle - 1950
Rose Doily
Rose Doily (Debra)
Rose Doily, The
Rose Doily, The - 1955
Rose In A Garden Doily
Rose, Irish Doily
Rose, Irish Lace Doily
Rose, Irish Ruffled Doily
Rose Medallion
Rose O' Summer - 1947
Rose of Erin - 1953
Rose of Sharon Doily - 1944
Rose O' Summer Doily
Rose And Pansy Doilies
Rose Ring
Rose Ruffle Doily
Roses in Bloom - filet- 1944
Rose Sunburst Ruffled Doily - 1940's
Rose Tea - 1950s
Rosette Easy Beginner Doily
Rose, Victorian Doily
Rose Whirl Doily - 1940
Rosey pink
"Rosy Future" Filet Doily

Round and Oval - 1945
Round Doily or Pillow - 1958
Round Doily
Round Rug or Doily
Royal Society 9-124-1948
Royal Society 9-127 - 1948
Royal Society 9-128 -1948
Royal Society 9-131 -1948
Royal Society 9-132 - 1948
Royal Society 9-135 -1948
Royal Society 9-137 -1948
Royal Society 9-141 -1948
Royal Society Doily 9-104 1948
Royal Society Doily 9-142 -
Royal Society Glass Coasters 6-149 - 1946
Royal Society Irish Morn Doily - 1943
Ruby's Rose Doily
Ruby’s Pineapple and Diamond Cluster Centerpiece/Doily
Ruby’s Pineapple Medley 17”
Ruffle Doily
Ruffle Edged Doily
Ruffled Diamond Doily
Ruffled Pondlily Doily
Ruffled Teacup Doily
Ruffles and Flourishes - 1947
Ruffles and Forgetmenots - 1950
Ruffles Run Riot Doily

Sail Away

Scalloped Doily - 1947
Scalloped Pineapple Doily from American Weekly
Sea Froth - 1943
Sea Scallop
Sea Shell Ruffle - 1950s
Sensational Scallops
Seven Point Doily
Shaded Pink & White - 1951
Shaded Pink and Lavendar Doily - 1953
Shaded Ruffle - 1948
Shamrock Doily
Sheer Witchery Doilies
Shell Edge Pineapple Doily
Shell Stitch Doily - 1948
Shell Stitch Bedspread, Doily & Runner Part 1
Shell Stitch Bedspread, Doily & Runner Part 2
Shimmering Pineapple Doily
Shining Star - 1951
Shooting Star -1953
Silver Surf - 1958
Simple Doily
Simple and Elegant Doily (Jackie)
Simplicity Doily
Simplicity Doily - 1938
Small and Large Violet Doily
Small Exchange Doily
Small Hexagon Doily
Small Pineapple Ruffle - 1950s
Snow Doily
Snowflake Dinner Set
Snowflake Doilies - 1937
Snowflake Doily - 1948
Snowflake Doily
Snowflake Doily
Snowstorm Doily
Spider Doily - 1950s
Spider Web Doily
Spider Web Doily
Spider Web Doily
Spider Web Doily - 1935
Spider Web Doily - 1952
Spider Web Doily - 1951
Spiderweb Set - 1951
Spider Web Doily
Spider Web Doily
Spiderweb Doily
Spiderweb Star Doily
Spiral Simplicity Doily
Splash Doily
Splendor Doily
Spring Ballet
Spring Dreams
Spring Flower Doily
Spring Flowers
Spring Leaves
Spun Sugar Luncheon Set
Square Doily
Square Doily with Rose Center
Square Doily or Pillow - 1958
Square Filet Doily or Motif - 1955
Square Pineapple Doily
Square Ruffle - 1948
Stained Glass Doily
Stairs Doily
Star and Ruffles Doily, 21”
Star Center - 1950
Star Center Ruffle - 1946
Star Doily
Star Doily - 1940s
Star Doily (Joined Motifs)
Star of India - 1941
Star in a Snowflake Doily
Star Pattern Doily
Star Point Ruffle Doily
Star Ruffle - 1948
Stardust Filet Doily - 1950
Starfish Pineapple Doily
Strike a White Note Doily - 1944
Summer Breeze - 1958
Summer Doily
Summer Splendor
Sunburst - 1950s
Sunburst Pineapple - 1951
Sunbursts Small Lace Doily
Sunflower Doily
Sunflower Shadows
Swan Doily (Pineapple)
Swan Centerpiece
Swan Symphony Doily
Sweet Daisy Doily
Sweet Violets - 1961
Sweet William Flower Doily

Tailored Ruffle - 1948
Taylor Doily
Tea Time
Textured Treasure
Thread Painting Doily
Three Way Doily Set
Torch Star
Touch of Color
Traditions Pineapple Doily
Triangles Doily
Trinket Doily #1
Trinket Doily #2
Trio Tricks Doilies
Trish Doily
Tulip Doily
Tulip Garden Doily
Tulip Garden - 1959
Tulip Paradise
Tulip Varieties - 1950
Twirl Doily and Coaster
Two Corticelli Doilies from 1918

Uncle Jim's Doily

Valentine Heart Doily
Valentine's Oval Doily
Vanity Fair Doily Set
Venetian - 1945
Venetian Doily - 1938
Very Best Circles Doilies, The
Victorian Rose Doily
Victorian Ruffle - 1948
Vindemiatrix (Square)
Vintage Reproduction Centrepiece Doily
Vintage Visions
Violets Doily
Violets Small and Large Doilies

Wagon Wheel Doily
Wedding Cake Ruffles - 1960s
Wheat and Grape Doily - 1955
Wheel Design - 1951
Wheels Doily
Whirl Around Doily
Whirl-A-Way - 1942
White Doily
White Note Doily
White Sapphire - 1943
White Star Doily
Wild Grape Doily
Wild Rose - 1937
Wild Rose Doily - 1950s
Wild Rose Scallops - 1950
Williamsburg - 1942
Willow Wand - 1958
Windmill Doily
Windows Doily
Winter Doily
Winter's Breath Doily 8.5"
Winter's First Snow
Winter Wonderland
Wish Upon a Star - 1943

Yarn Doily
Yellow and Chartreuse Doily
Yellow Bud Ruffle Doily