Saturday, February 03, 2007


You remember the package I sent to New Zealand, and that came back, because I had forgot to write "New Zealand" on it? Guess what? It came back! AGAIN! This time because I had put in the package something that is classified as fireworks (star rain sticks or gnome blows - small handheld firework sticks), and such things may not be put in an air-mail package. My poor swap pal. This was supposed to arrive BEFORE YULE!!!

And I notice that it's about two weeks since I last wrote. And it's February already.

I have been working with the socks, and I have designed more dishcloths.

In Coloriffic swap the theme is pale blues and greens. Very pretty. But I'm going to resist!

In "Month of Softies" the theme is "I love..." and then what ever I love :-)

Whiplash February is officially RECYCLED CRAFTS month. "Make something that utilises pre-used/pre-loved/trash/junk/waste items."

Tie One On January/February theme is "Valentine's Day" :-)

Secret Pal 10 is on... sign up during February. So I have a couple of days to decide whether I want to join the madness. I really love it, but it is awfully stressful and the post office isn't always working, and the customs keep bugging me, and... *sigh* And I swore I will never participate in another swap again... *sigh* *SIGH*
And then there's the Punk Rock Gift Exchange...

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