Thursday, March 13, 2008

I haven't been just sitting my hands crossed...

It has been a lot of that too... potatoeing in the couch staring at the telly and feeling BAAAAAAAAAAAAD...

I finished the three easter baskets.

I have also made some easter decorations for my own home, four filet crochet eggs to be hanged from the window and some crocheted and embroidered 3-D eggs - to be placed in the grass, on the table, in a bowl or hanged from easter twigs... I don't know yet.

I have been knitting hubby's woolly and there's only arms left to be done. Yay!

I have been crocheting my big tablecloth... It's rather boring and surprisingly thread eating, but it's going to be really nice :-)

I have ripped the scarf I knitted in Colinette's Giotto Monet and crocheted a new shawl, with Lovers' knot. It's very luscious and sexy but my husband says it looks like a fish net made of old rags bleached in sun and rain... the colors look like they are washed away... And he's right, I'm afraid... But it's still lovely LOL
(The basket in the last picture is made of Giotto Monet... so you see the colors are a bit wishy-washy ;-))

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