Friday, October 03, 2008

My sister was talking about the reborn baby dolls...

and eventually I got here: painting your own reborn baby doll
This reminded me of all the OOAK fashion doll remakes and such, and I found Legends by Valkyrie. She has some very nice tutorials and other interesting information on her site, among them link to her tutorial videos at YouTube. Well... one thing led to another and I was thinking of using the ideas and techniques for painting the reborn dolls to painting fashion dolls, and I was thinking of giving it a try. I love these OOAK dolls... and one really doesn't need to be perfect to create something very nice.

Though sometimes... the best efforts can produce something I don't think was the purpose...
From left to right - Raegynh by Dolla Butler, Pocahontas by Mattel - the base doll to both of these remakes, and a repaint by Medusa the Dollmaker...
Now Dolla can do better, and I'm sure this Raegynh is excellently made, but the face and the make-up together add up to a transvestite... named "raisin"? (I'm sorry, Dolla, no offense intented, just my opinion.)
Now, Medusa's remake... WOW! Amazing!

Here's some repainted Barbies by Lauren Leigh. Here's dolls by Kedra Manning.
Here's dolls by Aleksandra Bryla.

Here's "the best rerooting tutorial ever!"
how to root eyelashes
1/6 sense tutorials

In my old computer I had some links to how to remold (sculpt) the face by cutting and sculpting with gesso, but it's gone...

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