Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Threadcakes! Amazing things!

I would make "Geology"

In a square mold by layering different cakes, fillings, puddings, sauces, etc in a square mold, let it set, pour it carefully out and then decorate by making the little village on top of it... and I would put some candy in as rocks :-D

I think I would make a blue cake and have the illustration, cut out of liquorice, on different sides of the cake, and not on three layers as here.

"Loch Ness Imposter" I would make of blue jello :-D And the octopussy of cake :-)

Hmm... perhaps pancake cake... with some sugar discs. Or perhaps cover it with licorice strings :-D

And this one - a monster cake and a lot of layered cupcakes :-D I think, if done well, it might be a cupcake cake "cake wrecks" wouldn't hate ;-)

not related to threadless, but would work - just add face and speech bubble :-D

I think I'd make this "Hoot!" by making first two coffee cups out of fondants, then covering a cake with chocolate mocha beans...
And this, "Mr Cloud's New Scarf" makes me think of marshmallows and meringues in whipped cream...

"Current" would be on a green cake with green coconut grass :-)

Anyway, the Threadless t-shirt pictures are wonderful and the cakes amazing (some more, some less, all worth seeing), so go and see and get inspired :-)

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