Monday, March 28, 2011

Some interesting sites and blogs and stuff

I have been looking at crochet lately - yes, you guessed it: thanks to Teva Durham's book and all the enthusiastic knitters who act as if she just invented the whole thing...

Chain Creative

I found Wool and Tea. It has been inactive for 3 years, and I just found it :-(

Loulou and Oscar

they came, they saw, they crocheted...


I found out that March is the Crochet Month. I remember posting something crochet related last March... (or was it earlier? Yes, 2009) And I'm a bit sad that I forgot it this year.

Crochet Liberation Front and  Crochet Uncut


I am having a discussion about the status of crochet, and mentioned that I know the names of several knit designers but only one crochet designer (Patricia Kristoffersen), so I decided to change this.

I have already mentioned
Maria Gullberg,
Danielle Kassner,
Mandy Moore
Mary Jane Hall
Doris Chan
Jane Snedden Peever and
Kathy Merrick

Now I'm going to mention
Linda Perman
Kristin Omdahl
Robyn Chachula
Michelle Ryan
Priscilla Hewitt
Carol Ventura
Shelby Allaho
Dora Ohrenstein
Maureen Basher
Ellen Gormley
Tracie Barrett

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