Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Funny how the time flies...

Not even five months to Christmas. The darn thing comes again this year, and four of these months will pass without you even noticing. I don't like to stress you or anything, but I think you could take some time from your summer vacation and update your card list and gift list NOW
- yes, now. 
Stop reading, write the lists and update the addresses. 
When that's done, you can continue reading.
                                                                                           , so that that's done and you won't wake up in November and find out to your shock that you need to do that, and there's no time and you're so stressed already because everything elseneedstobedonetoonowand...


And take a small amount from your "allowance" and get materials so that you can prepare something nice for present for all the people you care about, like the nice lady who always greets you so sweetly by the door or what ever. You don't need to make gifts to people you don't like, care about or hardly know, just for the obligation, but... I know, give them a deck of pretty cards and a little book of solitaires and other card games and tricks :-)

But make something nice for the rest. It doesn't take long to knit or crochet a pair of wrist warmers, and most adult women appreciate those. Most adults - men and women - appreciate such silly things like knee warmers. Okay, so we get old and achy. Big deal. Socks are also very much appreciated by all. Nevertheless, write the list and decide to make a rotating project list; one project for you, one for someone else and one for charity, and keep it. Start biting yourself throught the thousand and one night project list I know you have. Get yourself something pretty you have always wanted, make the gift you know you can so that you don't need to feel bad next gift giving time and make something for charity. Charity projects are quick and easy, and if you can't think of anything else, make a couple of potholders and take to your local charity shop.
Really... don't you always admire the people with the "energy" and "skills" to do a lot of stuff for charity or as gifts or just for themselves, and you know you could to the same, or at least some of it, but there just isn't enough... time. Or something. Take fifteen minutes every day when you sit down and knit, sew, crochet, papier mache or what ever you like to do. We all need more fiber in our lives, don't you agree?

Anyway, I'm aching today. My feet decided to start acrobatic exercises while I was having a shower and it ended with me on my back in the bath tub with sprained fingers and legs. There's a bruise a foot long behind my right knee and my left hand is almost unusable. Nice. I just came home from two week's trip to Finland, and my husband (with ADHD and Asperger's) hadn't done any housework and the home looks like it too... I mean, I don't do much housework, but I at least do the dishes every now and then. But, I can write, so I will be planning my Yule presents and watching MBC :-D

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