Monday, September 26, 2011

Art journaling

I'm making a "52 things I love about you" book for my husband for his birthday... I got the idea today. His birthday is on 1st. As in first of October. As in five days. :-D

I'm mad.

I got a deck of cards, but I can't find my punch, so I can't punch holes in it, to bind it into a book.
I considered other binding options, but then I found an old calendar. It has some 60 pages, but that's fine, because I have more than 52 reasons why I love my husband. And that's just what I came to think about right now. I'm sure I have forgotten half of the reason why I love him :-D
THAT's not the problem here... the problem is... it's an old calendar.
It's like making an altered book.
It IS making an altered "book".
I need to cover the text on the pages...

Now... that's really not the problem either. Paint, paper, collage, stuff... it's relatively easy to find things to cover the pages with. The problem is that I have some 60 pages I need to cover, embellish and write in five days.


I didn't think about THAT.

You see, had I used the deck of cards, I wouldn't have needed to cover the cards. Except that it's an old advertisement deck, so I need to cover the back of the cards anyway, but there's plenty of pretty and funny pictures around for that purpose. Also, it's easier to cover 52 separate cards than 60 pages of a book - the pages are bound together, so I cannot paint all of them at once, I need to wait for the first pages to dry before I can start covering the next page. Didn't think about that...

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