Monday, October 01, 2012

Doctors VII and VIII

The Seventh Doctor is also very straight forward.

Here's the pattern for the sweater vest

I love those spectators :-D I wonder where I can find spectator boots Victorian style in brown and white with that kind of cut... *sigh*
Plaid in pants, this time. *sigh*
And a paisley scarf, paisley tie, paisley snuff hankie and the umbrella with a question mark handle.

And so is the Eighth.
Greenish black velvet coat, long; brocade vest; cravat; white shirt; brown tweed trousers, a bit too long... that's some nice wool... *drool* - and... galosches?

Edited 17/2-14 - To Dorian: what does Doctor VII have under his coat

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Dorian Grayceless said...

Any idea what's hiding under the coat? I have the nice pullover - but can't match it with anything. And so far no pics.. Sylvester, that is.