Saturday, March 30, 2013

I hate being fat!

I saw some really pretty patterns at Ravelry...

Caro Sheridan's Vodka Lemonade 
(Vodka Lemonade is Thea Colman's pattern)

But these ladies are not size 52. 42 if even that. "Medium", what ever that means. (Most women are size US 12-14)
These pretty things won't look as pretty on me. The lines will be wrong, the pattern won't have right proportions... what looks good and nice and interesting and pretty on smaller women, will look... just wrong on me.
And what is even more saddening, is that *I* will look bigger than I am, fat and... just wrong.

And it will take more yarn, making it more expensive and time consuming for me to knit,
and the finished work will weigh more, making it more bothersome for me to knit and support the weight on my needles,
and possibly even quite a lot of twitching the pattern. Some designers do acknowledge that not every woman is size S-M-L. The two first ones are available to size 52 (US22) - chest 48", but Nora's pattern isn't even available that size.

I got "The New Atkins" from my mother, and in it I read about a woman, about my age and size (4 years younger, 4 kilos heavier) who manages to reduce her size from 56 to 38 in six months.
Yes, please! It would be really nice to be size 38 next winter... (I assume the sizes are the Scandinavian sizes, as the book was in Finnish... now, it was translated, so it's possible the sizes were somewhat misleading, nevertheless, the steps between sizes are the same, so if it was continental 56 to 38, it would be Finnish 54 to 36... I am Finnish size 52. So - if it works with me as it worked with her, I'll be size 34 in October. Now, I will be happy if I'm size 42. I think I was that size when I was 16.)


Unknown said...

It is okay to not like being fat but hopefully you are okay with yourself. Until and unless you are happy with who you are the weight won't come off - besides you miss out on life when you don't like yourself. There are a number of books that show how to knit great sweaters for every size. Jillian Morano does a blog where she shows the sweaters she knits for her "mighty derriere".

I seem to need to comment on your blog posts lately. Have a great day. Beth/whitoak on Ravelry

Ketutar said...

I know... It's a love-and-hate relationship I have with my body. I think I like the base, but I'm not happy with how I treat it. I would say it's just a question of choices. :-D

Yes, and thank you :-) I like comments. I love comments. And I adore you for commenting :-D