Friday, June 05, 2009

Barbie dolls

I have been knitting and crocheting Barbie doll clothes lately :-) I have made bikinis, a bath robe with Elizabeth Zimmermann's "surprise jacket" pattern, I have made towels, a skirt, pretty blouse and a dress. I plan to knit a pair of trousers and a sweater too.

But to other matters... When I was about 5-6 (~1975) I got a Barbie doll from my Godmother. Her face is smudged and I removed the make-up all together about 20 years ago. I also cut her hair, because it had been twisted up and had a permanent hook... She has been nibbled by a dog, so her body has a couple of holes and dents. I would like to replace her, but I have serious problems in finding out who she is!

She is the one in the middle in bikinis, flanked by Malibu PJ (standing) and Malibu Barbie (sitting). If you click the picture a bit larger, you can see the color difference of their skins in the middle, where Malibu PJs arm disappears behind my barbie's waist.

She looks like Malibu P.J. but isn't... because she isn't tanned. This is what her face looked like before she got... well... when she was new. Except that mine has lighter skin. This one is Malibu P.J. Mine isn't. (Yes, I keep repeating it, because I have been asking around the internet for some 10 years now, and everyone says "that's Malibu PJ", and leaves it to that. Yes, I know, THAT is Malibu P.J. MINE IS NOT. Unless they made them untanned. Which, to my knowledge, they did not.)
Here's the technical details: "Steffie head mold, long, blond hair, parted on left, no bangs... I don't think she had ponytails... But that was like 35 years ago, so I might remember wrong.
blue eyes, painted eyelashes, pale salmon lipstick, almost peach.
she was wearing one piece aqua swimsuit (Yes, it was aqua, turquoise, not pink, purple or lavender). It wasn't the halterneck model, but a straight model. I don't remember any sunglasses or towels. She had no shoes and no stand.
her legs are straight, non bendable and her waist turns. "TNT diagonal slit" She also has rather narrow hips.
And, as said, she isn't tanned, so she is NOT MALIBU PJ. She is pale, pink skinned, as any other "normal" Barbie would be.
Marking: ©1966/Mattel, Inc./U.S. Patented/Other Pats. Pend./Made in/Japan

So - if you know which Barbie this is, and if you know where I could find one, I'd be very happy to know too :-)


I think this is her...


Yeah, this is her. She's a Barbie made exclusively for European market. I found my replacement from Germany.
Thanks to no-one for help. :-)

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