Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tiny needles :-)

My preciousssss..... Click on the picture to see it better - if you want to, that is.

All the needles in the picture are thinner than 2 mm. If you have been following my blog, you remember that the whole May went whining and venting about the lack of small needles in my life. This is the result of what was done to correct this lack ;-)

In right three packages of Addi steel needles, in sizes 1 3/4, 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 mm (2/0, 3/0 and 4/0) and on the left, under the Vaasa wristwarmers, two pairs of Addi steel circulars in 1 1/2 (000) mm in one package. Those I ordered from Helylle.

Vaasa is being knitted with the 1 1/2 mm steel needles of German label "Heureka" my hubby found for me in my LYS, Dominiques garn och handarbete. It seems like Heureka doesn't exist anymore... the folder is of paper, all printed in red, and it looks old, at least 30 years old... I wonder where she got them :-D
(You can also see my genious husband's invention to help me with fleeing tiny needles - a needlekeep made of two syringes and a rubber band :-D Works perfectly. It doesn't look especially nice, but I plan on knitting two fingerpuppets and glueing those over the syringes.)

In the middle the newest member of my tiny needle family - arrived already a week ago, but somehow the package card was lost and I received a reminder today... I have been waiting for those needles for a month now, so you can guess I a) wasn't very happy to find out that they have been waiting for me already a week and b) ran straight to the post office to fetch my preciousesssss. These beauties are steel needles from Purse Paradise and I bought them through ebay. They are of sizes 1 mm (00000 0r 5/0), 3/4mm (000000 or 6/0) and 1/2mm (00000000 or 8/0) - that is half a millimeter! I use that size lead in my mechanical pencil! I know I bought them to be able to reach the gauge in socks, but I will not knit socks with half a mm needles! My Dearest Husband was happy, "now you can knit bookmarks that aren't too thick!" he said :-D


Tracy said...

Wow. Those are some insanely tiny needles! Congratulations on your new collection. I cannot imagine knitting with them, but I'll be happy to cheer you on as you do!!

juuli said...

Thanks for explaining the more obscure needle sizes below size 0. Meanwhile, I am fond of my old Heureka which must be 1mm, but I cannot imagine knitting with anything smaller.
The knitting looks lovely! Adore that color combo. Is there a pattern?

Ketutar said...

Oh, Juuli, I'm sorry! I thought I put in the link to the pattern!

They are partly crocheted :-)

Yes, there is a pattern. It used to be free in the Black Purl ezine, but the zine was closed and now the pattern is being sold through Ravelry:

Vaasa wristwarmers