Saturday, September 05, 2009

I don't get this...

I'm still sick.


Then to something else:

I watched a video on how to wear your knitted lace shawl.

I'm a bit... well... There really isn't much difference there. Make a sort of triangle of your shawl and wound it around your neck... Eh.
Ok, then there's the granny style, and the granny style where you cross the ends of the shawl triangle in front of your breast, then you can wear it as a sarong/kanga/sari/toga/chiton/stola or any other "one square piece of fabric" dress. You can wear it as tartan shawl, going around your body pinned on one shoulder. You can wear it as a cape or as burka... There really are no limits on what to do with a piece of fabric, even when it's knitted lace.

Added 15.7.-10; from Knitting Club - how to wear a shawl :-)

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