Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yes, I'm a horrible snob!

I was surfing Ravelry, watching what other people have made, leaving groups I haven't been in for months, trying to get my Ravelry life a lot more organized. It's stupid to be a member of over 200 groups, you cannot possibly be active in all of them, and as I host some groups, I hate the lurkers and "number-members" - those who just make me happy of having over 200 members when in reality I have like a dozen. At least pop in every now and then and say "hi, still here, nothing to say"

Anyway - in a group with the intention to show off your work - I thought it would be something extravagant, something amazing, something awesome, jawdropping, to which people react with "WOW!" It is not. People post photos of their 20 stitches first ever fun-fur scarf, which looks more like a ferret skin which is so old it is more mold and holes than skin. Sure, they are proud of their first ever knitting, they are proud of having knitted something, and so they should, so they should... but WHERE IS MY WOW?
In another group about color, people post photos of things that are grey, white, black, marine, beige, brown...
But it's like that all around - knit things in crochet groups and the other way around, single color things in fair isle group, color knitting in single color groups, girls' things in "knitting for boys" group, thin girls in thick girls' group, knitted sweater in crocheted toys group...

Also, I think your baby, dog, cat and chinchilla are all really cute, and I love to read about them in threads, so please share, but they are not craft projects. In "shared projects" I want to see fiber projects, knitted, crocheted, naalbound, tatted, woven, or other such things you do with yarn. Make a hat for your guineapig or show off your delightful baby in the new coat you made for him, if you just must show off your offspring and pets, PLEASE!!!

Also, someone posted a photo of the magazine that published an article about her and her work as a "project". The article was not her project, the magazine was not her project, the photograph used in the cover was not her project, nor was the item in the cover photo... DON'T PUT OTHER PEOPLE'S PROJECTS ON YOUR PROJECT PAGE AS YOURS!
People were commenting and praising the cover item. It wouldn't have taken too much to flip a couple of pages and photograph the page where the article was.
Now, I think it would have been ok to use a photo of the magazine as one of the project photos. Some people put a photo from the magazine or book on their project page to replace the photo of their own project, and that's ok, I think, as long as you mention this very clearly in the description, and intend to replace it with a photo of your own project in the future. Otherwise it's better to leave the project pictureless.

So, yes, I'm a snob and I have an opinion on everything. ;-)
Whine, whine, whine, now I go and get some cheese :-D

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Pixie said...

LOL -- I completely understand about the Ravelry peeves! That's my I like the little Knitters with Boxers group on Ravelry! It's a fun small group.