Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 10 green living myths

Top 10 green living myths

1) turning off the lights saves CO2 - but the same amount of CO2 can be used somewhere else
2) Sometimes it's better to keep using the old, not-so-green car, to save in the production. Buy a green car ONLY if you would buy a new car anyway.
3) Dairy farms have the same footprint on the planet as beef farms, so it's not enough to become a vegetarian.
4) It's better to boil water in a kettle on top of gas stove than use an electric kettle.
5) It's better to use night electricity with any machines than day electricity with energy efficient machines
6) Buy green power and the power company can sell its green power credits to other power companies, so that they don't need to go green...
7) Burning wood is green only if you catch the smoke and soot
8) It's better to use effective non-ecological detergent and wash low temperature, than ecological detergent and high temperature
9) Washable nappies are better for the planet, if a) you wash them in a 60 degree wash cycle b) at night c) don't tumble dry or iron them and d) only have 24 nappies
10) Don't always buy local. See also to the CO2 footprint of the production of the item.

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