Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent Calendar 2/24

If you wonder about the fact that my calendar only has 24 days, it's because I'm Finnish and we celebrate Yule at "Christmas Eve", the evening of 24th. 25th is a day of rest and playing with the toys one got for Yule and doing absolutely nothing.

6) iPod cozy tutorial - you can use the tutorial to make cozy to pretty much everything. This is a great gift idea for everyone. It doesn't matter if the receiver is old or young, male or female, or if she already has 5 cozies. Just adjust the fabric for the receiver, and you are fine :-)
P.S. You can always put some money in for a teenager, to make him/her happy ;-)

7) 32 packaging ideas in vector I like the first one, the candle, best :-)

8) easy Christmas wrapping ideas

9) make your own snowglobe or dozens :-D

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