Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a little insert in the middle of the count-down...

I have been procrastinating and reading one of my favorites, Regretsy.

Oh, yes. I'm a nasty bitch who likes to... "react" about people whom I think are doing something stupid. I admit that.  I don't think I'm perfect, or that everything I do is flawless, and yes, there is some envy involved. I wish I had the guts to at least try to sell crap, ask headless price for my creations and proudly present any stupid thing I happen to create...

I found this: Countdown #7 (the original is here: Jacks on Pollack. Unfortunately it seems the "ARTist" is reacting on something that happened on Etsy's forum. Oh, well... why she felt the need to come to Regretsy to yap about it, is another confounding matter.)

I say "ew!" just as I say "ew!" on every piece of "art" made with blood, sweat, tears, spit, snot, puke, pee, poop and any other bodily fluid, mucus, goo, gunk, ooze, glop or sludge.

"I’ll bet those are typical bitches that have sex with the lights off"
Ok, you'll lose that bet
"don’t touch my hair!”
and that one
"and “do I look fat in this?”
and that one
"who read Cosmo for lame ass sex tips"
and that one
"and have too many cats or angel figurines at home"
and that one
"And GOD FORBID, if sperm was to TOUCH their hair or face or mouth."
and that one (I do have to say that it depends totally on WHOSE sperm it is.)
"Those are the same girls that dole out oral sex to their boyfriends only one “special occasions.”
and that one - it's just for special persons, namely my husband.
and that one, obviously :-D
"People that say, “ewww” to sex are uptight, WEIRD people."
I think you have problems in separating sex and bodily fluids. When I look at your painted boards with eyeshadow-dusted semen samples that's what I see. I don't think sperm is sexy. I don't either see anything sexy in guys jerking off. You might get off thinking about men's room, I don't, and I don't think you have any right to demand the rest of the world adjusts to your voyeuristic sperm fantasies. You have them, fine, but don't judge me for not sharing your sexual preferences.
"Those are the girls that get mad if their boyfriend looks at porn."
and that one. 
I bet you are not going to pay your bets, though.

I have no problems with changing diapers or wiping clean after an "accident". I have no problems with reusable handkerchiefs and sanitary napkins. I don't even have problems with the wet spots in bed after sex. But I will not hang any of that on the wall, how ever "ARTistic" it looks.

I happen to think the traditional media is quite enough for anyone to be able to express themselves ARTistically. Georgie O'Keeffe didn't feel the need to paint with her menstrual blood, but she did paint mostly just "boring" flowers, and probably didn't like having men jerking off on her face either.

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