Monday, January 09, 2012

I really like puppets and such

I stumbled over K Pawz... (blog, site)
She's really amazing with these things! As far as I understand she makes the noses and such herself of polymer clay, the body of soft sculpting, and then she airbrushes the colors and such to make these amazing, wonderful plushies :-)

She also makes ball jointed dolls, which is something I really want to try...
This is Cameo by Marmite Sue
I like the lace part and lacing, I like that she gave her heeled feet...
It reminds me of that everything is possible.

I also like Antique Lilac doll clothes...
I was introduced to BJDs by Marina, like so many others. I love her dolls, but more than that I love her details, accessories, props, paintings, clothes... stuff. She's an incredible artisan. :-)
(I also like Christine Alvarado's dolls)

I would like to make dolls that are a little less airy and fairy and Japanese, and more real, robust, "normal" people. (I'm not the only one...)
I mean, I'm a Scandinavian, and I have long legs, narrow hips, wide shoulders and big breasts. There are no dolls like that. They are all more or less pear-shaped, some even ridiculously so, having tiny cherries as breasts tucked right under chin... I know it has to do with balance and that it's easier for a bottom-heavy doll to stand, than to the classic Barbie shape doll, but I would so much like to have my body shape associated with something beautiful, and not just...

Well... here's a Putin doll being made :-D Wonderful! I also like the construction.

P.S. How to make glass-like eyes of polymer clay

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