Thursday, April 27, 2006

Transferred from Yahoo! 360 - II

Some things to be added to my "to do" list :-)

Oh, my! This is like the afghan I started to make with my plant dyed yarns!!! One of the things the moths ate up. Just the same colors! And every square surrounded with black!

And I want to make my sister a fair isle tam, scarf and gloves... rather traditional, with soft blues, greens, teals... very "watery" in colors, as my sister is Cancer.

And then I want to make some Teva Durham loop-d-loop stuff... like the braided neck piece and the leaf sweater.

This origami kimono isn't bad either... maybe in pink or turquoise... ;-)

Lanaknits have really nice patterns too :-)

Bella Paquita... *yum*

Mermaid Mesh Tunic

I think people who do stuff like this are amazing...
And I want to be amazing too, so I plan to make these glass marble magnets too!
(Halloween Glass Marble Magnets from Craftiness)

And many sorts of cookies, as I don't have any kids either.

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