Thursday, July 27, 2006

Someone has stolen your stash....


"Someone has stolen your stash and all your books: now what are you going to do?"

First I'll scream, then I'll cry and then I call the police.

What to replace first... I don't know. What ever comes on my way. I'll call my mother and ask her to send me a package with some of her stash and some needles too.
Some of the things in my stash cannot be replaced. I have managed to find a couple of skeins of the plant dyed wool from our own sheep I thought was lost forever, back at home. But - I thought already once that it was gone, so... There's a couple of skeins of yarn that isn't being manufactured anymore, and I am very happy about that - but when it's gone, it's gone, and there's nothing I can do about that.
The books are also a very hard loss...
Some things you just cannot replace.

Such an awful thought.

I am knitting the French market bag right now. I decided to do that instead of a vest, of the bright pink wool I bought from e-bay. I know I would have more use of a vest, but I'm feeling lazy, and there's no pattern for a vest I want - European size 48 (This with Women's Clothing Sizes is very interesting... European 48 is French 52, UK 22, Italian 54, American 20 (2X), Australian 24 and Japanese 23...) so I would need to make it myself... I might ask my sister, who is a miracle when it comes to things like this... but then I want to use my stash myself. (So if anyone steals it, he/she will have such curses flinged after him/herself, that he/she will leave it back... Grrr...)

Did I mention that I have been crocheting cats lately? I found an entry about THE Japanese crocheted cat at Crafting Japanese, and made first one to a swap pal - and my husband fell in love with it, so I made him a Siamese :-

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Ohjeeze said...

what an adorable kissa!!! Sorry to hear your stash was stolen.