Saturday, July 22, 2006

Whiplash bag

Well... for certain reasons I didn't make any whiplash entry this time. So I'll just publish a picture of my handbag and what's in it :-D

I still haven't managed to make the Findus cat shopping bags I planned to make (for May color theme, uhhum ;-)), but look at all these great entries:
And here's some more inspiration ;-)

Super Eggplant's "Tote Bags 101"
Tiny Happy's shoulder bag tutorial
Jordy bag - square bottomed lined bag
t-shirt surgery's pant bag tutorial
Drawstring bag tutorial
Sweatshirt bag
Black Sheep Bags - felted Booga bag
and felted Sophie bag
Circular felted bag
Felted french market bag


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

There is plenty of time to make those bags. Thanks for coming back to my site, its been a while.

creative kismet said...

Wow!! What a list- a great list to browse through and get some great inspiration. You're so kind to add me. Thanks :) It's kinda fun to have a peek in other's bags -he he