Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting inspired

July sock... to publish a pattern every month... *hmm*


crazzsi_knitter said...

Hi I love your patterns for the 12 days of yule. but I was wondering if there are corrections to these patterns as i have found errors in the two patterns i have tried. can you email at with the corrections for these patterns ........thank you in advance Ann S

Betty Buckley said...

I am seeking the lady who had the picture of a beautiful thread crochet ponsettia tablecloth on the internet so can get the pattern. Like you, my computer ate my bookmarks and now, I can not find her Thank you.

Ketutar said...

oh... "beautiful thread crochet poinsettia tablecloth" sounds wonderful, but doesn't ring any bells... only thing I can do is search with "thread crochet poinsettia tablecloth", but you can do it better as you know which one you are referring to... I do hope you find it, and I am sorry I can't help.

Kenneth said...


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