Sunday, July 15, 2007

About crochet, weaving and Japanese craft magazines

I read Dora Ohrenstein's "Busting The Bad Crochet Myth", and I found it inspiring... It is true that we have our preconceived notions of what can be done with certain crafting methods - in this case the article is about crochet and clothing.

Now, not all have the same taste in clothing and crochet... some people like things I wouldn't touch with a lit match. It doesn't mean my taste is good and theirs bad - it's just different...
Some examples are in the before mentioned Brazilian crochet blogs (Croche Croche!). For example the "sexy" swimsuit "bodies", mock vintage fashion dolls and the kitchen appliance covers... *brrr* - but at the same time... I'd LIKE to have matching towels and kitchen sets and... yes, I admit, kitchen aid cover... *blush*
I have a certain shameful attraction to tautology, kitsch and Victorian bric-a-brac mishmash... *blush**blush**blush*
(But my tautological kitschy bric-a-brac mishmash has to be tasteful ;-) :-D) So in fact I admire the people who manage to manage their crap and make it - tasteful - even pretty and desirable... :-) *sigh* (I have just a mess LOL)

I was looking at Japanese craft magazines and books, and they really challenge my ideas of what can be done - even though they don't do anything extraordinary or amazing, just ordinary stuff - but the thing is that ordinary stuff - like this cute doggy in his tiny basket - is something *I* haven't thought of doing...

It makes me a bit at unease, because I have a good fiber craft education, I'm very interested (read curious) about all things done with fibers, textile crafts and such, and I consider myself very imaginative and creative... and I haven't THOUGHT of certain things...

For example, I salvaged a tiny children's loom from carbage because I have ALWAYS wanted one. It has been standing in the corner for over a year now, because I wanted it, I got it, but now when I have it, I don't know what to do with it. I'm a professional weaver by education, and I don't know what to weave!
Until I saw this Japanese craft book and it told me what to do...

And the thing is, it's so simple, easy - self evident! The runner is very nice, though it's not as "professional" as I'd like it to be - and THAT*S THE POINT. I have let my education limit me, instead of widening the horizon! I have learned that what I do has to be perfect, flawless, immaculate - and that's the biggest lie in the whole history of crafting!

I could be doing small tapestries like this - the tiny loom is absolutely perfect for such. These would be the prettiest and finest pot holders anyone has ever had ;-) :-D

I could be weaving Kente cloth.

I could be weaving straw runners.

I could be weaving runners of "poppana" and "ripsi" and other techniques I know... *hmm*

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