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If that's not enough, here's some more ;-)

Some Russian doilies... (about 50...)
Another site with doilies and charts (cxema)
An interesting discussion in a Russian forum - with a lot of pictures and charts of doilies
Another forum with some doilies and charts

Russian photo storage with doilies
Another with brugge lace

In Russian doily is salfetka and chart is shema. So you'll find some interesting things by searching with "shema salfetki"

In German doily is deckchen and crochet is häkeln.

German doilies; Hanni, Deniece, Michaela, Sandra, Barcelona, Christiane, Kölln, El Paso, Philadelphia, Venedig, Antje, Sabine, Simone, Julia and Ursel

Here's a couple more - don't forget to check out the Serie 1 and Serie 2

Mirian's version of swan doily - flamingo doily! Brilliant! LOL

In Portuguese doily is toalhinha, in Spanish it's pañito - the South American blogs are very interesting in this aspect ;-)

Here's a Venezuelan blog with some doilies (some with charts) and a Brazilian blog
Two big, beautiful Pineapple doilies in a Venezuelan blog
Cute butterfly doily
"Charming" pineapple doily
Jasmine doily
Grape filet doily
Doily 1
Doily 2
Doily 3
Doily 4
Doily 5
Doily 6
Doily 7
Doily 8
Doily 9
Doily 10
Doily 11
Florida doily
Rose center doily
Crocheted hearts
Strawberry doily
doilies 2
Boat This is actually a doily... but... you can't use it UNDER anything ;-)
Circles of Delight - shamrock doily
Irish crochet hearts shamrock
Venetian daisy doily (3-dimensional) (here's how the daisies are done)
Couple of doilies and other stuff
A couple of doilies
Second couple of doilies
more doilies
runner from squares
Butterfly filet doily
Ladies dancing doily
Pearly Dew
very simple star doily
Pineapple Tulip Special
Pineapple Tulip Table Center
yellow roses (3-dim) oval doily
shell doily
Floreal - 8 point star doily

Very beautiful rose pineapple doily
Butterfly doily
Oval rose doily
little doily with yellow flowers
two flower doilies
large flower doily
grape doily
celtic rings with pineapple border
rose border doily
rose basket filet
Yule tree doily
"Christmas Wreath" - doily "wreath"

Suzana's doily photos at photobucket
Ana's doily photos in a photo storage

In French doily is napperon, and here's a couple of French patterns.
Here's French patterns of doilies IN WORD - no charts... Let's see how quickly you'll learn enough French to understand the patterns ;-)

And Italians crochet too... here's some (A LOT!) of filet charts in Italian ;-)
(Doily in Italian is centro (centri in plural) - so if you go to the album "centrini", you'll find a lot of filet doilies ;-))

At go to category: Crochet | Doilies and there to

Elegant & Delicate

Blue Rose Doily, China Plate Covers, Filet Hexagon Doily, Grandmother's Legacy, Granny's Favorite, Hairpin Lace Doilies 1, 2 and 3, Irish Dreams Doily, Lacy Six Point Doily, Lady's Pleasure, Legacy Doily, Lotus Filet, Renaissance Tiles, Snow Flower Doily, Spider Mum Doily and Touch of Blue Doily

Floral Delights

Blossom Doily, Creamy Dream Doily, Daisy Chair Set, Four Roses Filet Doily, Gerbera Doily, Grape Harvest Doily, Oblong Doily, Pansy Doily, Ribbon Rose Doily, Rose Garden Doily, Rose Petal Doily, Rose Ring Doily, Summer Blossom Doily, Summer Lace Doily, Thistledown Doily and Vintage Doilies

Great Gifts

Cappuccino Doily, Daisy Chain Doily, Dazzling Doilies, Five Hour Doily, Icy Blue Snow Crystal Doily, Les Fleurs Doily, Little Chanukah Doily, Pink Blush Doily, Pinwheel Treat, Prairie Star Doily, Savannah Doily, Sherbet Doilies, Small Red Doilies, Star Doily, Trinket Doilies, Vanity Fair Doilies, Waltz Time Filet Doily and White Fan Doily

Innovative Techniques

Antique Scalloped Doily, Filigree Doily, Four Leaf Clover Doily, Holiday Spruce Doily, Lagoon Doily, My Sweetheart's Doily (with cloth center), Radiant Doily Set, Ruffled Doily, Ruffled Tulip Doily, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Doily, Small Centerpiece i Crescent and Half-Daisy, Square Pineapple Doily, Stardust Filet Doily, Web of Lace Doily and Windmill Wings Doily


Flowering Pineapple Doily, Peacocks and Pineapples Doily, Pineapple Cluster, Shimmering Pineapple, Small Pineapple Doily and Stardust Pineapple Doily.

You will also want to go and check out Home Décor | Table Toppers & Centerpieces

Hass Designs has also a free club with some patterns for members; Carnation Doily, Tulip Doily, Popcorn Rose Doily, Primavera and Square Doily with Lilies.

Charming Christmas Doily from Thata's Patterns

And this is something I just have to give a link to... page after page of INSPIRATION - mostly crocheted toys, two or three patterns, but over 700 pictures of things people have made... Inspiring :-)

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