Friday, August 17, 2007

Feathers and Fans, Waves and Shells

rabbit tracks
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You could easily knit a pretty scarf as a stocking filler :-)

This "Feathers and Fans" lace pattern is easy and quick, and a good way to learn to knit lace.

"how to"?
feather and fan lace

Here's the "rabbit tracks" I made for a swap pal a year (or two) ago - I think it looks like cat paw marks :-)

Very pretty scarf
Misty Garden scarf
"Old Fashioned Shell Tidy"
Wave and Shell shawl
Knitpicks has a "Shadows" scarf - it might be a little problematic to get to the pattern though... Go through "patterns - scarfs" (You will find other nice patterns as well ;-))
Feather and Fan baby blanket - just make it narrow enough
Feather and Fan lace scarf

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