Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kaffe envy

I am so envious to Kaffe Fassett... this is pure, vicious, poisonous envy I'm having... Nothing good in this.

Kaffe is an American mediocre artist living in UK, and everyone knows who he is... because he did what women have been doing for centuries, but he's a guy, he's exotic (American in Europe) and his color sense is... something I - or anyone else - have never met before. I suppose it's that women during the centuries have always been too careful, too aware of the rules, had too good taste and eye for color... and I suppose that's the reason why I'm so envious. It feels like he not only got away from breaking all the rules and making kitsch desirable, he got famous and rich with it too... it's like rewarding men for what women have been punished for doing... I don't think he deserves all this.

Another whom I don't think deserves what he's got is Dan Brown. He isn't a good writer, his ideas are not his own... I feel I could write a better book any day... why haven't I?

Holy Grail, Holy Gruel and Holy Smoke, felted by Debbie New

And that - I assume - is the real reason to my envy. I haven't done it. If I had, I wouldn't envy.


coral said...

Please remember Kaffe got 'famous' during the 80's, when no-one had any taste - all those colour combos - too 80's, dahling!!

So, nothing to envy there!

Ketutar said...

Oh yes... fame, money, opportunities... he can do anything and people will take it as if it was manna from heavens... and that I do envy...

But it's so very nice of you to comfort me :-) I wouldn't change my taste or color sense :-D