Monday, April 28, 2008

Biting through the list...

Right now I'm making several things at a time...

I started knitting the lacy cardigan, but found it boring, so I started knitting a lacy shawl. Besides, it's a mystery shawl that started a month ago, and everyone else has already made it, so it's a bit hurry... *blush*
(And if that wasn't enough lace, I'm dreaming of these Shui Kuen Kozinski's lace shawls... so BEAUTIFUL!!!)

I am also making a birthday surprise to my sister Vappuleena :-) (Halauksia, jos luet tämän :-) Etpäs tiedä minkä värinen - tai kokoinen tai näköinen tai miten se on tehty... :-D)

Then I visited the Yahoo! crochet group I'm in, and they have a wonderful list of projects... so I printed about 50 pages of "want to do"... There was this wonderful "table top" - a big doily/small tablecloth for Mothers' Day... really pretty. I hope it's easier than the leafy tablecloth I crocheted just a couple of months ago... that was... Pheew!

The I found this: Kaya Wool - Aran Cabled Shrug. I don't know what it would look like on me, but the first impression was "stunning!"

Then there are these two blogs: Croche Croche! and Bem vindo ao Mãos Maravilhosas. So fascinating!

And, of course, visit Ravelry...

One day I will knit myself a Norwegian Lusekofte

Here's also some pretty things...
Jimmy Bean's Wool - Free Patterns

Another one day I will crochet the dodo... or a lot of dodos... a lot of dodos in the Yule Tree... *_*
Or perhaps just Robins... *hmm*

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