Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crocheting bags

We need a bag for dog poop bags, dog candy, tissues and other stuff like that. So I started crocheting it today.
It's very easy - you just crochet chain as long as you want the bottom of the bag to be wide, and start crocheting single crochet round and round and round until the bag is as high as you want it to be. Then you add the handle or cord or what ever you want.
The best thing with single crochet is that you can use it almost like knitting - "purls" are made by crocheting only through the back loop and you can create any guernsey pattern that way. Or use picture dishcloth patterns to get a picture or letters or what ever on the bag.
You can also crochet with color. :-)

While I was doing it, I remembered that my big sister used to crochet big bags at 70's - using rug warp cotton - hard spun - and a filet crochet pattern, probably for a pillow, I don't know (hey, I was born 1969!) and making the bottom of the bag the same way I am making my little pouch. I loved those bags :-)

And then I thought of making a laundy bag by crocheting some pretty bed spread squares, not the lacy ones but those that look more like aran knitting - sewing them into a tube, crocheting about 5 cm (2") straight single crochet and then decreasing the bottom as straight circle... And then crocheting about 10 cm (4") on top and adding a cord so that it can be made into a rugsack and one can carry the laundry to the machine.
One could also use the lacy squares and add a single colored cotton lining to the bag, and get oneself a big bag...

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