Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to get rid of bad memories...

The "bitch" is having "bad luck"... Wonderful. I'm so evil I'm actually enjoying for her misfortune.

But I'm still chewing her. I just can't seem to let her go and vanish into the whiny reality of an overachiever who is unable to take any responsibility of the consequences of her own actions and choices. That's her "bad luck", not some hex or curse or evil spell. She would get rid of it with some gratitude and counting her blessings.

So - I'm blessed by not needing to have anything to do with her. I'm blessed with her not being a part of my life, unless I myself choose so. Unfortunately I keep choosing so.
I'm blessed by being able to be happy about nothing but a pair of candles to celebrate the independence of my country. I don't have a house to decorate, I live in an apartment, and I'm happy not to need to worry about the loans, mortgages, upkeep expenses nor broken things. When we move, all my belongings will fit into a couple of boxes. My rental apartment is big and provides me with shelter from rain, wind, heat and cold, and clean water and indoors toilet with plumbing so that I don't need to care one bit about what happens to my "waste" after it leaves me. I lived in a house with no plumbing from age 7 to age 17 or so, and I know what people need to do to their "waste" with no flush toilets... and no day passes without me being grateful for the geniuses who invented the thing.
I'm blessed not to need to worry about swap packages being ready in time, getting "there" in time and the receiver being satisfied with what she got. It is lovely to get packages, but it is not nice not to get packages, and getting questions answered by nothing or a bucketful of abuse... Never again... :-)
I'm blessed with having a Paypal account that makes it possible for me to get quite a lot of things I desire.
I'm blessed with having enough money to be able to give to people who have even less than I do.
I am blessed with understanding, gentle and loving husband...

Now, I have been a bad girl and not posted about the sock club:
my hubby has seen that I got a replacement needle for the one I broke - ebenholz
He also got me some rosewood needles and Knit Picks Harmonics.
He got me a clover thread cutter which I have been drooling after for years.
He got me the cutest little silver sheep stitch marker, which I have managed to displaced, and some classy sock yarn, which I have displaced as well... I'm not too good at taking care of my stuff. Poor hubby.
I also have Anti-Craft book and two German sock books with multidirectional socks.
The first sock club pattern was Thuja.
There possibly is more, but I can't remember it right now.
Also, no pics, because I can't find stuff.

I managed to finish hubby's Yule Stocking. :-)

You could visit the Holiday Ornament Swap groups at flickr to get inspired :-)
2008 - 2007 - 2006

Also, read Joss Whedon's interview.
Jayne Hat
Here's some fandom crafting LOL

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The Holly Tree said...

Ket, honey, thankyou so much for coming by to visit me! To say I was surprised to see you would be a huge understatement - THANKYOU!!! :)

You've probably figured out by now that it's a rare thing for me to be at Facebook (or anywhere else except Blogstar and my blogs, really), so I really don't know what's happening. Are you and SB moving? Have you already moved? Did you have a birthday, and I missed it? Dear lady, I DO hope you'll come by and visit me again!!

Regarding your post, it really is something when we stop and think about all the things we actually have, isn't it? It's very easy to forget those things, sometimes, I think.... I really enjoyed reading your post, and I appreciate it very much, too, because it helped me to remember all the good things I have in my life, too. So, THANKYOU.

Please give SB my love, and make sure you take big hugs from me, too, sweetness. I really miss you both, you know....