Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Yule patterns

really cute gnome - tonttu

Lion Brand's crocheted gnome

Alicia's gnome - she has also other cute patterns :-)

Yellow House's gnome

Sleepy Sarah - passes as a gnome too :-)

I really like Carolyn Christmas' patterns - they are not free though

Gangamoo knits free patterns

Crafttown's free christmas patterns

Crochet Pattern Central's Christmas patterns
and miscellaneous...

Roxy Craft - love the Santa Baby and Bo the Snowman

Sarahanns - very nice crochet patterns

Ana Paula's amigurumis

Then some dolls you can crochet - the outfit is optional, you know... you can use the doll pattern and dress the doll as you wish, for example to Dr. Who, Professor Snape or Jayne from Firefly...

Bethany Ballerina
Starlight the Pop Star
Mrs Claus
Hula hula Lula
Alice in wonderland
Amanda Jane
Amigurumi doll
Lion Brand's Bryan and Shelly
Peter and Pernille
Little Dolls
Stuffed Clown
Small ragdoll
Raggety Ann
"Captain Andrew"
Victorian doll
"too cute" dolls
Topsy Turvy Dolls - these have skirts...
Tiny Granny/Red Riding Hood Topsy Turvy
Snuffykin's Dr. Who dolls... Master Simm, Rose...
Little Princess
Party Girl
Sugar n Cream Lily
Lily doll
"Mega Man"
Fantasy castle with characters
Sheila the Aussie Troll
another Troll
"Pretty Prunella"
Harry Potter doll

Then there's the bunnies, bears, cats and other amigurumis, that work as doll bases, if you just leave out the specific ears, tails and muzzles :-)
Mint Chocolate Bunny
Mr Funky Bunny
JoAnn Monkey
Chenille Rabbit
Heartfelt Bear
Beary Jackson
Amigurumi base
Tiny bear

Darncat Crochet has really nice amigurumi patterns, both free and buyable

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