Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4 AM and I'm awake...

My sleeping is way out of order now-a-days... But I got up 8 AM today and went to leave some tests to hospital. I do hope they find something this time... *sigh* Then I got back and took the dog out and had some breakfast and went to bed again. I suppose I do the same today again.

I'm participating in the new 52 pair plunge. A pair of socks every week. It's not a problem if my hands don't hurt (and if I don't need to knit them with 1.5mm needles ;-)) Anyway, someone said in a group
"I agree with you ladies that two pair a month is a bit much. Which makes me wonder about those 52 pair a year KALs. I’ve considered them…but …a pair a week for a year? I could MAYBE do a pair a week in some sort of sock emergency but who are these amazons that are cranking them out week after week?"
So... I'm an amazon :-D Well... those weeks I'm fine, at least. I suppose that makes me normal the weeks I'm not feeling well... er... Oh my, what an overachiever and workaholic I am!

On that note:
A couple of rows of Cookie A's Marlene

A couple of rows of horseshoes

A couple of rows of Goddess Anniversary Mystery Shawl

a couple of rows of Absinthe

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