Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's now less than 40 days until Yule...

and 3 months to OWOH :-) I was going through the 900+ blogs again and aren't we a wonderful bunch of people! So talented, creative, artistic, generous people :-) I got really inspired by everything, and have been planning on what I will give away next year. I hope it will happen 2010 too. :-)

1. handmade crepe paper collar, 2. My free giveaway for OWOH, 3. Follow Your Heart,
4. aromatherapy hearts, 5. One World-One Heart Event going on now, 6. renewal-many hearts coming together giveaway,
7. One World - One Heart Giveaway, 8. Heart Pendants for OWOH, 9. Lace Cake #6- OWOH giveaway

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