Monday, November 30, 2009

What to do with a lot of old keys?

I bought a small bowl filled with "things" - among the things were a handful of old keys. Now I have to think what to do with old keys that goes to no lock in our home...

Urbanheirlooms makes wonderful leather wallets and other things with keys as locking mechanism:

Here's an idea with the key as closing mechanism in a journal
Here's another idea, just replace the cinnamon stick with an old key

Amanda uses the keys to embellish among other things lacy cuffs - on could use the key as a button... for example like sugarpickle has done

COGnitivecreations makes wonderful Steampunk jewelry, among others this beautiful Guardian Angel of the Machina

mybrownwren has made this ingenious closing mechanism of an old key (Sweetest Things) :

Here's Greighday Vintage with a bit of the same idea, also nice :-)

VioletBella makes also nice jewelry of old keys. Here's "Autumn Delight"

HappenchanceAndOdd, Dayslonggone, TwirledTreasures, GwenDELICIOUS, HighwaterStudios Nikki's Unique, asecondtime and many others make interesting things with old keys too...

Very pretty key-necklace... but I think it's enough with jewelry now :-)

RedThreadDIY has also asked the question

Now, with less than a month to Yule, I also love the idea of Santa's Key :-) You take an old key, embellish it and write a note on it, so that Santa knows it's your key - Santa's magic will make it open your front door, so that he can come in and leave the presents :-D Blessed be whoever came by the idea :-)
Here's a couple of suggestions to the poem you'll add on the key ;-)

This skeleton key chess set is absolutely amazing... unfortunately the keys I got are rather simple and there's not enough of them...

A couple of thing added later:
Wickwire's key jewelry
Extremely well painted and good dog
prim "skulleton" keys :-D


Venbead said...

wonderful post thanks so much for including my key necklace in your wonderful collection! paula

tamdoll said...

What a coincidence! I just posted about the trend of keys -