Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nesting dolls

I need some ideas for repainting nesting dolls...
Fireapple at Etsy.com har painted these Alice in Wonderland nesting dolls. Here's another Alice - wonderful that too :-)

These lovely animals are painted by Irina Troitskaya. Her other nesting dolls are just as lovely :-)

These by Sugarskull are interesting... I don't think I could reach up to Irina's level, but this might be something I can do.

Nice pegasus

Savage Artwork's owl's are very beautiful

These owls inspired by nesting dolls - though not nesting - are wonderful. There is some space between the dolls to add some surface structure, and at least some soft decoration that doesn't suffer from being the dolls being put together and taken out of each other again.
On the outest doll one can go wild, of course.

These are also interesting... sounds like nesting doll swap.
Something similar: rainbow collage dolls.
Something similar, but simpler :-)

I am fascinated by the Star Wars nesting dolls...

Here's another idea - White Stripes nesting dolls.

I love these dolls made by Sarah to Rachel

These remind me of Marimekko. Here's another similar solution - I just don't like the "ripped" results.

These bunny dolls are absolutely adorable!
I like this idea of painting the dolls outside the shape... like painting eggs. Here some "Disney Dolls"

Use the doll to illustrate a fairytale... paint them by the characters as they appear in the fairytale - or make Little Red Riding Hood :-) When you open the wolf, out tumble granny and Red :-D

This person says he has the largest collection of matryoshka images.

Love these Trish Grantham dolls :-)
Here's some more by her and Amy Ruppel

Urban Debris' blog entry on matryoshkas and Bluelines' blog entry

Nightmare Before Christmas nesting dolls and Halloween nesting cats and pumpkins

Ben Newman's Monstrous Nesting Dolls and Miss Monster's Nesting dolls
- I love Ben Newman and Miss Monster :-)
Yet another wonderful monster version :-)

One can also make different faces on both sides... here's The Hobbit illustrated :-)

"I discovered something magical: if you stop dressing them up like adorable old Russian ladies, they're just fat people!"
-- Badgercall

Perhaps something Pagan?

Then there's always the kitschy charm of the original, classical, untouched matryoshkas...

P.S. I absolutely ADORE these nesting doll measuring cups... so if there's some lovely, generous person feeling very Christmassy out there... Nah :-D I can get them from CoolStuffExpress myself :-D

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